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  1. Gattuso was a good player, but his aggressive approach won't do the team any good. All the yelling and threats that he will break them could have maybe had an effect on opposition when he was on the pitch. Think he will be sacked sooner than expected.
  2. Everton Discussion

    With back to back wins and a draw at Anfield things look much better for Everton as they are mid table currently. Also i fancy them taking point so of Newcastle who have been on a very poor. Do you Everton lads see any improvements or did just results go your way?
  3. To be honest nothing special about him, only a four season wonder really.
  4. Morata out so it's time to shine for Michy, last time he started (against Palace) he was piss poor. January just around the corner if he doesn't step his game until the end of the year i can see him gone.
  5. Chelsea Discussion

    Morata out today because of back pain and i quote "tiredness". Michy to start today and hopefully in a 3-4-3
  6. Chelsea Discussion

    I am certain that he is being sarcastic
  7. Marcos Alonso

    Another dodgy buy, played for around 20 games. Then went to Schalke where he suffered a long term injury. He returned to the club but still out injured.
  8. Marcos Alonso

    Del Horno was terrible, maybe worst on that list apart from Baba who really didn't get a fair chance
  9. Marcos Alonso

    Wasn't on the list but bellow Cole on second for me
  10. Marcos Alonso

    Yeah only performances, but saying that Cole is top in every scenario.
  11. Marcos Alonso

    I'd go this way (quality - contribution) 1. Ashley Cole 2. William Gallas 3. Wayne Bridge 4. Ryan Betrand 5. Marcos Alonso 6. Zhirkov 7. Felipe Luis 8. Baba Rahman Also i despise Gallas after his departure, but credit where it's due.
  12. Chelsea Discussion

    One problem left the board room, the female one still there. Let's see what this summer brings
  13. Chelsea Discussion

    He had a fever against West ham that is why he missed out, also doubtful for tomorrow for the same reasons. Any good source that he is injured?
  14. Marcos Alonso

    Is that in quality order or in general contribution for the club?
  15. Just like the best midfielder Pogba at the Ballon D'Or oh wait...