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  1. We are awful and individual pathetic shitness it costing us. We miss the leadership of Lascelles big time. Very impressed with Leicester mind.
  2. Ashley and Staveley met over a curry last night to discuss the takeover. Still very much on after et a week of negativity.
  3. FA Cup 2017/18 - Third Round Draw

    The fact Man Utd v Derby will be televised is a fucking joke looking at some of the fixtures. Hope we go all out against Luton as it is a potential banana skin, they're doing well this season and scoring for fun. Would have been nice if Gateshead had beaten them yesterday as you can see their ground from ours and vice versa, would have been weird. Also wouldn't have minded a trip to Kenilworth Road, as old school as it gets probably.
  4. Was the guest at my under 17 Football team presentation in 2008. Decent bloke, firm handshake. I forgive you, Mark.
  5. The bottom of the Championship this season is worse than ever surely. Sunderland have won 2 games all season and aren't cut adrift. Birmingham have been absolutely woeful every time I've seen them. Cotterill is a terrible manager as well - his quotes after the match were laughable. "If it wasn't for goal line technology we might have got a point", that's the purpose of it you fucking useless spackacunt.
  6. What is a "real fan"?

    I wasn't disagreeing, was just giving my take. Should probably go to bed if anything like.
  7. What is a "real fan"?

    Like I have said on TFF many a time as well, when Newcastle win and you leave the ground you can feel the buzz around the place, you go in the bars and everyone is fucking delighted. Not because their football team has won, but because the city that it represents has won and the people that it represents have won. Especially big games, Derby games and the like. It is so much more than the 90 minute Football match. I stated on the last page that I am past the stage where I used to discredit people's reasons for supporting a team and labelling everyone plastic, but I will never understand how anyone can claim to love a football club, or care to the extent as mentioned above. You can't buy that and you can't ever feel like that unless you simply are born into it I feel.
  8. What is a "real fan"?

    الحصول على مارس الجنس
  9. What is a "real fan"?

    I don't see how it's embarrassing. I'd rather read this thread than a thread where people are using Google translate to talk a load of old bollocks in a language they can't speak.
  10. What is a "real fan"?

    I have been immature in the past on TFF, digging people out and accusing them of not being real fans, or being plastic cunts was more likely the terminology that I opted for. At the end of the day you can support whatever club you want, people pick clubs to support because there are none local to them, at the end of the day should they just not be allowed to follow football? I am a believer though that you either get it or you don't. It isn't all about going to matches or travelling the country watching your team. It is about what it means when you win and how much it hurts when things are going awfully. For example I was at Old Trafford a fortnight a go, we took the lead and it was like being on cloud 9, absolute bedlam, literally felt in top of the world. The other night we scored a late equaliser after being 2-0 down to West Brom. Not even a huge game or a hard game but literally all of my problems in life were forgotten for the short period of time after the goal went in. And then an example of the opposite is when we drew 1-1 with Leeds on Good Friday, battered them and then conceded a last minute equaliser. Felt like being stabbed through the heart. Literally did feel like the world was over and that we had fucked up the promotion. I was being an absolute drama queen looking back but in the heat of the moment the extremes of football are ridiculous. You either feel like that or you don't. Whether it makes you a real fan if you don't invest that much emotion into your club or not I don't know. But if you don't witness that high or that low pretty much every week you are missing out.
  11. The man who made me actively want the football club I was brought up to love and support to lose. Good luck Albion fans. The thin lipped old cunt.
  12. As for Brighton I used to like them as a club. Now I see them as having the most boring, plastic support in the country. Should read some of the shite on Twitter, one bellend saying how Palace fans are a disgrace with all of the pyro because it could cause people to think its terrorism. Aye because Jihadi John loves setting smoke bombs off. Proper weird fan base.
  13. Happy with a point considering we have looked tragic recently and considering we were 2 down. Aarons and Mitro changed the game, would like to see both given a run in the team. We need Lascelles back asap as we have been all over the place since he got injured. Thankfully Merino is back though even if he was poor tonight.
  14. Feels like the end of the Ashley era, I don't think he is going to accept the bid - Craig Hope has already said as much, but it's a positive sign that the due diligence went well and that the interest is genuine. Hopefully we are sold by January. Like I say this is the first time it feels like the end of Ashley, not just smokescreens and bullshit.
  15. Glad someone said it before me.