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  1. Shocking start should be 3 down
  2. Hargreaves can't get to the game because if snow
  3. I think utsmd will win today. City not in the great form they were and I think utd will have enough defensively. City will probably have about 80% percession
  4. Walking football

    I knew when you replied I was going to get a really helpful comment
  5. Arsenal Discussion

    I wonder if Joachim Low might be available after the world cup. Anyone think he could do a good job?
  6. Walking football

    Has anyone ever played it? I've never really played football since school and even then it was just a kick around. I couldn't play proper football but I have heard that people can play walking football even when they haven't played before.
  7. What is a "real fan"?

    We're not all like Dan you know I don't think you can really say what a real fan is. We're all pretty tame by John Portsmouth's standards. Football is entertainment. If people don't like football they don't support it. Nobody has an obligation to support their local club you can support who you want and you can go to a game when you want. It isn't anyone else's place to tell people who to support or tell them they are not a real fan.
  8. Leaving A Football Game Early

    Well I rarely get to watch Arsenal and when I do I have to travel from Bristol so I never do. Anyone who has been to the emirates knows what it is like at the end of the match the que to the tubes is crazy but I stay till the end. I suppose if you were going every week it would be different
  9. Most managers have a similar record though to be honest. If your taking on teams with similar resources it's hard to stand out.
  10. Well he probably got lost in the moment to be fair
  11. I am against diving. But I do agree that sometimes players need to go down otherwise they wouldn't get a penalty that they should get. But when they dive like tom dailey that is to much.
  12. Yeah I don't think conte does talk about other managers much. I can't remember him saying things about other managers. I think he has conducted himself quite well. I think he's quite a likable guy
  13. I think it does make a difference more if you play away because you can loose a days training and especially if you are in somewhere like Russia the flight will be tiring. But even if you are at home an extra game means more training so less recovery time. Players not in Europe might get an extra day of. I think extra games ware player's out mentally more than physically.
  14. They have all been quite impresive. Newcastle the least because they have a bigger budget. Hopefully Brighton and huddlesfield stay up. Wouldn't care if Newcastle went down but I doubt they will.
  15. Anti-World Cup 2018

    We hate Germany. Who don't care.