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  1. "All the Everton fans should be booked"
  2. That's a good draw for us, I honestly wouldn't have minded Real Madrid but Porto should be a very good test for us defensively. I just hope we don't throw away a big lead during the tie because we can't afford to make the same mistakes in the knockout stages.
  3. Marcos Alonso

    He can't be worse than Moreno though surely.
  4. Reality TV; I'm A Celebrity

    I've been watching this since the start, It's the only reality show I actually like. Toff had this wrapped up since the first week, She's obviously a nice girl and looks really fucking good without makeup on however her constant smiling and acting like an innocent little girl came across a bit fake for me.
  5. Marcos Alonso

    Didn't realise Chelsea fans were so fed up with him, I thought he was one of the best left backs in the league but I haven't seen Chelsea much and just go off what pundits are saying. Not a surprise that they're talking shite as usual.
  6. Here comes Aaron Lennon, We're truly fucked.
  7. They've literally hoofed the ball every single time they have had it
  8. I know Everton's backline is awful but I have a bad feeling about this derby for the first time in a while, We will probably smash them now but I don't feel as confident about beating these as I should. I just hope that prick Rooney doesn't score a memorable goal that helps them win, imagine.
  9. Read the full interview, The worst part is were he refers to himself in third person. What a bellend.
  10. It's pretty disgraceful to lose so heavily to this Everton side, Moyes continuing to steal a living.
  11. Salah just doesn't stop does he? If he keeps this up he could break all sorts of records.
  12. Friday 10th November - England 0-0 Germany

    Draxler, Sane & Werner their entire front line just shit the bed.