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  1. After spending money doing Hampden up a couple of years ago, I can’t see Scotland moving any time soon. It’s nice to have a national stadium for big games like cup finals but playing International games at one stadium just turns a country into a club. England are a basically a London club, with, mainly, the most followers living in and around London.
  2. Graham Potter would never have got a job in the Football League immediately, he’d have had to start in non-League.
  3. These names aren’t appointing themselves, it’s a case of club owners with a lack of ambition other than to stay in the Premier League and it is the Stoke’s, West Ham’s and Everton’s who should be getting slated, not these managers.
  4. Reality TV; I'm A Celebrity

    Massive shame that macho mysoginist bully Jamie got as far as he did.
  5. Retired Players - What They Look Like Now

    Isn’t this just “ex-footballers who got fat”? Que Neil Shipperley appearing soon.
  6. What a terrible game of Football that was. If Sutton are the top of the league, that shows how absolutely fucking dreadful that League is. The game was a terrible standard and an even worse level of entertainment. It’s quite sad that, with a straight face, someone near me said “this ain’t Solihull Moors or Guiseley, this is Sutton United, what a result this is”. Deadly serious. Sutton United? This is a team that was playing in the seventh level of English Football a couple of years ago. I won’t be back to Orient in a hurry. I got no enjoyment out of that and if anything, I was bored.
  7. The chances are incredibly slim but a win against Freiburg can give Köln some hope and an opportunity to double their points tally for the season.
  8. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    That is already televised.
  9. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Is Aberdeen v St Mirren the best tie out there? Arguably Motherwell v Hamilton is a better tie and I'd personally rather see Albion v St Johnstone, too.
  10. Could Bundesliga Lose 4th CL Spot To Ligue 1 in 2019/20?

    Well, no, probably not. It clearly states in the first sentence that this is the first time it's happened, so the chances are probably quite slim.
  11. 9th December and I'm going to my first Orient game of the season and in truth, I'm hoping the weather is terrible tonight and it's called off because of a frozen pitch. Game of the weekend is Luton v Notts County, 1st v 2nd.
  12. Reality TV; I'm A Celebrity

    Awful of Dennis to say he was doing it as a game plan, what a smug little twat he is. Hope the arse falls out of his property business.
  13. 200 ouf 380 to be televised, so potentially as few as 180 ‘traditional’ Saturday 3pm kick-off’s, which is very roughly an average of 18-19 per month. Good luck to away fans in the future.
  14. Reality TV; I'm A Celebrity

    Hope Jamie, Amir and that patronising little Dennis get a good beating when they get out of there for the way they’ve treated Iain.
  15. Unpopular Film & TV Opinion

    Ant & Dec aren't funny in the slightest. Inbetweeners was shit.