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  1. Should probably give betting a rest if you're losing that much.
  2. Love Bournemouth, done incredibly well to do what they have and now find themselves as a solid Premier League outfit. In a world where there are millions of teams to hate I can't begin to do this with AFC.
  3. I've not touched my team since the league began, if it ain't broke don't fix it as they say. Who's next @Batard?
  4. Peru National Team Discussion

    Didn't know cocaine was a banned substance . Have a day off.
  5. Marcos Alonso

    What actually happened with Baba? He seemed to arrive and depart overnight.
  6. Only right considering the North West is the home of football .
  7. This is the only time I'm going all plastic and backing PSG, would be amazing if they could stop Madrid at this stage. Barcelona/Chelsea will be interesting, instant visions of that goal from Andres Iniesta.
  8. Reality TV; I'm A Celebrity

    I think she's been the bookies favourite for some time now, would be surprised if she loses out.
  9. Reality TV; I'm A Celebrity

    Iain is 3rd.
  10. Pique getting a nose-bleed from being so far forward Unlucky!
  11. . Lovely that this is still going too, would have thought the biggest club in the world Liverpool would have moved on from this but it seems being pegged back by Everton has left a mark. Pity that the ''Fab Four'' or your ''SAS'' or whatever cringe-worthy title the backward pond life in the Kop are calling them aren't doing the business, imagine if you'd have sold Coutinho and re-invested rather than keeping him against his will for another term.