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  1. I called it earlier this season, Everton is the new QPR
  2. Asides from bottom half clubs, there's 0 flair in midfield currently, Herrera doesn't go past players, only Matic tries to and he's not even that kind of player, Pogba brings a lot to utd and it's clearly obvious now, he brings calmness, composure, long passes and shots at oppositions goal, he is their main man in the team and without him has been very obvious, just like how Kante is for Chelsea
  3. QPR all over again, I called it earlier
  4. Top 3

    Lol, since when does pre season count for anything!?
  5. Safe to say Everton is the new QPR
  6. How was Ileanacho when he came on? Was he what you guys wished for?
  7. All I saw was Chelsea parking some insane bus and City doing all the playing, nothing tactical Hazard? what's up with Hazard not even trying to have a go at players? all he did was turn around on a spot And they say Kante is one of the best in the league
  8. Damn, the argument isn't about who is the best coach, I never said Ferguson was the best, we are talking about what determines a coach being named as one of the best and I said that's a factor, now if you think I am talking about the number one coach in the world then you are barking up the wrong tree because he is retired and this isn't about Ferguson! P.S. he's one of the greatest coach ever by the way so let's not get that twisted
  9. I just checked Wikipedia and only 2 have won 3 champions league Paisley and Ancelotti, rest is on 2 so yeah, seems to me 2 is good enough to get you in that bracket!
  10. Well, how many coaches have 3 or more champions league trophies as a coach? Just because we see coaches racing into getting 2 doesn't mean they will get the 3rd one! Anyways, back on topic, I think Ancelotti lost it after his first season at Madrid and I really thought his many management was gonna make things work at Bayern but the exact opposite happened, I think Klopp is the favourite for the job long term, they've always admired his work ethic at Bayern
  11. Actually, he does, just didn't work out for him, he has said it multiple times about wanting to stay at one club for a long time but right now in this era, it is difficult to achieve that, player fallout with coaches, coaches fallout with board members or owners, etc My point is longevity goes a long way in cementing your status as a top coach, even Conte said something about wanting to take Chelsea to their new stadium and Pep saying something about loving the squad at his disposal and can see them acheiveing great things in the next few years
  12. Lol, actually, it doesn't, he built the team and made them what they are today! I wouldn't blame Pep or Mou or Conte for wanting to stay in a club for over 10 years, infact, those coaches usually say they want to stay at a club for an extended period of time to build their own legacy, so yeah, your longevity is also a factor
  13. Di Matteo is a top manager then? I think having at least 2 league titles in two different countries with at least 2 champions league would get you recognition at least, then player development, building a club like a fortress, tactical prowness... will cement a coach status as one of the best
  14. Liverpool Discussion

    But but they can go on to win it you know?