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    So you know him, I take it?... Nah don't think so. Really can't be arsed to have this "discussion" again, it's been going for years now. It's no secret Schumi was ruthless and always pushing the limits on track and was capable of dirty tricks in order to win at any price necessary; I don't think even his biggest fans ever denied that. 94 in Adelaide with Damon Hill and 97 in Jerez with Villeneuve as well as the qualifying incident in Monaco 06 are good examples of that. I won't dispute the 97 and 06 ones at all because they were indeed very blatant attempts to gain advantage unfairly, but both backfired completely and he didn't benefit from them one bit. Now let's take a look at the 1994 season. I love it how that video MUFC posted uses some certain facts to nicely confirm its claims yet conveniently leaves some other ones that do not fit into the narrative out. First of all, everyone who follows the sport for that long knows that all teams have always done their best to find a way around regulations and get an advantage, whether fairly or not; the general attitude was always along the lines of "it's not cheating if you don't get caught" and that's why we always had so many parts and systems deemed illegal and banned at some point. Now in that particular season such cheating was extremely rampant, and I don't doubt for one second that Benetton was one of the teams who did it but it's a bit weird that only they are being brought into the center of these allegations despite the fact that they were the only ones who actually got shafted with penalties and fines throughout the season while the others were not. What's even weirder is the fact that it's Schumacher who's being blamed for his team running allegedly illegal cars as if he was some sort of a mastermind behind that. Anyway, let's take a more detailed look at the specifics of these claims. Those fuel valves allegations - as it was found out later in that season, fuel filter tampering was done by all but 4 of the teams on the grid that year and Benetton's was only investigated because of Verstappen's car going into flames in the garage. Benetton was cleared off any cheating here. Launch/traction control - apparently was hidden somewhere in the software of the car but has never been proved to have actually been used (doesn't mean they didn't either). Meanwhile, Ferrari were caught running traction control at the Pacific GP and one of their drivers openly admitted it but they were let off the hook completely. McLaren were caught using an illegal fully automated gear shifting in Häkkinen's car but escaped without any punishment as well. Schumacher crashing into Hill in Adelaide was borderline for me but in fact Hill benefited heavily from Schumacher race bans earlier in the season - 3 of which were later deemed invalid as per the FIA's own rules - and that's the only reason he was anywhere near Schumi in Championship points in the first place. But nevermind, even if you take that one WDC from him because of the Hill incident and the allegations that Benetton had an illegal car, it's still 6 on his account that he won fair and square as the best driver all while helping build a proper team from a mess that was Ferrari and which then went on to dominate for almost a decade despite not winning a single one since the 70s. No controversies or British media narratives who always painted him as a ruthless German villain can take it away from him.
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    I agree that Carra shouldn't be commentating, but I don't think he should be commentating full stop. Neville does an excellent job of it and Carra is a great pundit, so just leave them in those positions. Last night it was too much Liverpool arse kissing, I enjoyed the interviews with our players myself, but I appreciate how it could fuck off the neutral.
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    Lol, I saw a flare but not a coconut...you must be drunk.
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    Decided to go for Rathvinden, Lake View Lad, Joe Farrell and General Principle (the latter considered a possible outside contender if things go for it). £2.50 e/w on the lot as this is the only decent bet I do all year.
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    Fuck my life. Nearly forgot. Southampton CUNT-CUNT Liverpool Bournemouth 2-1 Burnley Huddersfield 1-2 Leicester Newcastle 2-1 Crystal Palace Everton 2-1 Arsenal  Chelsea 2-0 West Ham
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    Been listening to some songs from the B52's lately... never really heard any of their stuff apart from 'Love Shack' quite amusing watching some of their old videos and terrible lyrics like " Underground like a wild potato, don't go on the patio.." been going round the house practicing the opening noise she makes on this one.. me and Leelah can't get it right.. looks like they had a decent laugh in their time.. wooooh ooooh wwooh ooooh... some catchy stuff
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    Does she have soft feet though? I felt disgusting writing that.
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    I hear a (tiny) bit of Bristol/Welsh in there.
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    I've nothing against Liverpool. My preference is City but if Liverpool win the whole thing, it wouldn't bother me and I'd say fair play to them. Again, they weren't anything special, but they did what they had to do and keep making City needing a result each game. But Sky Sports can fuck right off. The bias is getting more and more sickening for the neutral viewer. They have to stop Carragher from co-commentary on Liverpool games surely. He cannot remain balanced unlike his counterpart Neville. May as well be Sky Sports Liverpool.
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    They had 3 shots and 3 goals at Half-time. I'm sure Freiburg came out of the half highly unmotivated.
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    Well keep it coming please, your doom and gloom keeps giving us goals late on it seems. Please do it much earlier next match for my heart, I’m begging you
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    I can alwasy ask @Harvsky for a raise.
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    Not sure of the conversion rate these days, but if you've got a spare £20m or so, that might help us more? A plus point for tomorrow is that our relegation 'rivals' all have very tricky games, so there's potential to catch up. Oh, who am I kidding? 😂 It's irrelevant.
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    Happy to be utterly incorrect. The amount of anti-Liverpudlian bile from the south and Manchester has made me want Liverpool to win it now. Still thibk man city too good though.
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    Loved those interviews after the match. What a result. Would be a lot nicer if we could take control of games like City do, but like Dodger said, our squad is thin compared to them bastards. We are doing such a fucking excellent job of keeping up with the pace, and as cheesy as it may sound I'm proud as fuck of this team.
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    Literally every striker does something like that every single game across the country This made me laugh:
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    Pretty sure Liverpool are trying to give me a heart attack. Thank fucking Fowler though we've managed to take the lead and get a little cushion goal.
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    Lol but where’s he gonna go with a better chance of winning trophies than where he’s at now?! City? No, they don’t need him. Liverpool? Barca? Again, lol no. Real Madrid? Well they do need a striker, but surely they can do better than Lukaku. Juve? Nah. Bayern? Maybe, but I doubt it. PSG? Maybe, but again I doubt it. Those are the clubs where I think if you stay for at least 3 years a trophy is pretty much guaranteed (more likely you’d have several by the end of those 3 years). Everyone else has to fight for it. Particularly in the league in England in this day and age. Where to compete with City and the other big clubs flush with TV money you have to shoot for perfection and hope you don’t miss the mark too badly at the end of it. Unless he’s saying he wants to fuck off to Celtic. In which case, oh fair enough
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    Thinking that Nudge was a bloke does make this a tad odd now.... Anything you want to tell... any closets for sale??
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