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  1. Not my problem mate.... You need to have a word with Klopp about it, no point in moaning to me about it..
  2. Well taken late consolation...
  3. But would Salah really improve them???
  4. Burnley above Pool now... That team has really improved... If your position in the table is equal to improvement that is..
  5. Hazard off and the Bat on... Stan will be pleased
  6. 3-0 Pedro... Huddersfield look done in.. no fight at all
  7. Well you say that... but its the same as Sturridge and better than Ox... And Willian makes it 2-0 The first one looks like it will go down as an own goal....
  8. Just for old times sake....
  9. Its about time they changed some of the rules of football.... I would go with no more than the assigned number of defenders on the team sheet allowed in the box at any one time... and the other would be no passing back to the keeper from outside the box... Any infringement of these rules will result in a penalty being awarded... And just to stop the likes of Mourinho from naming 10 defenders on the team sheet I would also make a rule that no Defenders can be in the oppositions half or its an instant free kick.. And as I type this our worst signing ever ( according to some ) has just scored.. 1-0
  10. Disallowed goal from Pedro... One of them refs...
  11. I think we will get a draw tonight... conditions are shit and not silky skill friendly...
  12. The Holiday Thread

    Assumption is the Mother of all fuck ups mate.... be sure!!!
  13. If Burnley win tonight they will jump over Spurs, Arsenal and Pool into 4th spot... More improved than Liverpool.... I think so..