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  1. iberian issue with Group B. a fight between three neighbors. argentina and brazil has an easy group.
  2. crucial games for City .... december 10 -- United december 16 - Spurs january 14 - liverpool feb 10 - leicester feb 24 - Arsenal march 3 - chelsea april 7 - united april 14 - spurs
  3. Copa del Rey 2017/2018

    the time when Guti spat at Manuel.
  4. come the end of the season when Conte wins nothing ............ i'm looking forward to your sentiment.
  5. last year Conte kept on insulting Jose due to Mou's complaining of the schedule, but look who's complaining now ........... Conte criticised the Premier League's scheduling of Chelsea's trip to Merseyside earlier this week. “To have only one day to rest and only one day to prepare this big game is not simple, is not easy. I think also it's not right,” he said.
  6. the arrogance of Conte has no bounds ----------- Conte, who made five changes to the team who beat Qarabag in the Champions League on Wednesday, said: “I think we played in a really good way. We had a good tactical plan and it was difficult for Liverpool to make chances to score. It was a tactical decision, especially in the first half, to be very solid and then to try to be dangerous in possession. The game changed in the second half. We dominated the game and created many chances to score. Liverpool was lucky to score and then to draw.”
  7. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    yeah. that's one of the problems too. A lot of games during the off season. I remember years back when they played a game in dubai during the christmas break that their bodies got facked up on the second half of the season. if they want to play these events ( not the mandatory pre-season friendly ) for money, then they should make it a 15 minute per half game. It's a worthless game anyway, people only wants to take photos so no need to tire out them players.
  8. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    yep. Real basically has the same players as last year. Watching the Derby last night i can't help but to raise an eyebrow on to where did it all go wrong. And to compare it with their UCL clash. but i have to disagree, knowing the egos of Ronaldo and Ramos, Real Can't bounce back from this form.
  9. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    zero silverware for this season. with how things are going, i see them with a Round of 16 exit in the Champions League. A Quarters exit for the Spanish Cup and a third or even fourth finish in the league.
  10. leicester 2015-2016. virtually a "nobody" and yet they've won it ... too bad those fackers made a roman assassination of Claudio the following season.
  11. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    this is good news. financial muscle at last for them.
  12. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    exactly. that's how the entertainment business is all around the world. now this shit is getting to the point of ridiculous. A lot like a lot of them have "CAME OUT" with their sexual harassment stories... facking bitches.
  13. as brutal as it sounds, but i agree with you. anywhere in the world, there's violence and crime even more gruesome than this shooting but nobody cared to share them or talk to them BUT .............. if a crime happens in america, suddenly, the world cares ....
  14. dead .............. tsk.
  15. FC Barcelona Discussion

    the return of Dembele into action is nigh. Barca will be a lot stronger with him. I like this new coach Ernesto - smooth operator, very humble in interviews ...