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  1. Marcos Alonso

    I'd have Alonso above Del Horno easily.
  2. Marcos Alonso

    About to mention him, I'd throw him above Alonso as well but I was very young and remember very little of him performance wise. One I'll ask my Dad for. Or @Bluewolf @The Liquidator
  3. Marcos Alonso

    If you're judging the full backs on their performances for Chelsea, then fair enough, I agree with your list entirely. I was taking into account less their performances in a Chelsea shirt but more the overall quality of the player. One of worse things we did in recent years was getting rid of Filipe who has been one the key attacking players for Atlético Madrid, he struggled at times in a Chelsea shirt but overall never got enough playing time, he would have worked well in our current system. Filipe never got sufficient game time in which we could judge him more fairly, it was always games here and there. Quality player. Azpi was also a left back for us for a couple of years.
  4. Marcos Alonso

    Quality order. I'm probably doing a dis-service to Alonso with having Baba there and Zhirkov, Baba has barely played and wasn't in Conte's plans, we still don't know what sort of level he is. Furthermore, it's probably a fair point that Alonso has offered more to the club compared to Zhirkov but if Zhirkov was at the club instead of Alonso when Conte came in, I'd argue Zhirkov would have offered more. If we're looking for other positives (I'm scraping the barrel here) about Alonso it's his height which you have to say in this league is a factor.
  5. Marcos Alonso

    1. Ashley Cole 2. Filipe Luis 3. Ryan Bertrand 4. Wayne Bridge 5. William Gallas 6. Zhirkov 7. Baba Rahman 8. Marcos Alonso
  6. Messi will score his first against us.
  7. Yeah, we're getting PSG.
  8. Yeah, La Liga is full of little gems like him, it's what makes this league great.
  9. Great example of a change of pace. Slow build up, then Messi ups the tempo about 100mph and they score. Messi FC. The best in the world, league above Ronaldo. The Ballon D'or is a joke I know but if it actually goes to the best player in the world, it goes to Messi. Every week a class above.
  10. This Barcelona team player wise really bores me, apart from Messi, there's only really Busquets that provides class, I like Umtiti but he's still just a centre back. Watching Rakitic is aids. If Barcelona continue like this, there's a good chance Villarreal will win this game, Barca are passive and slow at times in the press and Villarreal are intelligent when they have the ball, the direct passes from the home team (because of Barca's poor pressing) is taking out the majority of the Barcelona team. Bakambu's hold up play has also been very good. Just depends if Villarreal take their chances, the only danger (and it's a big one) for Villarreal is Messi, the result depends solely on whether he produces some magic which he usually does.
  11. Or do we rely too much on him? There's always scapegoats when we don't perform but collectively we were very poor today. Everyone was, tactically we were and performance wise we were. People point to the 15/16 season where Hazard was not performing but the reality was nobody was so don't understand why he gets more stick for that season than others. What I do know for certain is that when the collective perform that carries certain players in this team and when the collective don't those certain players continue to get away with being average. Nothing's changed since last season. Rather than criticizing Hazard who carried us to the title in Mourinho's second spell (the only player in that season to perform consistently more or less throughout) and who was a significant part in the title win last season, we have those names (we know who)...who are just not very good. This sounds petty coming from a Chelsea fan (given the amount we've won in the last decade) but why aren't we a Bayern Munich, a Barcelona, a Real Madrid? We should be given our resources. Can someone please please please provide me with a clip that shows a bit quality that Alonso has delivered from that left wing back position. Please? I don't want to see a free kick or a shitty goal against Spurs that Lloris should have saved.
  12. Example today of what pressing high against us at least for periods in the game can cause us a lot problems. West Ham have been very good but the problem with Moyes and them is that they’re likely to retreat more and more as the game goes on. First half they were already too deep at points, haven’t seen a team play that deep at home in a while. West Ham have been good but at the same time we haven’t started playing, very poor from us first half. It’s a game for Pedro this, need his link up play and shooting threat in and around the box.
  13. Joe Hart Signs for West Ham (on loan)

    Hart was terrible at the Euros, I'd probably replace him for the tournament but yeah perhaps need to be careful when we bring the new keeper in.
  14. Christmas

    Yeah love Xmas and looking forward to it. I've been living in Seville since September and back home for two weeks or so over Xmas. Considering the weather we have in England in the summer and especially taking into account the last summer we had, I would now go as far as saying that winter is the best time of year, London for me is class in and around Xmas time. I'm looking forward to spending time with family and mates and to be back to going to the football as well.
  15. Chelsea Discussion

    ah OK. Nobody's slagged him off on here, more they've pointed out his poor performances but know there's a potential good player there and know the fact that he needs time. It's in response to some of the abuse he's been getting from other Chelsea fans. He took a while to get going at Monaco as well and it wasn't until last season that they saw the best of him there. He could turn out to be shite after a few years but he deserves some time. I for example see a very good player there but what I think is going to be more important with regards to his performances in the near future and over the next few years is him staying fit and being free of the demons of his injuries.