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    Friday Buli action continues, here's your reminder: @nudge, @Viva la FCB, @Michael, @Tommy, @cb_96, @Eco, @Bluewolf, @6666, @Tzeentch, @londonerlilie, @binder
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    As long as the refs aren't doing the coding AI might actually work haha.
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    You might find this interesting: https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/tech-innovation/evs-to-enhance-var-through-ai/5138338.article
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    Obviously meant all of them apart from him
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    Barkley? Kinell. What has he done to deserve playing for England?
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    Nah, second choice keepers always play the game of their lives at Anfield. Always happens.
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    Should be a back-up goalkeeper for sure.
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    Abraham, Mount, CHO, Tomori and Barkley all called up for qualifiers.
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    Oleksandria vs St Etienne looks like an interesting tie from my personal perspective. The French side will be favorites, but I think that the Ukrainians from Oleksandria are more than capable of winning and causing an upset. I believe this is another game where there will be several goals and a win for Oleksandria will mean that they will be back in a serious position to qualify from this group. This will be a real test for them, but they should have some big support as they will be playing in the Lviv Arena which is a much bigger stadium than their own stadium. There is bound to be Ukrainians who support other clubs who will come along to the stadium to try and cheer Oleksandriya on. But Oleksandriya will have to be at their best to beat St Etienne. The Ukrainians drew 1-1 against St Etienne in France last time out, this time they will wish to go one better and win. It won't be a bad feat for one of the less illustrious Ukrainian teams if Oleksandriya do indeed earn the win. Either way, this should be an intense game, as both sides desperately need the win tonight to have any genuine chance of making the next round. PS I am currently in England, but I have already bought tickets for the Oleksandriya vs Woflsburg match which will be played on the 28th of November. I will be hoping that Oleksandriya still have something realistic to play for when that game comes round later this month.
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    I stopped reading at "Jacques" ...
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    I stopped reading at “Jacques Villeneuve believes”......
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    It’s true. I’ve seen it.
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    Just as quickly as you guys bash it at every moment, I think we're well entitled to call it when it goes right and works effectively. You can't have it both ways.
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    That was a stupid two footed foul by Amiri, the outcome could of been much worse for Arias. Luckily he didn't seem to be seriously hurt. But those are the kinds of challenges that can result in players being out for months.
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    I like it's usage in the A-League. I like that all decisions/replays are shown on screen and fans in the stadium aren't wondering wtf is going on or wtf are they checking. Sometimes decisions take a while still but we're not talking everything. Stuff actually gets checked while ball is in play so by the time it goes out of play, they're pretty much ready to make a decision. And refs are encouraged to check the monitor if required. I think VAR has improved over time in that league. As for the Premier League it's hard to tell. Only been a few months. The biggest improvement would be encouraging use of the monitor and not worry so much about 're-refereeing' which is one of their concerns. The whole idea of VAR is to re-referee things the on-field ref might miss so using a monitor won't change that. And communicate with fans better inside the stadium. I wonder if they could explain more, like in F1 for example. They name the drivers by car number so it's not exactly hard to do that on a football field either. Like 'potentially penalty for handball check against #8'. Instead of just 'penalty check' or 'red card check'.
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    Nottm Forest 1-0 Derby Barnsley 0-0 Stoke Valencia 2-1 Granada Monaco 3-1 Dijon Livingston 0-4 Rangers Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Levante (This is 1-1 by default, never known a team cost me so many bets by drawing 1-1) Juventus 2-0 AC Milan Marseille 2-1 Lyon Real Betis 2-1 Sevilla Seattle Sounders 1-1 Toronto
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    'Instagram influencer' is the most utterly dismal indictment of modern society I think. No wonder youngsters these days grow up so enchanted by social media likes and so terrified of their own reputation when tossers like this have so much bearing on them. I hate to sound old (I'm 24 FFS) but I am so glad I grew up just out of grasp of social media dominating your live. When you used to do something like go on holiday, that was it. You went, came back and told your mates you'd gone to Spain and that was it. Can't imagine feeling the need to document every last yard of it to stick on the internet and pray that someone cares enough to click a button. Must be so awful for kids these days. No wonder it fucks so many of them up.
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    It's certainly not anxiety. I would guess it's a mixture of something like depression and stress. I've let it fester for years now, ironically as it depletes my motivation to go out and do and sort things... I do sometimes think the mass 'opening up' society has had on mental health is doing more harm than good in some cases. It feels very forced, almost compulsory, like we all must have an experience and be open and honest and lay all our cards on the table absolutely right now - whilst this does lead to many people combating their demons, it runs the risk of exacerbating it in people who don't have that severe a problem, and also making those who feel unable to talk about it even more alone and isolated.
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    It really is such a shame that such a talented guitarist has been robbed of his ability to play for SUCH a long time. But in 1989 he was given 5 years to live after his ALS diagnosis - and he's still composing today. This track is cool because it's got so many brilliant guitarists on it.
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    In my everlasting quest to find an amp that I think sounds good at low volumes and... tbh, what I really want is something that feels like a valve amp, I've sold the 6505 combo (too fucking loud) & I've sold the Boss Katana 50 (was a tough decision tbh). I've decided I'm keeping the Mooer because, quite frankly, it's nice having a super versatile modeler - and it did everything the Katana 50 could do (and probably more tbh). And the modeler is probably how I'll go when I want to fuck around with new tones or experiment with new sounds... and I'll be plugging it into the FX Return part of the new amp I just picked up. But a lot of the time I just want an amp that's got a good base tone. Not too many effects really, a noise-gate & an overdrive as a boost maybe (found myself putting a tube screamer in 90% of the patches I made on the GE200 and the Helix, prior to those fuckers stealing my fucking Helix), my MXR 10-Band & delay in the FX loop and... that's pretty much it. So after several trips to various guitar shops fucking around with various "micro amp" heads - I think I've found the one for me finally. And I am very happy that it's much cheaper than the 6505 MH which I was leaning towards (although that amp might be overall the better choice for me). I just picked up the insanely tiny, insanely cheap (£149 new!) Orange Micro Dark head (basically a tiny version of the Orange Dark Terror) - it's got 1 valve in the preamp and a 20 watt solid state power section. They advertise is as being voiced for metal... but I'm not sure how accurate that is - it definitely needs an overdrive to give it a boost into utter brutality, but thankfully I've got one of the pedals I'll be using with this already. I like that it very much feels, sounds, and acts like a full valve amp - most of the hybrid amps I felt didn't have that same responsiveness as a valve amp. I also like how it sounds really good quiet... but if I crank the fucking thing up it definitely feels like an amp I could probably gig with if I wanted to. It's surprisingly loud & last night we ran it through my friends 4x12 cab to give it a little volume test and I was seriously impressed. And after blasting my ears off with it, I took it home and played around a bit at home at home volumes. I was told by my wife that the volumes I was playing at were perfect. And that really makes the purchase worthwhile because finally I can play at low volumes and get a tone I am happy with, without having to tweak a billion settings on the Mooer because for some reason what sounds good at one volume with that doesn't necessarily translate to what'll sound good. And with all of that valve responsiveness that guitar players love so much. The only thing I don't really like about it is the EQ knob really just scoops/boosts the mids and that's about it - minor problem though when you've got a 10-band EQ pedal though. But other than that, seriously impressed with this tiny little head with it's tiny little pricetag but it's massive tone. So now I'm borrowing a shite little 1x12 from a friend while I look for a new cabinet... and I've got loads of cash left over from selling the other two amps. So all in all, very pleased. I hope this is the end of my very long amp search - now that I've gone through several fucking amps
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    The thing with the likes of Nate Diaz and Michael Bisping is that they will fight anytime. They would fight tonight and then again tomorrow. They aren't the most skilled fighters, but they are warriors, they can take an absolute beating and give plenty back. They always put on great fights and know how to talk up one. Look at Bisping's face before he went in UFC and look at it now, his face has pretty much been re-arranged and all for the sake of putting on a show for fans. The same with Diaz in fact. Lads like these are as important to UFC as your flashy stars. I always root for these 2 personally, fuck your Connor Mcgregors and these other pampered, overhyped twats. Khabib is great, but also boring and the lad is an absolute bellend, which makes it hard to get behind him.
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    The entire discourse around Grenfell shows that despite everything which has occurred, the Tories have not changed at all since Hillsborough. Tories do not think you are fully human nor worthy of life if you are poor. This is an objective, obvious, categorically undeniable fact. An enormous amount of effort goes on everyday to conceal this fact, or to distract people from it, but it's a fact nonetheless.
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    Maybe they think that they are a better prospect of running the country than the Tories who have fucked us over for the last 10 years? Just a thought.
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    It’s been a while....