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  1. The implication being that I would want to hang out with people like Merkel.
  2. Didn't realise Leverkusen had moved their city to Bavaria.
  3. It's a bit of a drop in entertainment going from the Manc derby to Chelsea at Huddersfield.
  4. 'It's not the first time Chelsea have benefited from a slip' - NBCSN commentator
  5. Off Topic

    With Water, not with milk; it is a humiliation.
  6. Maradona Statue in Kolkata Is Worth A Look

    The cheek of Maradona to lie to the crowd so blatantly.
  7. Off Topic

    Show some fucking respect or I'll gouge your eyes.
  8. Off Topic

    Sick as a dogfor days... only getting worse. Hope they send me home from work.
  9. It will be a close one but I hope so. Fantastic player.
  10. Cocaine is banned not because it is an illicit drug but because it can mask the usage of certain doping drugs. Also I believe his claim was that he was drinking cocoa tea and that is what the results picked up, not cocaine.
  11. To be quite honest, you should all be including Dutch and Italian players in your squads because you just don't know if they won't be allowed at the World Cup.
  12. Some shite cunt that Timmy would have sent tumbling back to Machu Pichu if he was allowed at the World Cup. Which he isn't, despite the fact he has been included on a starting XI in this team. Which is odd considering 'a chance of missing the World Cup' has been conflated with '100% will not be going to World Cup'. Personally my starting XI is: de Gea Carvajal - Stones - David Luiz - Giacinto Modric - Rakitic - Kovacic Messi - Crjuff - Maradona
  13. Mourinho embarasses himself once again. The hypocritical one demands respect by showing none himself. I cannot stand him these days.
  14. High-school maths teacher is from Bournmouth. I like to see them do well. He also took me to my first strip club at 18.
  15. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    I haven't seen many. I don't really watch Christmas films.