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  1. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    I consider myself as a decent english speaker and can understand the language fair enough. But I have no idea what that sentence means.Please explain to me in simpler words
  2. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    true, I read about that few months ago although I dont know what that means and how it changes anything.
  3. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    For me, cavani is a faster giroud who doesnt score as many headers
  4. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    This is a lot true, our country has the highest number of fans for Ronaldo and Man Utd, we are the biggest manchester outside the actual manchester
  5. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    I said this last year when Leicester won the league, but sadly no one in FIFA cared my opinion
  6. Joke's on you, I wasnt following club football back then
  7. FC Barcelona Discussion

    not saying they are for everyday wear and I dont mind if anyone wears it like that..... but for example I play pickup football games and wear those tshirts I posted above but cant say I would wear a XXXXXL size looking NFL jersey if im playing a fun game with friends. They look so uncomfortable to wear
  8. FC Barcelona Discussion

    I dont like american sports jerseys... its almost like they cant have a regular looking tshirt to wear ... the NFL and NHL jerseys are so big, the NBA ones are tank tops... but other than that I get what you are saying and I agree with that
  9. FC Barcelona Discussion

    I was only joking. I dont like the sponsor name on shirts/jerseys and I dont own any jerseys. I have a couple of regular tshirts of Arsenal which has the club's crest and nothing else on it. Just like the ones below but without the white patch on the shoulders.
  10. FC Barcelona Discussion

    You just check with any chinese or any other asian shops locally. They can provide you shirts however you like, with or without sponsor, your favourite colours, they can also print your face on the back of the shirt if you want. Custimsation for the win
  11. How the fuck has this thread not dead yet.... most boring saga ever in football
  12. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    Modric should have won it for me, waiting in the box all day long and taking 40 shots and scoring 2 per game is not what the "greatest player ever" does.
  13. Lepizig vs Besiktas has been a fantastic match actually... that goal keeper was outstanding
  14. Yeah it did but the replay confirmed he was on... it was PSG with the upper hand up until that point
  15. How can you lose the ball with the first kick off the match