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  1. David Blaine is fuming. His record of doing nothing in the box for 44 days has been smashed by Romelu Lukaku.
  2. Balon will be a meltdown though if that did happen
  3. This would've been filmed by Amazon, but they were banned to film at Old Trafford for the film they are making about City.
  4. Soon Liverpool fans will be like Arsenal, you will have Klopp out and Klopp in fans, I really can see it going that way, Liverpool fan tv might be quite popular soon
  5. They also lack someone who sicks back in midfield who is good enough, not a Can, Henderson or even Wijnaldum as that is not his game.
  6. It is just his style but Liverpool are very inconstant due a dodgy keeper as well as a dodgy defence that cost a lot of money, he had money to spend and bought another midfielder who is coming next season Keita from Leipzig. No real excuses anymore for Klopp, they didn't even need The Ox as well.
  7. Sack Race 2017/18

    I think Hughton will be gone soon, they are getting hammered, also he made some questionable changes to the team that lost at the weekend.
  8. No surprise really, He really shouldn't of left Ajax and then jumped in this disastrous team at Dortmund, his style was too open for this awful defence, it was the wrong club for him but also the wrong manager for Dortmund.
  9. No wonder why Mourinho didnt want Amazon prime filming behind the scenes.
  10. No you just are fed up of defending Klopp and cannot admit you were better under Rodgers.....
  11. Klopp is just embarrassing now, once his interviews are not funny anymore what will he be known for? he is not a tactical coach as it has been proved, he keeps on getting done by the same mistakes. This game it was partly his fault today, team selection and leaving a player who scored a hatrick in his last game on the bench! that is something Arsene Wenger would do. Also to bring Salah off who was causing the most troubles at only 1-0 , again was costly. I dont know where they are going with Klopp as it just seems no different to Brendon Rodgers but because he is from Northern Ireland and a bit dull with the press, he wasn't fashionable enough compared to Klopp.
  12. Lukaku was aiming for the bin....
  13. Napoli should of easly came 2nd in this group, its all their own fault and the coach should be under pressure now.