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  1. Improvement in our defence is huge so far. Still a few issues, Salah should have scored that header and Mane's terrible decision but in the main we were solid. Never ever going to go to Anfield and either play ourselves or try and let them play to their strengths. In the end, poor decisions from Klopp and one from Lovren let them down. In terms of us now, Niasse starting games has to be over with. We need a new left back. And Kenny has been great lately.
  2. It most definitely wasn't "gone" that day. There was celebrations long after full time.
  3. Fella, your end was fucking bouncing at full time when Sturridge scored in the 3-3 game. Wind it in.
  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHahahahahHahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahhahahahahahahahahahhaa THE BALL THE BALL NE NEVER TOUCHED THE BALL WE GOT A POINT ON A SUNDAY NIGHT AND AND WE NEVER TOUCHED THE BALL
  5. Praying for snow tonight to delay this beating by them meffs for a few weeks.
  6. Good to see a few kids playing. Hopefully Lookman continues with that level and starts getting more games. Great trip as well.
  7. FA Cup 2017/18 - Third Round Draw

    Friday night please.
  8. Seen that film plenty of times under Moyes. Good results for us today. Can enjoy the midweek trip more now.
  9. I don't think he denied an obvious goal scoring opportunity, not that far away from goal and with Bellerin near.
  10. Great awareness from Ramsey.
  11. Shite first half. Better in the second, DCL deserved his goal, worked well and a great assist. Rooney looked good again in the deep role but Kenny and Holgate our best players. Even Williams and Martina were OK. In terms of Allardyce, not much changed from Wednesday night yet. Good sub with Keane though to get his head on them long balls from Huddersfield. They looked poor. Very little going forward.
  12. You've got to put a little more into these fella.
  13. Welcome to your biggest club, Sam.