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  1. leicester 2015-2016. virtually a "nobody" and yet they've won it ... too bad those fackers made a roman assassination of Claudio the following season.
  2. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    this is good news. financial muscle at last for them.
  3. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    exactly. that's how the entertainment business is all around the world. now this shit is getting to the point of ridiculous. A lot like a lot of them have "CAME OUT" with their sexual harassment stories... facking bitches.
  4. as brutal as it sounds, but i agree with you. anywhere in the world, there's violence and crime even more gruesome than this shooting but nobody cared to share them or talk to them BUT .............. if a crime happens in america, suddenly, the world cares ....
  5. FC Barcelona Discussion

    the return of Dembele into action is nigh. Barca will be a lot stronger with him. I like this new coach Ernesto - smooth operator, very humble in interviews ...
  6. Gareth Bale Discussion

    that went weird pretty fast hehehe anyhow, rumors had it that Real are now willing to sell Bale for 80 million but who the fack would want to buy a FRAGILE player for that price ??
  7. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    fak dat. diz iznt a speling contez.
  8. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    i don't know what's up with him, too narrow minded to praise the success of other teams. fack wait .... we're clearly off topic. this is an atletic madrid thread hahahahahha
  9. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    oh no !!! going the personal-attack route this time ??? it's sad really that you only see your team's ( chelsea ) achievement while belittling the success of rival teams, in this case, United.
  10. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    that's just low. disrespecting the Treble of United and praising Chelsea
  11. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    but the game now has changed due to money, as long as a team has a marquee player, it doesn't matter if they win or not as long as the revenues keeps coming in then most of the Board Members are happy. But yeah, if you don't play to win trophies ( whatever competition that might be ) then better close the club .... it's you that's made winning a UCL to be worthless if you finish 5th or 6th or 12th or whatever as long you don't win the League. Coz that's the beauty of cup tie. you only have two games to prove your worth, if you fail, then you're out. I'm not discrediting the league but due to the fact that it's very long, if a team falters this week, then they have lots more weeks to claw their way back. each has it's own aura and appeal; the league and Cups .... saying one is better than the other is kinda making football look bad.
  12. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    well, if you're saying that ..... might as well discredit Chelsea, United, Madrid, Bayern, Inter and Barca for their UCL silverware and Cup trophies..... i understand that the league is very long and it needs consistency to win it but i just can't fathom that you would put off the side the continental trophies. The UCL needs luck during the ballots, but still, every team that has gone out the group stage has a right to be respected. Knock out tournaments has this different aura that you must perform well during those two games ......
  13. Atlético de Madrid Discussion

    if trophy means nothing to a level of a Club, then what is ???
  14. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    not even playing and he got injured again .. they better sell him off and take in some reliable striker or winger.
  15. funny how people hate Jose, well, i hate him for reasons that he always put the blame on others when he loses. But i can't deny his winning percentage and the trophies he has won. In comparison, City and Pep won nothing while Jose won some trophies and especially the Europa crown which handed them qualification for the UCL. as for that article, there's nothing wrong if a manager request or dreams of making marquee signings. But as for those three - fack Bale. Yes, he is good, damn good, but fack, one knock and he is out for several months.
  16. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    yeah. this is the first time in a many years that Perez has consented to his manager's request by not buying any "superstar". no galactico purchase and trusted on the youth coming up the ranks. but still, when things don't go his ( perez ) way, he always fires his managers.
  17. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    Perez is retarded, we've seen it in the past. Everything is in shambles now. The defense is like marshmallow, so soft that the other teams can easily toy with them and of course score. the midfield is confused. and the attack is like a rusty sword.
  18. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    what i'm seeing with Real is they are a bunch of burnt out players.
  19. Arsenal Discussion

    oh well. this frustration stems from the fact that Arsenal last won the league was way back 2003.
  20. Arsenal Discussion

    that's a hard fact some Arsenal fans can't accept --- that there are people like you that want Arsene gone. i bet Arsenal would be better if they have a new manager. Carlo is free, i hope they'll get him next season, but knowing how the Arsenal Board is, they'll stick with Wenger till he dies ....
  21. Arsenal Discussion

    dude. why this aggression ?? relax .......... i'm only here to understand to why all this is happening in arsenal.... i understand your defense for Arsene coz you're an Arsenal fan thru and thru but me only an "outsider". Coz the way i understand things, the manager has 80% of the say when it comes to the team. if we look around in the EPL with City they had to let Manuel go becoz of his subpar performance and even Jose Mourinho who formed the foundation of Chelsea was given the boot by Roman. Now, look at City with Pep they're doing good and Chelsea won it last season with Conte. why can't the arsenal board do what the other teams did ???
  22. Arsenal Discussion

    the biggest problem with Arsene like i mentioned was he is willing to sell his star players. RVP was the biggest example of that. Not only did they sell RVP but they sold him to a rival club. Having said that, Arsenal of years past doesn't need money or doesn't need to buy established players because Arsene is very good in developing players ................................................ and then he sells them.....
  23. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    that's just his alibi. He has failed as a President during the first Galacticos years. his biggest mistake was giving Del Bosque the boot, after that, yikes, i don't know how many managers they had.
  24. Arsenal Discussion

    exactly. Wenger has a lot of "Pupils" that he has sold such as On-Ri ( Henry ) and Van Persie just to name a few .... fans get excited about a developing player and then the next season, all we hear is that player being sold .........