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  1. I reckon the clubs currently occupying the top four will be there come the end of the season, just not sure about the order. Tottenham are finished. Liverpool are too inconsistent.
  2. what happened to that spurs defender Sanchez being quality?
  3. Spurs' bench is tragic. Genuinely mid table quality.
  4. Formula One

    simply the best
  5. Cech, 2nd worst GK after mignolet out of the top 6/7 sides. Wilshere doing bits since he came on.
  6. Wilshere is quality. Needs to be playing in the league.
  7. He was shite for us towards the end. had one of (top 2/3) the best squads in the league at Arsenal & did nothing in the Premier League.
  8. Iceland are immense. Population of 334,000 & topped their group.
  9. Formula One

  10. Formula One

    Another Hamilton masterclass.
  11. Is the spurs game being played behind closed doors?
  12. Formula One

    Class drive by the best F1 driver since Schumacher. The cream always rises to the top.
  13. Formula One

    Hamilton is the unluckiest driver of the past 10years. Nobody has been let down by their car as much as him. Nice bit of Karma.
  14. Reverse jinx. Nobody is falling for your shit.