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  1. InSight: The jeopardy of landing on Mars 2 November 2018 The American space agency has released a video describing the perilous journey its InSight probe will make to the surface of Mars later this month. Fronted by Rob Manning, the chief engineer at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the film describes the various stages of what is termed "entry, descent and landing", or EDL. It is a sequence of high jeopardy. The agency produced a similar video for its Curiosity Mars lander in 2012 called The 7 Minutes of Terror. That became a viral hit. This one isn't quite so showy but is nonetheless very successful in communicating the drama of a landing on Mars. Launched from Earth back in May, Insight is still (Friday) a couple of million km from the Red Planet. The arrival time is fixed, says Tom Hoffman, InSight project manager at JPL. "We're going to land on November 26 at about 11:47 Pacific time (19:47 GMT) regardless of anything. That is, we're on a ballistic entry; we can't change it; we can't go back around," he told reporters this week. InSight is a static probe. In other words, it will sit still in one place; it will not rove around the planet like Curiosity and Nasa's other wheeled robots. It will be the first mission to focus its investigations predominantly on the interior of Mars. It is going to put seismometers on the surface to feel for "Marsquakes". These tremors should reveal how the underground rock is layered - data that can be compared with Earth to shed further light on the formation of the planets 4.6 billion years ago. The seismometer experiment is French-led. The European nation has provided the broadband sensors that will detect low-frequency vibrations of the ground, while the UK has contributed a trio of microseismometers, about the size of a pound coin, that will go after the higher frequencies. The British instrument was developed at Imperial College London and Oxford University. Its principal investigator is Prof Tom Pike. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46074794
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  2. Errrr they've won the champions league THREE times in a row.
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  3. Crown Jewel was special tbh. It is the strangest PPV I have ever seen. Vince is a BRAVE man. The world cup matches up until the final were fine, some were even good. All the boxes got ticked and there were some unexpectedly clean finishes. The US title pre show match was good and New day vs the Bar was by the numbers but good. Nothing special, but nothing bad so far. AND THEN Brock Lesnar beat Strowman in about 5 minutes. 0 german suplexes. 0 offence from Strowman. Just 2 f5s. An f5 from the ring to the floor, then 2 more f5s. Brock lesnar is the universal champion. I didn't like the idea of the belt going on Strowman, so I popped huge and had a big fucking laugh, my friends and I were shocked. What a brave fucking decision. The nuclear heat on the bookers right now is unreal. We thought that would be the 1 huge misdirection talking point of the night. Boi. We were wrong. In the best in the world final the Miz faced Ziggler. McIntyre was sent to the back before the match and the Miz started beating the shit out of Ziggler before the bell rang. Then, while jumping off the apron to the floor, the Miz injured his leg so bad he couldn't stand. The Miz. The guy who has never missed a match to injury, got keyfabe injured. The ref was about to award Ziggler a no contest win, when Shane McMahon, stepped in, replaced the Miz for the final, and beat Ziggler in 2 minutes to become the BEST IN THE WORLD It's actually an in joke amongst me and my mates that Shane is the best wrestler of all time, because he gets so many wins and so many big wrestlemania spots, but fuck me it was so bad it was funny. This is sharknado level shit. Shane o mac, who I love, and is one of the few attitude era guys who can still move, is the best in the world. Fuck me. Not even a wrestler. The balls on this company. The old men vs the old men was shit, it was always going to be shit, this fued would have been legendary 20 years ago, nostalgic 10 years ago and should have been impossible 5 years ago. Undertaker and Michaels can barely move. Kane and Tripps are part timers in a big way and are well on their last legs. This is a travesty tbh, and the fact this went on after the title matches an insult to the modern wrestling group of guys who work week in and out.
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