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  1. Bonchitis ist ätzend, vor allem weil das oft ewig dauert. Das einzige was ein bisschen hilft ist inhalieren. Ansonsten kann man nicht viel tun was wirklich etwas bringt.
  2. I guess in summer the one and only Peter will finally take over Seriously, I think Stöger is probably not the worst choice to bring them back on track for now.
  3. No excuses this time. There are surely other good members around but this year it can only be me. As we say in Germany: Ich akzeptiere die Favoritenrolle.
  4. Bayern München Thread

    He wasn't even good in that tournament, he was just young.
  5. Thanks! 180 days until I need you again.
  6. Can you change your name to Faithcore then and we switch accounts?
  7. Nop, the Schalke logo is way worse. Anyway, can you change my name back please? Can't do it myself
  8. you're the one who started it
  9. Germans and German Speakers Only Thread

    Ich auch will haben ein Kartoffel, bitte.
  10. 2. Bundesliga 2017/2018

    It is strange but it i think there were other reasons as well. Will be interesting what happens now, I still think that they have the best squad in the league when it comes to individual class of their players.
  11. 2. Bundesliga 2017/2018

    The league is way too balanced this season for my liking. We already got 22 points now after 16 matches and still it's only 4 points to the relegation spot.
  12. Peter Stöger leaves 1.FC Köln

    Now with Stöger gone it's easier to dislike Köln again.
  13. We should make an offer for Kruse.