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  1. What an enjoyable read this has been.
  2. Member Opinions 2017

    You’d have failed massively, without sounding too arrogant.
  3. Unofficial rivalry of the year thread

    @Anton JAPAN
  4. Excellent individuals in that 2008 team, but not the cohesion of 1999. Those pre millennium players were almost telepathic. It’s probably a lot to do with nostalgia as well to be fair. We had shite like Anderson playing in ‘08.
  5. Completely bias 1999 for me. A joy to watch that team play with Cole and Yorke up front with Teddy and Ole as well. World class midfield, fairly solid defence and Schmeichel. If i hadn’t see such riches, I could live with being poor
  6. Unofficial rivalry of the year thread

    Anton vs The ability not to mention Japan.
  7. Unofficial rivalry of the year thread

    German F1 Pelican Vs Hamilton Fans Not you Thomas Baby
  8. House of Cards

    Wouldn’t say it was because of Spacey. They’d been toying with ending it for a while and decided to go with it due to the allegations. Ironically just like how Spacey came out.....
  9. Off Topic

    Another female. FML.
  10. Off Topic

    A miracle is what is needed at present.
  11. Off Topic

    Wife is overdue by nearly a week. It’s like living with a fucking demonic presence in the house.
  12. Formula One

    Lovely Jubbly X
  13. Formula One

    Lewis on course for number 4. Lovely to see the saltiness from Ferrari fanboys.
  14. Formula One

    If Vettel doesn’t get a penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage, F1 is fucked.
  15. Under 17s World Cup

    Try telling that to my wife.