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    A place where there are Leicester and Everton fans, and from next season, Arsenal & Manchester United fans too.
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    It's hilarious that Shapiro genuinely convinced himself he was smart after 10 years of "debating" Tucker Carlson and kids just out high school. Shapiro is an idiot's idea of an intellectual. He starts from insane and unfounded preconceptions about "Judeo-Christian" ethics and from there flies into even more batshit opinions. He's a racist and a religious fundamentalist cos-playing as a political theorist. He's also a midget that speaks like a Tickle-me Elmo just to put the cherry on top. He's like a little puppet in a suit that corporate interests have rammed their hand up the arse of because he gets internet edge-lords to vote. Also don't underrate the fact that he says that virginity is cool. That alone is enough to get quite a lot of people to rally around you.
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    Managed to land these tickets. Cant rotate the image because Rab cant handle the quality of my phone. The show started off 10/10. Then it went to an 8/10. Then before you knew it we didn't see Bekcy, Bayley or Rusev and we were watching 205 live. They did this weird thing where Charlotte walked to the ring. Got an absolutely brilliant reception because in the UK we love her. Then the lights went black and they played some feel sorry for Becky video, and we never saw her again. Pissed me right off. How can you have such a hot commodity and not even let her say something. Confused the audience and the crowd went flat after that. Which I imagine will show on the televised show.
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    Ben Shapiro is an intellectual fraud and seeing him utterly humiliated like this was great He wasn’t happy with the nature of the interview because he’s used to softball questions from American “journalists” that agree with everything he said. When asked to defend his ideological positions or explain things from his book that were inconsistent with things he’d said in the past, he just had an absolute meltdown. ”How dare you quote things I’ve said back at me, what a dirty interviewing tactic! I am famous you are just doing this to me because I’m famous!!!” is absolutely having a tantrum. He was ironically honest though when he said he has a whole website of stupid things he’s said
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    For this season at least. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48272656 Happy with that. Was hoping that he'd stay at least this season and give it a shot at going straight back up. Hopefully he'll help in a possible successor for the long term as well.
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    @The Artful Dodger Check out this website - https://www.effectivelanguagelearning.com/wp-content/w3tc/pgcache//language-guide/language-difficulty/_index.html_gzip
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    Intensive learning by immersion has been there for thousands of years... Benny Lewis certainly didn't invent it but he's definitely good at selling it as his own and marketing and promoting himself as a "polyglot" despite not being able to demonstrate a high level of fluency in most of the languages he claims to be fluent in haha. Just another guru-style bullshitter selling a product with a catchy slogan.
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    To be fair to Garth Crooks, he's a pioneer when it comes to his team of the week. I bet no one was smart enough to play a 3-1-1-5 formation before, but yes, this man has. Genius. Yeah, his team might not see any of the ball, or get overrun in midfield but that doesn't matter when you have 5 forwards up front. Does it?
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    I highly dislike flashcards altogether (including apps like Memrise); it's just not my language learning style at all and thus feels highly unnatural to me... Just wanted to give heads up in case Toinho or anyone else feels the same...
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    That's going to be an interesting save on FM20.
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    $10USD like new, didn’t check the postage... seen one locally for $24 so like 5 American cents the way our dollar is! Haha
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    Excellent stuff. She starts with accenting the guitars and then she runs the whole show, great vocal mastery.
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    I'd suggest putting Mafia in the thread title too mate.
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    I've got to admit... Here in England we can talk football till the cows come home. Where else on planet football could a debate get activity on discussing 7th place?
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    Happy birthday @Fairy In Boots If you're not pissed up watching the football on your birthday you've done it all wrong.
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    That's just how South Africans pronounce it anyway
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    This lady, Indila, came across my Spotify Radio station while I was listening to 'Foreign Hits' I had to Google her (She's French), and has an incredible voice.
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    It is impressive but let's see him go to a sleeping giant type club next. Take a Napoli, Liverpool, Milan, Dortmund type club to the top of their league.
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    Haven't updated this thread in a while. We've won the Europa League a 2nd time since I last updated, but it's been the same story in the league...PSG are too good. We actually challenged them for once last year though, finished 2 points behind I think. This season they won it with 3 games to spare, we came 2nd again, but...I'm here to talk about the CL... I only noticed this when I screenshotted, but every group game finished 1-0 Five wins and 1 loss took us through as group winners into the knockout phase. We got past Dortmund, Man Utd and Inter to make it to the club's first ever CL final. We played PSG in the Coupe de France final 3 days before the CL final (lost 2-0), which wasn't ideal, but our players fought through the fatigue and pulled it off. Perez scored after 16 seconds then his extra time replacement Sanogo came on and got the winner What makes me even more happy is we achieved this even with the officials against us. We had a player sent off in the quarter final 2nd leg and the final, both have since been rescinded.
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    What an odd comment. He gets spoon fed questions by his adoring, cretinous american followers but as soon as something slightly tricky comes up, he collapses. Shows himself to be an intellectual bully. Like much of the American right-wing. British conservatives would do well to stay far away from the Americans.
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    Shapiro is too used to debating American high schoolers.
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    I can't find a bad track on this album. One of the best of this century for sure.
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    Ben Shapiro, while I disagree with most of his opinions is a very well spoken and articulate man. Surprising for him to throw such a tantrum... actually he did pitch a fit when a trans-woman (albeit a fucking Marine) threated to beat him up.
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    The Algerian dialect is a mix of French and Arabic and it's really confusing to listen to because I understand the French parts then the Arabic comes I know a few words in Arabic (I don't know if it's normal Arabic or Algerian). These are the most useful ones... Fox = thaaleb (or tha3leb as they write it in Algerian) Onion = bassal I'll have no problems going to an Arabic country
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    Arabic alphabets are the second most widely used after Latin though there are many variations in other languages that burrowed the script but learning them makes you to read a lot more languages When it comes to Arabic language than there are so many dialects First there is the ' Fusha Arabic ' the old Arabic the one in religious scriptures, then the Levant dialect which itself has many versions Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian etc Gulf Arabic is distinct in its own way but its more uniform than Levant for say Egypt has a whole dialect of its own Then in further West Tunisia, Algeria, Libya form the North African belt of Arabic Moroccan Arabic is a mixture of French, Berber and Arabic even Arabs have difficulty understanding it, its like a whole new language