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  1. As far as I know he plays wide and can play on both flanks... As for playing a more inside role, I don’t know but maybe @Batard does. L’Équipe do tend to speculate a lot although they also do get a lot of things right.
  2. Weren’t you guys also connected to Lamar in the summer?
  3. Sporting Gijón appoint Rubén Baraja as coach As announced earlier on this morning when Paco Herrera was relieved of his duties as Sporting Gijón head coach, a new replacement has been appointed hours after and it’s none other than former Atlético Madrid star Rubén Baraja. Baraja is relatively new to coaching with short stints at both Rayo Vaallecano and Elche. He now gets his first bigger chance with a more renowned football club. Rubén Baraja will be officially presented tomorrow at midday.
  4. According to today’s L’Équipe Lamar would be Coutninho’s replacement for Liverpool. What do you think about this? Very different but Sallah on one flank and Lemar on the other sounds very fetching indeed.
  5. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    Sorry for swearing at Christmas, but FUCK Home Alone you cretins! Shit movie!
  6. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    Shit... I missed Trading Places! Can I vote again? All the same, my votes are; It’s a Wonderful Life White Christmas Gremlins I can’t believe I missed Trading Places! That’s proper pissed me off because most wont vote for it and it’s the tops. I also didn’t vote for Love Acually which I kind of liked.
  7. Maradona Statue in Kolkata Is Worth A Look

    They’ve also done a statue of @Any O'Brien in Florence?
  8. Maradona Statue in Kolkata Is Worth A Look

    Beautiful like David! Florence has an exact replica of people back then although small willies were in fashion back then.
  9. Maradona Statue in Kolkata Is Worth A Look

    What is it with these guys that create these statues?
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo

    It’s the fact that on this year and last year’s awards those that are saying it’s merited are stating that it down to the honours won within the collective and yet in 2013 he won it when he hadn’t been part of a team that won anything. This is why I say there is actually NO criteria for this at all or at least there never used to be because if you go past 90% of past winners, their feats looked to be based on recognition of the talent and superiority displayed for the year. For me it’s the changing “criteria” depending on each year and who’s won it.
  11. Sporting Gijón sack Paco Herrera Sporting Gijón this morning announced that Paco Herrera will no longer continue as head coach of the Asturian football club after a string of bad results. 18 games in and Sporting Gijón haven’t shown any sign of changing their bad form and there are also accusations that Paco Herrera’s training methods are too harsh which according to the club is shown in the fact the squad have suffered so many injuries forcing them to dip into the youth setups to fill the squad quota for match-days. Sporting have been there before in the sense of not acting immediately and then end up tumbling further down the divisions. The club nearly disappeared from the map and was saved by ex-footballers and fans from bankruptcy. The new coach should be named in the next few hours.
  12. So the lastest rumours are that Gianluigi Donnarumma is at it again and now wants out of AC Milan once more and has said he wants out of his contract. These are the “boom” stories coming out of Italy’s sports dailies this morning. @ScoRoss do you know anything about this mate?
  13. Peru National Team Discussion

    So are you or are you not a Toyota Auris? Arent they used a lot by UBER... Opps, they’re banned too!