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  1. Just out of curiosity and I meant to ask this in an earlier thread, who is the most important player at City right now? If someone gets injured who causes the most damage to your setup?
  2. I'd say you'll can afford to rest quite a few for Spurs and I can see him putting Silva and DeBryune as subs but Fernandinho will play for sure as will Walker.
  3. Think dropping anyone from City's attack is a bad idea this week. Maybe Jesus because I think Pep will rotate but their midfield will garner the most points is my guess.
  4. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    True Blue Santa won't be getting you that extra special Xmas gift you wanted now
  5. Maradona Statue in Kolkata Is Worth A Look

    Whenever I see this rubbish I look at the other end of the spectrum where people are 3-D printing the most life-like things out of far more complex and fragile matter in the world and I can only shake my head. I wonder who actually did this statue because its abysmal.
  6. GOTY - 2017 Edition

    As 2017 comes to a close I was looking back at some of my best gaming experiences from the year and there really have been some stellar games put out by dev shops this calendar year. I am going to list some of the best ones I played and the one that edged them all out. The Best Horizon Dawn (PS4/PS4 PRO) - Guerilla Games couldn't have made a more picturesque game with mechanics that kept me engaged from start to finish. I can't give this game enough praise and it easily makes the list. If you haven't played it yet its going cheap and I highly recommend it. Nier Automata (PS4/PS4 PRO) - When I first played this game it reminded me of a PS3 classic (Bayonetta). Art direction, fast-paced action and enemies that will leave you button mashing just to get to the next level and it offers great variety in gameplay too. NiOh (PS4/PS4 PRO) - If you've ever played Dark Souls this game will kind of give you the exact same feeling. It is terribly unforgiving and a worn button pushed will lead to instant death and a stage reset. The bosses are the best bosses I have played all year and if you like a truly challenging game that will leave you screaming and wanting to break your controller this one is it. Battlechasers : Night War (PC) - My only gripe with this game is that its too short but THQ Nordic have done a good enough job here to keep audiences entertained and it has some serious turn-based depth as well with great strategy elements Hollow Knight (PC) - I love platformers and this game ticked all the boxes for a fun and challenging game. Its only downfall is that it leaves the world too open-ended which then makes you have to remember too much of the map but a fun and easy game. Cuphead (PC) - Railshooting platformer with a good element of difficulty. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) - The less said the better. I have been a moon-hungry zombie and I play this when I am at airports or killing time. The amount of game-play variety is astounding. Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Switch) - This a GOTY contender imo and it will win it. What Nintendo did to this series as part of a move-forward approach sets it apart as not only the best Switch game of the year but probably the best game of the year too. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Switch) - This is a redone classic with some very well executed and drawn graphics. It's also tedious and extremely difficult but if you liked the classics then this is a must buy if you own a Switch. Resident Evil 7 (PS4) - I was originally skeptical of playing this game because as a person that has played nearly all of them I was worried they'd have gone in the wrong direction from the original Biohazard. But, it exceeded expectations and I don't hope they do another one like this. The Chronicles are fun to play if you haven't played those yet. Divinity : Original Sin II (PC) - If you like RPGs this one is really good. I've only clocked a few hours in it but its miles better than the first one and is a must-own if you like the series. Wolfenstein: The New Collosus (PC) - I was in withdrawal from not having a Doom-styled action game this year but then they give us this masterpiece. If anything the story alone and the characters are worth the price you have to pay to play this. Superb from start to finish. The Not So Best Prey (PC) - Less said the better. But maybe updates have fixed a lot of what I thought ruined what could have been a great space adventure Uncharted : The Lost Legacy (PS4) - Naughty Dog tried so hard and I appreciate the little things like a launch date in India on the very date a festival relevant to the game was on but sadly it didn't live up to anything and I'd say save your money and don't even bother playing it. Destiny 2 (PS4) - Grinding mechanics, no noteworthy game mechanics improvement, upgraded graphics that still look out-dated. They could have made this an expansion pack for Destiny and it would have been better. The Ones I can't place anywhere Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PC) - I tried to get into this but I couldn't in the end. Ruiner (PC) - Great game but I can't see it in a list I'd say were my favorites Mario Kart 8 (Switch) - Would have made a top list except its a re-hash and its fun if you've never played it before PES 2018 (PS4) - I love the franchise but imo they didn't do enough to warrant top honors. King of the Hill For me its been Nintendo's year. Great shiny console, two elite games in Super Mario and LoZ. Easy to get into games and a growing library with some noteworthy titles outside the top two. Legend of Zelda easily edges out at the top even though it may not be the most prettiest game in the world because the change in game mech and the environmental span (almost GTA-like) alone make me want to say this was the best game I played this year. What did you play this year that made you go "Wow I really love this" or what made you think "This is fresh and really exciting"? I've omitted so many just because I can't think of where to put them.
  7. Drug habits and social drug intake in a thread on the World Cup in Russia. Seems about right haha.
  8. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    I don't know what's more Xmas-like than a dead villain with "Now I have a machine gun Ho-Ho-Ho"
  9. Think Kun will make an appearance mid-week for me which bodes well with who I have on the roster. Now if Klopp rests Salah then things will get really interesting.
  10. That had goal written all over it. He did everything right, took a defender out of the equation, pulled the central man towards him opening space in the middle for the attackers and all it needed was a side pass which he had ample opportunity to do as well. Sometimes in the moment all these things dont factor into a players line of thinking. Either that or he was just being greedy. I'm leaning with greed.
  11. Don't think Porto will be pushovers but we've got a team that can do the job on the day. This was one of the fixtures I wanted before the draw so happy with the final outcome.
  12. You're right and I think more match time will improve that. With Moreno out for a bit we'll see more of him and I hope he gets better with more game time. Our crossing on the whole was a bit dire yesterday, Chamberlain being the biggest culprit out of the lot but that's never really been this team's forte.
  13. Think the best match out of that list will be Saints vs Leicester.
  14. I actually wonder if he'd be good at CB but having said that getting Clyne back for some rotation is going to work out well in the longer run. I thought we looked good on both wings defensively but I also attribute that to the lack of attack that they had to face. Sure, we can all bang on about what Klopp has done to sort the defense out but if you look at the other end of the pitch he's trying to sort it out by not buying defenders but using a stronger attack and it works for the most part. Yesterday was a blip and I am sure no one feels worse about it than Lovren who will bounce back from this. Also, no one is really giving Andy his just dues, I thought he was very good last night and I hope we get to see more of him because his tracking and willingness to run into open space (pass from Firmino) is superb.