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    Football fans have never not been poisonous and toxic though, have they? The 80’s were considered the halcyon days of hooliganism in the England and Wales, the 90’s still had its moments on that front, England fans started this millenium by wrecking Charleroi at Euro 2000 and there’s been quite a few incidents since then. However, I think there’s two points within Cannabis’ opening post. The bit about Football fans being poisonous, which I’ve talked about above and a secondary point about the relationship between Football Clubs and it’s fans. In terms of the relationship between Football Clubs and it’s fans, the relationship between the two, at most English professional clubs, is broken, breaking down or non-existent. Football fans are merely customers now and there are opinions and concerns are not really taken into consideration by clubs these days. It’s quite easy to see why people are so disengaged and disenchanted with their Football Clubs when you read about how fans are treated and from our own personal experiences at Football in England. Once disengagement and disenchantment sets in, you see anger and toxicity breed like wildfire, which leads to what you see at some clubs. Social media also fans the flames of anger and causes no end of drama. It would an easy tap-in here to become xenophobic and have a go at Football Chairmen from different countries but I won’t because it’s not just owners and chairmen from outside of the UK who are causing there to be a breakdown in relationship between clubs and fans.
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    Don't understand how someone people want to play Alli in the central midfield. The bloke is practically a second striker.
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    Football clubs originally started as centres of working communities, who spent their weeks doing long days of very dull, alienating work for employers who didn't give a shit about them. At the weekend, they went and cheered on a team that they felt they had some personal stake in, that played for them and people like them. It gave them a feeling of being part of something real rather than just a monetised instrument of value - like another pair of hands in a mine or another number on the payroll. Now thanks to the influx of capital into the game and the accompanying wave of dodgy owners with no connection to the club or the community, fans have been commodified and alienated, just like people already are in every other part of their life. Football was born as a working-class local institution and now its just another asset on the books of dodgy businessesmen, massive international corporations, foreign oligarchs, or authoritarian states.
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    It is 2 more because they play Utd on that second game. Go to sleep @True Blue
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    Matchday 26 1) Rucksackfranzose 12 points 2) trago 11 points 3) 6666 9 points 3) Stan 9 points 5) Bluewolf 8 points 5) nudge 8 points 7) Tommy 7 points 8) RandoEFC 6 points 9) Viva la FCB 5 points Altough this has been an above-average week, only 4 predictions were perfect scores which is the shared least amount of perfect scores this season. Table after 26 matchdays 1) trago 190 points 2) Rucksackfranzose 168 points 3) Stan 165 points 4) Tommy 161 points 5) RandoEFC 157 points 6) 6666 156 points 7) nudge 155 points 8) Viva la FCB 143 points 9) Bluewolf 136 points 10) TrstnFCB 42 points 11) Bundesligafan93 30 points 12) londonerlilie 15 points 13) Eco 3 points 14) binder 1 point
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    I’ll probably fall foul of this at some point not because I’m abusive outright but because if I’m abused I fire back. So I have a small issue. If this is about the Man U fan that spelt like a a teenager texting, then I don’t think asking to post of a decent standard was out of order. I also think that she gave it out initially and running off and crying about it then leaving once she got it back was typical victim hood 101. I think threatening to ban over this is over zealous. I appreciate you want a forum where people can feel safe and don’t want personal abuse but I think you also need a forum where you can’t start telling long established members they need to watch their p’s & q’s when new members get uppity outta the gate and start throwing around insults themselves. If it was indeed this particular incident that has inspired this then I don’t think we’ve lost a solid member, I know you wish to grow but you must grow in the correct way with members who don’t just give it out and run off being a victim after. As l‘m giving straight as I see it I also found FOYM’s creeping akin to those type of blokes that loiter around feminism groups trying to arse lick their way into their knickers a bit seedy. Im not being contrary I’m just calling it as I see it, I’m not looking for a debate over this can staff just note my comments and take them on board when figuring out how best to manage the forum. Which granted I appreciate isn’t easy
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    Sniffles* Thanks everyone it means alot to have your support. I guess the easiest way to do this for those who don't know me is to show you this. Then I guess a few videos that encompass what I make, because I'm a little all over the place if you can't tell! So I guess if you want to see anything else you can check out the rest of my channel, I'll be updating this thread probably every other week with a new video because I aim to usually have something new out around that time span. Thanks again for the support everyone!
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    Saw some chat in the match thread about him but wanted to create a new topic anyway. Firstly on the basis of that discussion, personally have zero problem with his antics - and whilst some of the off the field stuff may have been unpleasant to say the least, his behaviour on the pitch is great. Everyone loves a player like that at their own club. Secondly, wanted to just highlight what a fantastic striker he's turned into. I was one of his biggest critics, but he won me over. He has pace to burn, great awareness and ability to spread the pitch, and is an excellent finisher, particularly when he doesn't have time to think. He's easily England's second best striker and a great option to have coming off the bench or playing up with Kane. I didn't think he'd be able to handle the step up, particularly how he struggled at times in the Championship, but he's grown into one of the best forwards in the league and I don't actually think he gets the respect he deserves now, for not just being this non-league to PL story, but to actually being a consistent Premier League forward that can win games for his side.
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    We start with Hazard against Roberto, Willian against Alba, and Giroud giving Pique flashbacks against Drogba, I'd say it's anyone's game. Conte saying the board lacks ambition, yet thinks a 0-1 defeat to City is a good result. Next 7 days could very well reveal his fate.
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    I mean whether he is 13 or not it's clear that he is faster and stronger than his peers. It's practically similar to being 18. He's obviously got talent but it's impossible to say how that will translate in a context in which he's playing with players on a physical par with him.
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    That's just an underlining symptom (one of hundreds) of what Smiley wrote and not at all the main reasons behind the change in sentiments and relationship ("relationship" being in italic because there is no traditional relationship anymore and only one of the fan being a customer nowadays) between club and fan. I think only maybe @Bluewolf on here due to age (maybe there are others but I think we may be alone) will remember (properly) what the relationship between club and fan was like years back. My memories go back to the late 70s because the mid 70s I can't swear to anything as I was way too young although that's when I was first taken to football by family. On top of it all mate, I was actually born and bred in the Arsenal area 'London N5' at a stone throw from either the old Highbury Stadium or the new Emirates Stadium. Even when I began to work and made my way in life I decided to buy my home in the area I was brought up in and decided not to move somewhere else. Only my 10 year stint living in Spain has broken that relationship on my part. But I can tell you many many stories about the relationship between Arsenal Football Club and the N5 area here in North London (Borough of Islington). The community spirit and how involved the club was while I was brought up in so many things that occurred in the area. I've also told in the past about how Arsenal would send £10 at Christmas to the more underprivileged families in the area and I've told of how as a kid (a Junior Gunner) I used to know every doorman on match days at the old Highbury and also the guard that stood by the doors of the Marbled Halls al dressed up smart in his navy long Royal army coat uniform. I've also told stories about how on weekday evenings when Arsenal would play the odd game us friends in the area would run to the stadium at halftime and the doormen would let us in for free where the older men in the stadium would put us on their shoulders because it was all standing then. By the way... Arsenal fans have always been moaners anyhow and as a 10 year ago while waiting to go into the stadium at the turnstiles you would hear the old men saying "we're shit, we're shit now, we were shit before and we'll always be shit"
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    Being spat at is absolutely disgusting, i'd rather get a punch on the stomach than a spit. At least you can fightback and get back at the cunt, but if you're spat at even if you knock that person out you'd still feel disgusted.
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    I would hardly call signing a previous multiple title winning, FA Cup and Champions League winning centre back a masterstroke 😂 You would expect some sort of return on someone like John Terry
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    Semantic overreaction and further gross misinterpretation. The neurological underpinning to it is what is easy. You are getting hung up on your own personal scale of particular adjectives. When the brain is in a relaxed and docile state only to suddenly become alerted to abuse, a threat, the pre-frontal cortex is not prepared, the science shows the amgydala and the mammalian brain fire up with significant brain activity. That activity over powers the pre-frontal cortex (responsible for reason and planning) creating this sensation Carragher describes as a "moment of madness". It is literally a moment in which you become a completely different person to your ordinary self. It doesn't last because activity in the amgydala subsides returning the pre-frontal cortex to control. In the court of law murder can be changed to manslaughter on the very basis of this neurology. The average man can go a long time, sometimes years, decades, without ever having their amydala fire in public in anything remotely similar. So of course you are not seeing it in your personal scale of "common". Like I said from the very beginning the act of spitting itself must come from an observation. You don't have to think spitting is ok for that to be the result of a split second mammalian override. What you do have to have observed and understood is that spitting is a way to get at someone. Then it will exist in your brain to be unlocked when the pre-frontal cortex is overridden. It is my opinion, having experienced the Tyne-Wear derby, that spitting is oft used move on both the front line and in general discourse about the otherside and that this can subsquently provide the necessary backdrop to spit at a Man utd fan. Note, these fans weren't spitting for the same neurology as I am talking about with Carragher. They were and do usually make a premeditated decision to do it. Don't blur the two.
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    It’s not the fault of the clubs. It’s societies problem. I need a keyboard to go into more detail but I can’t blame the clubs
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    For me, it's Cha Bum-kun followed by Hidetoshi Nakata.
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    There's a lot of Russia bashing going around and I'm using this thread to say this although it's slightly off topic (maybe quite a bit off topic ), but I'll use it anyhow because the media love to bash Putin and Russia. This week we have the official state visit by invitation of the Saudi Arabian Prince who is next in line to rule that disgusting regime. We are dignifying those scum bags that bypass women's rights, condone stoning of women for looking at another man, kill gay people, kill and hound believers of other faiths, condemn protesters of their system to crucifixion (YES CRUCIFIXION) blatantly committing genocide in Yemen and hundreds of other medieval actions where I'd be all day writing here and would have to forget to go off to work. This country is trying to somehow dignify Saudi Arabia and yet our establishment use the media to produce a propaganda machine to make Russia seem like the global Satan while looking to validate that disgusting regime in the Gulf area. I don't see any mass demonstration being organised on Social Media to protest against the Arab State visit like when Donald Trump was going to get if he arrived and anything Israel gets. It disgusts me!
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    His girlfriend is 18 and his father refuses medical evaluation of his age. I think that says it all, haha.