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  1. We will beat them. and overall could still see them fling through a form slump after Christmas. This is what city do
  2. : "Last summer there was a job offer in the same way that happens with any employee and I was interested in it. Since I stayed I have played with will and desire. "Of course a lot happened in the summer but my will is always to play and do the best wherever I am - that has not changed. "I am here [at Liverpool], we have a lot of games and I try to do my best to help. I always do my best when I have the opportunity to play, respecting the jersey and the supporters," I'm not 100% sure Couts will leave because I'm still not convinced he's quite good enough for barca or PSG to pay obscene money for. His talent isn't quite all round enough.
  3. Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Update. There's been a reasonable recovery from where things were at when i last posted. We've committed to work at our relationship and do what's needed to get our families future back on track. I feel reasonably optimistic about or prospects. We are getting along great and to be honest always have done all the way through this in all fronts except in the intimacy department which had been different since our son was born. Honestly i think that's a normal situation to be in after 15 years in a relationship and in the "raising kids" years but when something new and exciting comes along it can be tempting to give in to it. Marriage takes work and isn't easy partially because it isn't always as exciting as what else you might be able to find out there at a given time. But when you reflect on the value of the life you've built and weigh that against the new but temporary excitement its not always best to act on your immediate short term instincts.
  4. The Punisher (Netflix)

    Is it on the level of daredevil?
  5. Russia Banned From 2018 Winter Olympics

    Suck it Russia. This is what happens when you fuck with Hillary Clinton. :ninja:
  6. President Trump

  7. What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Watching Iron Fist and loving it so far. Anybody watched the punisher series yet?
  8. Also he hasn't bitten as many people 😎
  9. I feel that he really might be tbh. He's better than Suarez was for us after the same amount of games.
  10. Prince Harry is a lucky boy

    I never realised so many people thought Rachel from suits was super hot. Don't get me wrong a very nice looking girl but I'd not have said top tier the way some are making out.
  11. Raheem Sterling this season

    Agreed. High price tag hurts many young players.
  12. Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Thanks lads. Would love to have a beer with you all and toast to better times.👍
  13. Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Staying together is undoubtedly the right decision for him. We get along really well its just there's been a distance building up between us through her not communicating what's been happening. She is a good mum and his face lights up when he sees her. I'm not sure how I should be treating her and speaking with her in the conversations we've been having. Am trying to keep the dialog up and show a fair bit of empathy. For me it's an open and shut case what she should do but she's not had anybody to talk to about it and is probably benefiting from talking it out.
  14. Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Thanks. It's been a really hard week. She's never seen a professional so nothing diagnosed. But i have only recently started to consider the possibility. I just took it as a super busy work mum before as she works long hours. I feel like my answer would be divorce should only happen in extreme circumstances, particularly when children are involved. Fundamentally we are a good match and make a great team so i don't believe this qualifies. She has not cheated by the way, and i feel grateful for that. But she has got to the point of it being an emotional betrayal nonetheless and a huge knock to the self confidence so there is still plenty of pain from my end. Sorry bud.
  15. Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Thanks gents. Its hard for me to work out her situation. She says her feelings towards me changed to loving me just as a father of my son. To be honest I'm not really sure if if I really am the root cause of her woe or its more just that she's struggled a bit with motherhood. She's always been very body conscious and i know she found the post pregnancy body changes quite hurtful. And the ratio of parenting has been 85-15 my way with me doing all baths and most bedtimes and meals. She's not been the fully engaged mum i expected. For me her actions are not just symptomatic of me being the problem but is always hard to know and it could still be guilt about me causing her to shy away from the little man. Anyway I hope we work it out. We just bought a new house and no way can we afford to keep it if we don't stay together. But not sure at what point i should be saying fuck it lets break up. For me with a kid involved makes it a lot harder.