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  1. The Holiday Thread

    Go to a maple leafs game! They're my ice hockey team!
  2. The Holiday Thread

    How long you gonna be out there for? Their accent is fucked. Have fun! But snowboarding hell yeah! Off to Cambodia on Sunday!!
  3. The Holiday Thread

    How long for? Australia too?
  4. Australian A-League

    He's done nothing with us for about 4 years now. Need a new owner too but we can keep praying.
  5. Australian A-League

    Knew it was a good decision. Fucking purple pricks.
  6. Christmas

    Sorry to hear mate. I'm saying goodbye to my grandmother today. She wants to pass away and hasn't eaten for 6 days. Last chance I'll get to see her is later this morning. Going to be tough.
  7. I'll probably cause great offence here... but what do we expect from the South American soccer players?
  8. Breaking News - General Chat

    Australia finally passed same sex marriage. Great news and we have joined the 21st century. Fuck the church up the arse.
  9. Ashes 2017/2018

    Played against the Marsh boys home town last week, and I got their cousin(I think) out for 6. He averages over 40 I think. Claim to fame lol. Geoff Marsh went to the school I'm teaching at. Mad world. Mention it because think Mitch has been called up for the WACA test next week? (wish I could go).