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    As the football season draws nearer we rely on everyone, especially members, to keep this place ticking over. Sometimes there can be a bit of a lull each summer but there's been plenty of action across the site so firstly thank you for that. For July, there were plenty of votes for this member as his input is never understated & always appreciated; his player knowledge is probably second to none. Never argumentative and always willing to engage in conversation and just comes across as a genuinely good bloke! It appears the summer months are when this member thrives as his last appearances in the top 3 for Member of the Month were June & July last year, where he came 2nd on both occasions. He's gone one step further this time with a clear win to become July 2019's Member of the Month. This month's winner is.... @El Profesor We managed to get a quick glimpse of his reaction as he was given the award: P.S Notable mention for his love for La Casa De Papal/Money Heist. Great programme! In 2nd and 3rd place were @RandoEFC and @Dr. Gonzo respectively. Keep it up everyone, football season begins again soon!
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    Was a solid player, who scored regularly (about every second match) in an sub- average team for Lautern II in RL Südwest but wasn't as convincing as in last season's 2.Liga , might be due to him being just 25 years old though. His biggest strengths are his pace and a good shot with his right foot.
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    Spot on, in other words, Bale is only there for the money and nothing else, I know as a United supporter we questioned why Antonio Valencia did not speak English, but give the guy his due he would appear for an interview with an interpreter beside him, why doesn't Real Madrid or maybe other clubs follow former United manager Louis van Gaal lead when he took over at United. Louis van Gaal orders Antonio Valencia to have English lessons... despite winger having lived in England for EIGHT YEARS Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia has been ordered by manager Louis van Gaal to take English lessons – despite having lived here for eight years. Van Gaal is determined his current squad, which includes a number of native Spanish-speakers, should all become fluent in English to help communication on the training ground and the pitch. Newcomers Angel Di Maria, Marcos Rojo, Radamel Falcao and Ander Herrera have all had twice-weekly lessons arranged for them alongside goalkeeper David de Gea, who is in his fourth season at the club, and Valencia, who first arrived in the Premier League to play for Wigan Athletic in 2006 before signing for United three seasons later. Di Maria and Rojo, who arrived this summer for a combined price of £75milion, barely speak a word of English and will take beginners’ classes together. It is expected that Falcao, who spoke broken English at his formal press conference unveiling on Thursday, and Herrera will be promoted to join de Gea in intermediate classes over the coming weeks. Valencia has asked for one-to-one tuition. It is ironic that Dutchman Van Gaal is taking a tougher attitude over United players adapting to life in England than either of his British predecessors Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes. Valencia is by nature a shy person and has never conducted an interview in English despite coming to the country at the age of 20. He has played 282 times for Wigan and United. Spanish international Juan Mata, who joined Chelsea in the same 2011 summer transfer window as De Gea came to England, has been judged to speak English well enough not to need additional lessons. The instruction for De Gea to brush up on his language skills is significant. The £18m Spaniard has improved greatly from a shaky start to his career at Old Trafford but communication in the United defence has never been as strong with him in goal as it was during the eras of Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar. Van Gaal’s move is sure to be welcomed by some United fans who are worried that the club are losing their traditional identity after spending £150m on new, predominantly foreign players this summer while letting academy graduates Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley leave. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2754932/Louis-van-Gaal-orders-Antonio-Valencia-English-lessons-despite-winger-having-lived-England-EIGHT-YEARS.html
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    So it's £20 to this place if Wolves come above Chelsea and £0 if Chelsea come above Wolves, for anyone wondering.
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    Sums the player up well, happy to sit around on the bench and now going to Russia... so glad Arsenal are not in for these kind of players anymore.
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    Congratulations enjoy the party and get pissed old style EI Professor And well done @RandoEFC & @Dr. Gonzo, you two can join in the fun and get pissed as newts also
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    1. I didn't know what I wanted to do for a long time so I just followed my best subjects, maths and economics through to university. This led me down the accountancy/finance route when I started thinking about careers but when i started talking to firms and employment agencies I realised the thought of sitting in an office for the next 40 years made me pretty anxious. I'd always had a passive interest in teaching but didn't think I'd be confident enough to do it until I had a bit more life experience. I decided to bite the bullet and go and train though. 2. Douglas, Isle of Man. 3. A Mirallas free kick against Aston Villa at Goodison Park. Late equaliser. 4. Jason Roberts scored from a long way out when we beat Blackburn 3-2 away. Howard should have done better though. 5. It ended pretty badly but overall I think Game of Thrones has been the best show I've ever watched. 6. I would have to marry @nudge to guarantee a lifetime of being allowed to watch F1 and other motorsports while sharing fine whiskeys, no contest there. I would give @Stick With Azeem a snog to go a bit more exotic and therefore avoid @Harry as he has a baby and I'm no home wrecker.
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    1. I think based on his problem solving mafia wars approach that @Harry would be the one to excel in his maths lessons and be the star student. @Toinho I believe would be the trouble maker. @Mel81x is the shy kid. @SirBalon is the show off, he would write every number as a word to make it look like he's written an essay when in actual fact he's answered a small handful of questions. I suppose that leaves @The Rebel CRS as the bully, sorry mate. 2. @Spike would be the funniest. 3. I love teaching any algebra really, it all fits together so nicely. Fucking around with metric and imperial units and converting between them is the worst though, so boring to learn, and to teach. 4. Differentiation. I still have to think twice when integrating sometimes even after doing a maths degree. 5. Not sure, eagles I guess. 6. Earthquake. A tsunami would drown the island I live on. 7. Lions, they are kings of the jungle after all. 8. Never seen either.
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    I've heard that joke so many times when nurses are drawing blood for donations now but it never gets old.
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    Thanks for participating @Mel81x!
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    Hope it becomes a reality. And today was all Armani, it's so important for a gk to be good at penalties in the cups.
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    According to the photographer Kym Illman: "I am standing on the track, in front of the cars. Just metres from them in fact. The thing is, this is not during the race this is when the cars come round to the back of the grid and stop. We are allowed on track and by heading to the back of the grid you can shoot with no one visible behind the cars. I used a 70-200mm lens."
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    Sometimes it makes you wonder if the writing under pictures on memes are actual facts. 'In the photo above, we see a Great White Shark bravely trying to save a seal from drowning'
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    They'd have some of your blood and then get sacked from work a week later for failing a drugs test...
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    Now official! Kohfeldt extends his contract until 2023! Brilliant news. Best manager we had since Schaaf and the future looks good again...
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    I see Taika Waititi I am interested.
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    Season 2 releases on 15th August. We finally have the trailer for the second season.
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    Found this and made me think of @MUFC
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    Athletico Paranaense, my hometown team, and River are playing tonight the first leg of the Recopa Sudamericana. After 45 minutes, Athletico is winning 1-0. Bruno Guimarães´s pass for the first goal was a beauty. He and Renan Lodi are great prospects.