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  1. Unfortunately Sevilla don't look good enough this season to cause an upset here, so the only little surprise I can see here would be Chelsea beating Barcelona. If Barcelona didn't have Messi, I would definitely back Chelsea to go through, but the little man rarely fails to make an impact. Real Madrid vs PSG will be funny because whatever team loses will probably have a huge meltdown on the pitch, with players being sent off, etc. Neither will accept going out at this stage.
  2. 35% ball possession is the lowest for Man United in Old Trafford in the last 14 years. I'm not sure how anyone can defend that. City bought the title but you can't give enough credit to Guardiola. He can make a group of footballers do stuff that no one else can replicate. Yes he does need his type of players but give £1 billion to the average Premier League manager and it'll be a much different story.
  3. The atmosphere in the Feyenoord game is brutal.
  4. That second goal is a beaut.
  5. The Bookmakers

    Acca: Roma Nijmegen Slavia Prague Sporting Lisbon Hartberg @2.70 Singles: Freiburg DNB @1.80 Volendam DNB @1.55 Zwolle DNB @1.86 Hallescher vs Rostock over 2.0 @1.68 Napoli vs Juventus over 2.0 @1.58
  6. Portugal vs Spain as the opening has 0-0 written all over it imo.