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  1. Burnley Discussion

    On one hand I'm amazed at what they've achieved, but I also feel that they're bound to have a mini-crash eventually. When a team is so clinical and seems so good at blocking shots and last ditch defending, I always have a feeling that it's not sustainable to win matches that way.
  2. The Woyvolution continues
  3. Tbf I think he started in the 3rd or 4th tier in Sweden, so it's not like he was handed a decent job. Edit: but yeah I think another problem with British managers, besides being afraid to leave their comfort zones, is that they often feel entitled. Its more the ex-player types, who sit around expecting a job to just open up for them. If you're really serious about becoming a manager, you should be applying to whatever you can find, basically anywhere you can afford to travel to, and at whatever level. Look at Thomas Christiansen at Leeds. He went to a shit Cypriot club, earned the APOEL job, and then earned the Leeds job. Are Danish people more equipped to live in Cyprus than British people? No. The only difference is that he had the actual enthusiasm for his career to go where the work was.
  4. It is funny that a man whose reputation was largely formed by one of the most OTT celebrations in CL history at Old Trafford has suddenly became the self-appointed voice of restraint. I can't be arsed with those who say that it's all game to distract attention. Im pretty sure most people are now quite sure that both his coaching is wank and he's also personally a flaming shitebag. It's not one or the other, even with people's shortened attentions spans these days.
  5. I'd much rather one of the big northern clubs was in the PL.
  6. The only encouragement I can find is 1: they lost away against Rosenberg and we drew 2: I'm not sure but I don't think their league starts until after the R32, so maybe there might be an edge in preparedness. Also maybe not.
  7. Honestly no idea what level Zenit are on these days but it will be tough to get anything regardless. Not as bad as getting Arsenal or Napoli etc but still not got much expectation. Maybe if we play Dembele, Edouard, Boyata, Ntcham, Sinclair and Kouassi in Russia we can get them to riot and get disqualified.
  8. Definitely want PSG to win. At least if they proceed there's a chance of them imploding like they did last time. If Real Madrid get through, they'll probably find a way to scrape all the way to the final.
  9. Chamberlain and Robertson put in a couple of good deliveries, but yeah overall it was poor. Another problem is that it doesn't seem that the forwards are anticipating crosses correctly. The only one that I've seen work a few times is standing it up for Salah at the back post. Otherwise, it seems that the team doesn't gamble in the way you need for driven deliveries along the ground.
  10. Braga, Plzen, Salzburg and Atalanta would be pretty even contests. Anyone bigger and we're banking on the opponent not taking the competition as seriously. Edit:a bit gutted at some of the opponents that are ruled out. Ludogorets, Copenhagen, Steaua, Ostersunds and Red Star would obviously all be reasonable opportunities. Plus even if it meant getting knocked out instantly, drawing Dortmund would be a pretty cool experience. The Paul Lambert Derby.
  11. No matter how well you play, freak results are always possible. Even without any real dip, there's always a chance of a day where City blow a few chances, and some freak defensive or refereeing mistake gives the opposition a goal. Going unbeaten for a whole season requires a lot of quality, but also a lot of luck, which makes it pointless to predict imo.
  12. I swear there's a few on here whose first suggestion on autocomplete when they type "r" must be "rattled".
  13. Tbh the cheer at the end wasn't as loud as the cheer when they won their corner.
  14. Matic is just a less hairy Fellaini.