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  1. Decent draw since i wanted an English team, but Spurs was my least preferred as i'd liked Poch to get as far as possible.
  2. Serie A Matchday 16

    It was a hand yeah, but i think it wasn't intended as Benatia wasn't looking apparently.
  3. Lol, mari never produced much of an effect in me from what i can remember. I even drank a "jarra loca" with pills on it once and it didn't do much neither i think haha.
  4. I didn't since then, it was like 10 years ago haha.
  5. True, i almost died once because of it, my heart started pumping like crazy, i got really accelerated and couldn't breathe.
  6. Well played then, didn't look like it at all with no smileys or anything.
  7. Your mental image of other members

    @SirBalon @Stan vs @Blue
  8. I think that's bullshit and biased as fuck mate. if we are going by failed drugs test, there are more Europeans involved than South Americans i believe, Staam, Livermore, Bosnich, Fernando Couto, Garry O’Connor, Mutu, Edgard Davis, etc. There's even the Juve team that won everything in the 1996 that apparently achieved all that thanks to a well-schemed and systematic enhancing program (drugs obviously). If we're going by lack of professionalism, then there are lots of Brazilians guilty of that, but that doesn't mean all South Americans are like Brazilians, not at all. And also there a considerable number of Europeans guilty of that too, like Gazza, Cassano, Vialli, Rooney, Wilshere, etc.
  9. Serie A Matchday 16

    Higuain did a fantastic trick in the second half today but i cannot find it anywhere.
  10. Off Topic

    You did good mate, it's not worth having to stand twatic mongs like that for a little cash. You'll find something better soon enough!
  11. You cannot blame the guy, Peru is what, first or second biggest cocaine producer in the world?, sniffing a line must be the same as drinking a coup of coffee over there.
  12. Weird Fans Who Sit Near You?

    And for that i love you Rajesh.