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  1. No, this is all about Liverpool Football Club improving over last seasons finish thanks to the signing of Salah. The only way for them to prove that without question is to finish higher than the previous season. Up to now Salah is doing his bit, no question on that, clearly the signing of the last window in this country. Its the rest of the players who need to step up, and, from what I read of some who report on Liverpool, plus a few fans, the manager needs to take his head out his ass n decide if you are a PL team or a CL. Spreading a thin squad over two competitions rarely pays off. From what I have seen of them Liverpool can better last seasons position. If Salah keeps bloody scoring you will have every chance.
  2. Chelsea Discussion

    I hope you are right on Michy as the rumour's currently being banded about would have you believing he wont be at the club in January. Makes one wonder if Hazard will lead the line himself or even one from left field... Moses leads the line We will see in a couple of hours.
  3. Bloody Hell you got it! No if's buts or deluded excuses.... Finish higher than last season. It may happen
  4. Liverpool Discussion

    Come on Doc, you cant smile at Lukaku one minute, then take offense at SlippyG the next. Even the Police know Slippy was funny for EVERYBODY bar the Deluded Army.
  5. You are far too easy me ol Love Say hello to Kermit n Miss Piggy for me
  6. That's not my fault. It's quite simple, finish higher than the previous year in the Premier League and then without question, you have improved.
  7. You feel you win the CL?
  8. Liverpool Discussion

    Everybody smile now
  9. Yes it does. What you describe is about opinion, where's the table is a truth. It's that simple
  10. Are yes, the question I asked of you which you refused to answer and confirmed in my mind you are a Muppet. Ironic you would attempt to use that question to back you now. Salah doing brilliantly, Liverpool no better than last season.... See you at the end of the season
  11. With the greatest respect Stan, that's total Bollocks.... It's all about what you do, not anyone else. They were the 3rd best last season, to improve they have to finish higher. No if's or buts, it's that simple
  12. How Dumb are you? Kane was a player when they finished 2nd, Salah wasnt a player with Liverpool when they finished 3rd and you guys said he will improve you. Finish higher than your previous seasons finish and you have improved... It's that simple and not my fault you guys dont like the HUGE FUCKING HOLE in your boast he would improve you. I'll see you all at the end of the season!
  13. Chelsea Discussion

    300M ..... You and your half filled Glass
  14. Marcos Alonso

    I was a fan of Le Saux. Outstanding going forward, more than adequate defending when his above average speed got him out of trouble. His left hand side partnership with Babayaro was a highlight of that team which produced most of our attacking. He would be 2nd only to Ashley for me and to add to that Babayaro would also be in the mix of top 5 left backs. Gallas was a CH who got pissed at playing LB which contributed to his moving. He and John were the best pairing of CH I have seen in 40 years of watching all football.
  15. Marcos Alonso

    Luke, What about Asier del Horno?