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  1. I wanted to see Barcelona/Chelsea this season and I've said it from the start, although I think the round of 16 is too soon and a 1/4 final or beyond that stage would have been better.
  2. FIFA Club World Cup 2017

    If Real don#'t improve from how they have been playing this season, then Gremio will do them in the final. You can't underestimate South American opposition as they will make you pay if you aren't at your best.
  3. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    This is a fair enough comment, but my beef with this is that in 2013, Robben did exactly the same as Ronaldo, he scored important goals in the champs league but was nowhere near the best player in the world over 12 months in all competitions(just like Ronaldo this year), yet Ronaldo, a player who won nothing that year, won the Ballon d'or. Then we look at last year's, the criteria was completely different again. It seems like the criteria changes whenever he wins it. It's not consistent. Atleast on the 5 occasions when Messi has won it, he has been the best player in the world over that 12 months. The criteria used has been consistent in his case It's become a daft award anyway, especially with the last 2.
  4. Off Topic

    I agree mate, speak to people how you expect to be spoken to. I don't owe cunts like that anything. I've already got a job starting straight after Christmas mate as I sorted it out today. Even if that clown hadn't forced me to jack today, I was leaving after Christmas either way. There is more work on this other site and I've already done a bit on there before so I know it. To be honest, it was a good site in general, I knew most of the people on there before I even started on there, either from other sites or simply because they live in this City and I've known them years or whatever. But it was just like all sites, they are all no different in this regard. Calling someone a virgin is a terrible insult in general it has to be said, but If you saw him mate then you would know what I mean. Fat midget cunt who walks like Penguin out of Batman.
  5. Off Topic

    I've just jacked my job in. I've only been on there 6 weeks but there is not a chance in hell I'm being spoken to like a prick off some fat little virgin scouse cunt who lets his job go to his head. It was for the best that I left as I would have ended up smashing his face in and cunts like that would go straight to the police. The arrogant, fat little cunt. He looks like Penguin off Batman. The way he spoke to me today was absolutely ridiculous. I was walking from the compound as I went to find a hammer, he shouted me and this other lad over and started giving us shit. It felt like I was a teenager all over again being shouted at off the head teacher for being naughty. That isn't happening, especially not from some nonce looking fat midget dickhead like that. I would seriously smash his face in!
  6. FIFA

    @Cannabis Deulofeu grows well on this. 89 for me and he's a sub. Thiago(91) is injured so the formation has changed slightly and become something like this:- Ter Stegen(89) Semedo(87) - Laporte(90) - Umtiti(88) - Grimaldo(88) Saul(91) - Verratti(92) Messi(89) Dembele(91) -- Mbappe(91) -- Jesus(90)
  7. FC Barcelona Discussion

    Brilliant shirt and it holds special moments due to obvious reasons. I don't buy footy shirts but I'm considering buying that one. I wouldn't wear it I don't think, although it would be great to have, placed inside a glass cabinet or something.
  8. Lionel Messi

    It's been a privilege to have watched him straight through his career from his debut.
  9. FC Barcelona Discussion

    What is the situation with Mbappe anyway? Is he actually a PSG player or would there not be a chance of another club muscling in there and buying him off Monaco in 2 years? I've never really understood how that one worked.
  10. FC Barcelona Discussion

    It would be interesting to see who people would have as their best XI in the world right now. It was getting to the point where all the best were at the same couple of clubs, mainly Barcelona and Real Madrid, although that is not the case now and it's much more spread out again. Also a lot of the world's best(such as C.Ronaldo and Suarez) are definitely not that anymore, while other players have really started to step up their game. The future is also starting to look quite bright in terms of football when it looked as though that may not have been the case not to long ago. Mbappe, especially, is one to watch for the future. He is the real deal and will be better than players such as Neymar when the same age if he continues as he is. Special player. PSG are lucky to have himself and Verratti. They would be perfect for Barcelona!
  11. Off Topic

  12. Animals

    Fucking size of that!
  13. FIFA

    Top Scorers and assisters from the 3rd season:- I won the treble for the second time consecutive(along with the European and Spanish SuperCups at the start of the season) and at the beginning of the 4th season I beat Real Sociedad in the Spanish Supercup, but lost on pens to Chelsea in the European Supercup. Strangly I have beaten Man United in both Champions league finals that I have won and have now played Real Sociedad in the European SuperCup, the Spanish Supercup twice and Copa del Rey final twice. The side now:- Strongest 11:- Ter Stegen(89) Semedo(87) -- Laporte(90) -- Umtiti(88) -- Grimaldo(88) Verratti(92) -- Saul(90) -- Thiago(91) Messi(89) Dembele(91) ---------- Mbappe(90) Second team:- Kepa(85) Roberto(85) -- Pique(83) -- Christensen(86) -- Alba(84) Denis(87) -- Weigl(86) -- Ceballos(87) Jesus(89) -- Sanabria(86) - Deulofeu(88) Dembele is the man now. A monster.
  14. FC Barcelona Discussion

    Yeah I think some of the football in the last 2 games has been brilliant, yet both games have ended in draws. The team were winning but not playing at their best before that. I do think the best is to come and Valverde has been able to rest and rotate the majority of is squad this season as to prevent fatigue going into Christmas. Dembele especially could make a big difference as I believe that his type of player is lacking. When is Masch back? As he would be very important now that Umtiti is out as Varmaelen isn't good enough and there are zero options after that. There has been talk of Mascherano going to China but I personally believe keeping him until the end of the season would make more sense, even if another defender is purchased in January as strength in depth is important.
  15. Member Opinions 2017

    @Kitchen Sales This is more @Teso dos Bichos:-