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  1. Queer is mostly used as a catch-all for people who aren't heterosexual, so in the context of the abbreviation it essentially means "etc". That of course doesn't keep people from adding new letters to it with varying degrees of success (intersex and asexual are commonly seen) but that is one of the wacky side-effects of trying to form a collective identity around an atomized and individualistic demographic.
  2. Magazines

    I occasionally buy Nat Geo when I have a long plane or train trip ahead. When I was still in college I also read football and gaming magazines, but it's been years since I read one of those. For a while I collected underground music fanzines (mainly metal ones). It's a scene in and of itself, and you usually buy directly from the people who created it, so it makes for some interesting conversations. Sadly, there isn't too much quality out there and I barely keep up with music anyway, so now I'll just buy the odd one that looks like it has a bit of quality to it.
  3. Numbnuts of Planet Earth

    "You had Humans of New York/London/wherever, now you've got Numbnuts of Planet Earth." I thought they were the same
  4. Powerful Pictures

    I personally always like photos (or paintings) that take into consideration the passing of time. This is an example that comes to mind:
  5. ^The prosecution was a total mess. Witnesses in the court admitting they got bribed into giving false testimony. Other witnesses claiming to have gotten orders from commanders who, when pressed, they couldn't even tell what they looked like. I remember that, back in the day, even some of his vocal opponents said he was being prosecuted for the wrong stuff/in the wrong manner. From the trial footage I've seen, I wouldn't surprised if he had been acquitted, if he hadn't died while it was still ongoing. It looked amateuristic at times, which is even more shocking when you consider that Milosevic did his own defense, which would normally translate into a field day for the prosecution.
  6. Mladic is at least someone who deserves punishment. The Milosevic trial was a total sham, though.
  7. Breaking News - General Chat

    The hero we don't deserve
  8. FIFA

    Yeah what the fuck is up with that. Not only PSG, but I notice a lot of teams bench their best players.
  9. FIFA

    Strangely, Man Utd is very good in my run. I only beat them once so far (which was in the CL final though). I agree the CL is too easy. I find it much easier to win than the FA Cup, for example. The two-legged knock-out system can help you recover from the occasional bad match. Really the biggest challenge is winning the final purely because it's just one game.
  10. FIFA

    Won the EPL and, hilariously, the Champion's League with Tottenham. Things suddenly went very well when I switched from a 4-4-2 system to a 4-3-3 system. The only problem now is that I don't really know what to do with Harry Kane. Bas Dost (who I got from Sporting) seems to be the better goal-scorer, so he plays in the centre while Kane plays on the right. But he rarely makes goals or even assists now as I prefer to build attacks on the left (where I have Son and Draxler). He's a 25-year-old player with 88 avg., so I could just sell him for a 90-100 mln euros, but I wouldn't really know who to get instead anyway. In other developments, Barcelona bought Toby Alderweireld, but he can easily be replaced by either Sánchez or Dier, who are both much younger. I actually preferred this option because it requires me to do less rotation to keep everyone happy. I also took the job of coaching Canada, but I was eliminated in the group stage of the World Cup. Now I don't know whether to continue or find a better country, as Canada doesn't seem to have much in the way of promising new players.
  11. FIFA

    Yeah it's weird. I only notice this on higher difficulty but after beating Arsenal 2-0 I can just as well lose to Southampton 1-2.
  12. FIFA

    Interesting things keep happening as the season goes on. Sold Dembele to Barcelona (so now I guess they have 2 of them), and used the money to buy Draxler from PSG. I lost a few important matches in the league, but I beat Chelsea 3-0 in the FA Cup Round of 16, and in the first knock-out match of the CL I beat Barcelona 1-3. My priority is still winning the league, but seeing as I'm 2 matches away from the FA Cup final I might as well go for that at well. CL seems a bit too much for now, despite giving Barcelona a thrashing.
  13. Possible Coup in Zimbabwe

    The only people who deserve the Gaddafi treatment are the ones responsible for Gaddafi getting the Gaddafi treatment.
  14. Possible Coup in Zimbabwe

    It'd be funny to see Mugabe brought to the Zimbabwean equivalent of justice for being a decadent kleptocrat of the highest order, but I doubt that what comes next will be much of an improvement
  15. FIFA

    After some embarassing defeats (4-1 against Leipzig, 4-0 against Man Utd), my Tottenham got its shit together and I'm back on track with like 6-7 consecutive wins and only 1 goal conceded. As Cicero pointed out, having a fit defence is vital, and with Alderweireld (87) and Vertonghen (85) in the back I can't complain at all. The only problem is that Barcelona is after Alderweireld, so I'll have to hold them off or look for a replacement.