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  1. Well as I said, he’s only a sub if he comes here to play wide.
  2. Apparently yes but I never understood why? Unless he can play in CM I don’t see the need because he isn’t getting in our front three ahead of Mane, Salah and Firmino.
  3. Would be a lot of money for a sub! i think it’s a none story to be honest mate.
  4. Mane plays on the other flank to Salah.
  5. Did you pick the same teams on both sites?
  6. Fucking Burnley And Palace
  7. Sturridge barely gets in the squad anymore and Ox has started about 3 games all season
  8. Everton Discussion

    I wasn’t been funny mate seriously. I’ve not seen a gap between our sides like this forever. There is literally not one single player I’d take from your first 11 to replace one of ours except maybe Pickford. Thats not been said for a long long time.
  9. I’ve not been taking any notice. How many is that now?
  10. Everton Discussion

    To be absolutely honest, and I’m not saying this to wind you lot up, you are still drastic. It’s honestly the worst Everton side I can remember and I’ve been following football passionately since about 1983/1984. Fair enough you’ve had a few decent results lately but that squad, on the whole, is awful. I mean, you walked away from Anfield with a point on Sunday but that was more down to us than a reflection of how you lot performed. The whole country is in agreement that there has never been such a gulf in class between the two sides. Youll be absolutely fine and will probably improve over the next few transfer windows, but as things stand... Absolutely light years away from the current top six.
  11. Now that’s more like it! I don’t agree with the first part but.... Good post 👍
  12. You Chelsea boys set the bar high