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  1. Wolfsburg 1-2 Leipzig Freiburg 0-1 Gladbach Hamburg 1-1 Frankfurt Mainz 1-2 Dortmund Hoffenheim 3-1 Stuttgart Bayern 4-0 Köln Hertha BSC 2-1 Hannover Schalke 2-0 Augsburg Leverkusen 1-1 Bremen
  2. Week 17 Fixtures

    Burnley 0-0 Stoke Crystal Palace 1-1 Watford, 20.00 Huddersfield 1-3 Chelsea, 20.00 Liverpool 3-0 West Brom, 20.00 Man Utd 3-1 Bournemouth, 20.00 Newcastle 1-2 Everton Southampton 0-0 Leicester Swansea 0-3 Man City Tottenham 3-1 Brighton, 20.00 West Ham 1-1 Arsenal, 20.00
  3. Why does Mourinho always think he gets to tell people to stop celebrating? If they did what the Spanish did after beating Germany then fair enough but them playing music in their own dressing room seems normal. Had a go at Conte once for being happy with a win. Saying that though, Ederson was definitely out of line to throw milk at Mourinho (even though it sounds funny). Lukaku should be in proper shit though, who the fuck punches Mikel Arteta!? Lukaku's an absolute twat as well in interviews, properly has his head up his ass. Throw him in jail.
  4. You've just set up @LFCMadLad to reply with "Who's number 1? ".
  5. Lack of focus right at the start of the game again, you'd think we'd have learnt from last week but instead probably thought that it's Southampton and they hate attacking so the same thing won't happen. Sanchez playing for himself again for the most part as well. Man City are gonna win the league anyway so hopefully they stupidly drop us at least £20m for him in January. As for the "Manchester" derby, it went the way most thought it would. Was hoping for a Man Utd win so the title race didn't totally die this early but Mourinho is their manager, Herrera is a twat and Lukaku, Pogba, Lingard all twerk when they score so can't be too sad at them losing. Usually the second season is the title winning season for Mourinho and the third is him burning everything down. Will be interesting to see how his time at Man Utd goes now.
  6. Week 16 Fixtures

    Burnley 1-1 Watford Crystal Palace 2-1 Bournemouth Huddersfield 1-0 Brighton Newcastle 0-2 Leicester, 17.30 Swansea 0-0 West Brom Tottenham 1-0 Stoke West Ham 1-1 Chelsea, 12.30 Liverpool 2-2 Everton, 14.15 Man Utd 0-0 Man City, 16.30 Southampton 0-1 Arsenal, 12.00
  7. Stuttgart 0-1 Leverkusen Dortmund 2-1 Bremen Leipzig 3-1 Mainz Frankfurt 0-2 Bayern Hamburg 1-1 Wolfsburg Gladbach 1-1 Schalke Köln 1-0 Freiburg Hannover 1-3 Hoffenheim Augsburg 0-0 Hertha BSC
  8. A sporting ban for recreational drugs is ridiculous.
  9. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    I genuinely, completely forgot about the Ballon d'Or until after the winner was announced and everyone started going "THEY'RE TIED ON 5 NOW!!!". It's an award and like all awards, it doesn't mean much.
  10. President Trump

    It'll be the same as always. "Those immigrants are really making life difficult".
  11. So he's admitting he didn't send off Tottenham players because they're media darlings and the media would make him a target. This shouldn't be something that's just brushed off, people think Dier's a good footballer instead of a dirty bastard because of this.
  12. Shearer just said Man Utd showed they were just as good as Man City... Do these cunts even bother to watch the games they're analysing?
  13. I still genuinely think the worst thing about the game was Lingard being an embarrassing and cringeworthy twat with his celebrations.
  14. Look forward to listening to pundits suggest that giving up 30 shots on goal was part of Mourinho's master plan and how he was tactically spot on...