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  1. Why not take coutinho, Salah, Firmino, Mane off at half time against Spartak? If he's bothered about their fitness? If Coutinho is fucked then it's Klopp who has to answer for playing him for the full 90 mins in midweek. Was Bobby too unfit to start or is that just an excuse you're using for Coutinho?
  2. If he's on the bench, he's fit to play football. That's not an excuse.
  3. We outclassed them in every department but goals scored....We had more possession but did nothing with it. Pointless crosses to Solanke, who for all his effort, was useless all game. Looking at their defence before the game, I don't know how you don't play all your in form players with the hope of giving them a hiding. It was a needless gamble, and in the derby, not playing your strongest team when they are all available is unforgivable.
  4. You're all about the 'what if's' if it helps your argument (IF Mane passed, IF Lovren wasn't a mong) but won't accept us saying what if Firmino & Coutinho started, what if Salah wasn't subbed. You have Klopps testicles firmly in your mouth. It's embarassing.
  5. Kinda ridiculous, childish back and forth shit going on in here. It's very hilarious. We fucked it. Klopp fucked it. I admire his passion, but I can't ignore his stupid team decisions before the game. Should have had it tied up. Let them have a goal from stupidity, but we just have to learn from it (probs wont) and move on. I'm furious over it all, but it's our own fucking fault.
  6. Leave two of our four attackers, our best players, on the bench for the derby against a shite defence. This could have been another emphatic performance if we put the doubt in their heads. Then goes on to take off Salah instead of Solanke or Ox. Yes, Lovren was a fucking mong, and he gifted them a goal, but Klopp takes a huge part of the blame today. Needless gamble that didn't pay off, so disheartening to throw that game. Waiting on MadLad to come in spouting shit about "crybabies" or whatever other bollocks he does in order to suck Klopps balls.
  7. Pathetic to gift them that result. Fucking hell.
  8. Looks like this gamble hasn't paid off. Don't care how much of the ball we've had, the fact is we have scored one goal with so much possesion. Should have had ALL out attacking threats playing.
  9. Lovren, fuck sake man!! These horrible, wastes of space are gonna nick a draw here.
  10. If Everton come out attacking more the second half it only plays into our hands with our counter attacks. Not that I expect that fat turd to actually play on the front foot.
  11. Mane you greedy bitch. Salah is mint.
  12. Gomez has been very good, today no exception. Henderson has been shouting at him all game for some reason, probably just to hear the sound of his own voice.
  13. I'll be raging if Klopp hasn't some plan that works out. You just can't leave Coutinho and Firmino out of our team for this game, not unless it's part of some masterstroke. We'll see, but that line-up has bound to give Everton more belief.
  14. What is a "real fan"?

    When we lose (And yes I will use the fucking word "we" when talking about Liverpool) I am in bits, you can ask everybosy who knows me. My passion and love this club is as strong as somebody born and bred in the city. Us losing doesn't effect my day to day life like it does a liverpudlian but it doesn't mean they care more about the club. Don't give a shite what some of you lot say, my whole family support this team and my children will one day follow suite. Its part of my life. Always has been and always will be.