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  1. I think Slimani's likely to be off. Not even in the squad this past two games while Ulloa has been.
  2. I reckon they'll come 8th. I'm putting my neck on the line here and saying we'll come above them.
  3. Best Football Songs

    Agreed. Can't say I like them but they've got a superb songbook.
  4. Best Football Songs

    There's some cracking foreign ones as well. Was good being in the away end to hear this:
  5. Best Football Songs

    You have literally posted the exact video I was going to. Fantastic song. I can't be the only one who likes Hymns & Arias by Swansea fans. I think it sounds class even if the lyrics are a bit weird.
  6. Yeah definitely. Always stood by the principle of not betting what I can't afford to lose and while it hasn't put me into any trouble, there's nothing I'm gaining from it at the minute. What's annoying is I've just pulled off the tipster league's biggest win of the season yet on the real thing I'm hopeless. I'm like the Alan Pardew of gambling, can go on an absolutely fantastic run and then one so ridiculously bad it's unreal. Think I'm having a rest from it a little while.
  7. To be honest I'm going through a phase where I feel like no matter what I do I'll lose out somehow. I reckon I've lost a good £300 this past fortnight and that's despite a good win recently.
  8. Got to hand it to Burnley. They've had a fantastic first half of the season. I don't think they'll keep this up but given they lost a key player in the summer they've been terrific.
  9. Two late Palace goals have cost me about £75, and that late Huddersfield goal has cost me about 15 points on fantasy football and a perfect score on predictions league. I'm sat there wanting no goals and land 3. Fuck off.
  10. We traditionally struggle at Southampton, and I think in a season of atrocious away performances in the league Southampton ranked right at the very bottom last year. We were a disgrace. I'm sure Puel will have had an eye on this one for a while. So far his sacking from there hasn't looked very vindicated with Southampton looking no better than last year you'd have to say - lower in the table and even less goals scored per game, while of course now being 3 places below Puel himself. We've won three on the bounce and are playing our best football since winning the league. I maintain we should be gunning for that 7th place. I think we are better than Burnley. I do think this'll be a draw though. Southampton still have a pretty good side on the whole and don't concede too many. 1-1.
  11. I'm feeling mentally prepared to come back into FM18..... so..... any suggestions? Don't throw me a club's name, tell me why I should be them and why managing them isn't going to want me make me gouge my own eyeballs out.

    1. Spike


      Try Valencia. They are a shit-can with potential. Bad contracts, mediocre players that no-one wants, tons of loans,  a couple of potential world-class prospects, and in a league where the top three teams will smack you so hard that all your players will lose morale thus leading to an eventual relegation.

    2. Stan


      Genuinely have a crack at Crewe. I know I started with them in my save and ended up moving to Ipswich. They're too big for League 2, they don't have much money but have a great youth academy. Got a couple of decent prospects/youngsters though. Potential to gain experience individually as well as take Crewe back up to at least the Championship. If I can do it, you can!

  12. Koln have got to be the worst side on the planet.
  13. Chamberlain was a mental signing, god knows why they spent that on him yet didn't sign a centre half even if they didn't get their main target. Then again at the same time I'm not convinced a centre half alone sorts their defence out. I think in general they play a very high risk game that has the potential to go wrong.