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  1. Not a dreadful start, 14 points from 3 players. 8 still to play. Glad I benched Doucoure.
  2. You’ve not been as active as you were on TFF; Would be great to see you posting more
  3. I haven’t checked the line ups yet, any shockers?
  4. Stoke City FC

    60 points from 65 games, with those players, is awful.
  5. Stoke City FC

    Hughes is a diabolical manager and actually a very strong contender for the 2017 “stealing a living as a football manager” award. His track record in recent years is awful. I remember when he wouldn’t resign at QPR and he’s at it again at Stoke.
  6. Squad rotation might impact a few of us this midweek. To be fair I would drop Sane if I could, but I know he’ll start scoring as soon as I do
  7. I considered Batshuayi, I’m assuming he’s playing tonight?
  8. He was on a podcast recently. His story is quite something. He’s seen as a hero there.
  9. He did the same at Newcastle. Long term the man becomes fixated on himself which I highly suspect is the reason his teams implode.
  10. Off Topic

    Welcome back mate. How is Uni treating you? I'm too tired for that! It's ok mate. Just to warn you though, when the pregnancy hormones kick in, your missus will threaten all sorts. Mine punched me, so maybe she's the fifty shades of Grey type
  11. I for one have sympathy for Paolo. Only earlier this year I thought I was drinking a cup of Cocaine, when In fact I was having unprotected sex with my girlfriend. How could I know sperm was a substance that would fertilise an egg. #NotaJaffa