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    Latest update: 34598 confirmed cases (+3387 since yesterday) - 6101 of those in serious or critical condition (+1280). 27657 suspected cases (+1298). 723 deaths (+86). 2052 recoveries (+510). 345498 close contacts of the infected have been tracked (+31470); 189660 are under medical observation (+3615). The general trends are still the same - there has been a somewhat significant increase in patients in serious/critical condition and deaths and also a significant increase in recoveries. The total of international cases (including Hongkong, Taiwan and Macau) has risen to 332 (+12). New confirmed cases in Japan and Singapore (3 each), UAE and Hongkong (2 each), Germany and Malaysia (1 each).
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    Jokingly saying someone has caught a virus because it originated in the country where he was living in is now racist. What?!
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    https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ We did something similar on the old site. There's an option on the site that lets you choose what kind of collage you want to make (make sure to turn on the 'album titles' option). I went for the top 42 as it looks the cleanest and has a clear top 10. I figured that I could have done a top 100 but when I get to around the 70th album I'm just filling the gaps with albums I don't listen to on a daily basis anymore, or ever really, so the point would be somewhat lost. Now this looks totally different from what my top 42 looked like two years ago, so these are the top 42 albums I find the most listenable as of January 2020. 5 years ago I would have only two or three hip hop albums in this list... To make it more interesting and not just a thread filled with images I think we could leave a few lines about each of the albums in the top 10. The Beatles 'White Album' - A shift from their happy and loving sounding works released previous to this, to a more hard rock and experimental sound. Paul McCartney does it all in this album, showing he can pull off the perfect melody in any genre one can think of. From the most disarmingly soft tracks to the loudest ones in the Beatles catalogue, the White Album has it all. Tame Impala 'Lonerism' - If The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd made an album together, this might be close to what it would sound like. I'm a sucker for the psychadelic genre so might be a bit suspect here, but this album became one of my favourites of all time after the first listen. My advice is get yourself an expensive pair of headphones and have a blast listening to this on repeat whilst trying to find all the layers. Kevin Parker is a musical genius. Alex Turner 'Submarine' - Not much to say here. Possibly just another acoustic album to many but the delivery is so impecable and the lyrics so vivid that it makes this little EP some heavenly shit. 10/10 no skips. Brokchampton 'Saturation III' - Gorillaz meets Childish Gambino? Kind off. This album is the last of a thrilogy which I recommend. The creativity is off the charts. Queens of the Stone Age '...Like Clockwork' - This is a very dark, concept album written by Homme after a near death experience. Seems to be somewhat underlooked but it's a modern day masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. Tyler, The Creator 'Scum Fuck Flower Boy' - Some masterful production. It seems improbable that someone like Tyler The Creator would come up with such beautiful composition but there you go. I think this was a milestone for both him and hip-hop as a genre. Difficult to top. Danny Brown 'Atrocity Exhibition' - The most "out there" prodution you'll ever find in a rap album. Some seriously wild shit going on in here. Love it. The Dead Weather 'Sea of Cowards' - Rock n' Roll lives. Frank Ocean 'Blonde' - A flawless album if I ever listened to one. The epitome of R&B. Wolf Alice 'Visions of a Life' - This is a mix of dream pop and punk rock that I really like. Saw them live two years ago and never stopped listening ever since.
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    No not at all mate, your post just reminded me of the discussion a few of us had at the time regarding our defending that's all. Maybe wasnt you who said clean sheets were overrated btw?! Someone on here definitely said it though
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    That makes sense now. I figured it had to do with a hot pickup config and then I realized when it comes to Metal music at times people will drop a noise-gate in the middle of the chain to clean up the noise and cut the effects before it goes through the rest of the chain. This was the exact reason. My reasoning was that I can remove a lot of pedals - Fuzz, Delay, Reverb, etc and just replace them with the MS3 and gate everything through the pedal. In this case now, I have lots of config options. PEDALS -> MS3 -> PEDALS PEDALS -> MS3 + PEDALS -> PEDALS MS3 MS3 + PEDALS PEDALS You get the drift. And with the MS3 I have loop options too ONBOARD - PEDALS - ONBOARD ONBOARD PEDALS - ONBOARD So now I can shape the tune anyway I want and I also get the compactness of an FX pedal. Plus I can now loop stuff out of the pedal into the AMP And back in or do it in front or behind. And the other reason is that BOSS said they made this for both guitarists and bassists and I said well dang thats just what I was looking for. I also have an FS-7 (dont know if you've ever used one of these but they are superb) and it works with the MS3 or any Boss pedal plug product (RC3 Loop Station as an example) so I can do presets and use the FS7 to run the volume, gain, etc etc. and theres more expression pedal functionality too. I also don't lose the fact that I am essentially a person that tries a lot of pedals so I can always dump any of medals in the 3pt LOOP and then use them anyway I see fit. The Spark Mini is super cheap and it sells out really fast. There is another buffer pedal made by JHS which is so much better but not as cheap as the Spark. I almost considered getting that over the Spark just because it keeps the tone up during the buffer process but in the end I chose the Spark for a boost instead. As for Reverb, you can't go wrong with either of those pedals. I have a HoF and I think its great but that Boss Reverb is just as good. Once I get the MS3 I think I'll retire the HoF just because I'll have reverb on the pedal itself.
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    Oh with the blue lights it gets crazy when I have my EQ pedal on the board as well & have that engaged. So much bright blue blinding me when I look down No need to get a Bad Monkey when you’ve already got an SD-1 tbh, those are both my 2 favourite overdrive pedals. The Bad Monkey I just like a lot because it’s got soft clipping like an Ibanez tubescreamer but it’s got 2 tone knobs. But the SD-1’s a tube screamer with hard clipping and tbh I think that sounds better, at least in metal and rock applications. The Sentry’s first in the chain for me for a few reasons. But long story short, with my 6505 & my Joyo (which replicates a 6505/5150 sound) - putting it after my OD pedal & the pickups I’m using on my E-II & my SG (both have really REALLY high output pickups, especially the E-II) meant a lot more unwanted noise was coming through. And using that 4 cable method I’ve always put the noise gate first in the loop as well because that pre-amp hiss is something I want to do before the time based effects kick in. That wasn’t that short of an explanation lol. The real short answer is my need for the noise gate is primarily due to too much feedback from the guitar rather than noisy pedals. I think that’s due to the nature of the music I mostly play 98% of the time - because it’s pretty common for metal players to put the noise gate first. Also re: that MS-3 order... VERY NICE. I hadn’t looked into them that much until you mentioned them as an alternative to the other 2 switchers you mentioned. I thought you said you wanted the ES-6 though what changed your mind? Is it because the MS-3’s got onboard effects as well. Thats an impressive piece of kit you have on your way. So after fucking around with my rig for a big just noodling in between my posts and having a fun time with just trying to make some heavy sounding riffs and some soloing that I’m sure was very shite... I think I’m gonna go get a reverb pedal tomorrow. I’m thinking a Hall of Fame mini or the Boss digital reverb - I’ll fuck around with both before I buy one. I might grab a Spark mini too, because I’m liking the sounds on the YouTube demos I’m seeing and... well it’s fucking cheap
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    Did Rodgers ever get anywhere close to Lallana's best out of him though? I recall him being pretty inconsistent until Klopp arrived Yeah he's on about £100k a week I think. In terms of if he's any good anymore, I've not had a problem with him this season. He's done well when he's got time on the pitch this season and his leadership in some of the cup games that contained mainly kids was impressive (the game v Everton in particular)
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    @Mel81x here’s my WIP board after a bit of light rearranging placement of things. The iso-brick’s a bit annoying as it won’t states velcroed onto the bottom - so it goes on top taking up space. Not pictured is my 10 band EQ which would go before to the Small Stone (which I’ll probably take off once I get a reverb pedal). Top row goes in ahead of the amp, bottom row is my FX loop shite - so mostly for leads. I’ve got to mess around with the wiring of all the cables and shite underneath but I’ll do that when my pedal’s back from Jim Dunlop’s repairs. Simple rig for a simple man.
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    Bloomberg is also all over the waves here in Atlanta.
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    I stopped sugar (not sugar alternatives though, but that was only because I was sick of only having 2 real things to be able to drink: water and coffee) while I was doing that keto diet. Yeah, some people are more prone to addiction than others. I'm probably one of them, as I've been addicted to quite a few things in my lifetime and am still addicted to some. Granted, I'm not as prone to addictions as other people I know that still fill their nose with beak or now have moved onto shite like heroin. Thank fuck for that too, I'd probably be a total fucking deadbeat. Instead I think I'm doing pretty well for myself as a recovering cokehead
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    Both Bloomberg and Steyer are advertising really hard in California (I know this first hand) and Nevada and New York. So I wouldn't be surprised if they end up doing well as front runners of the moderate side of the party. Either way, no candidate's ever won the nomination without winning Iowa and New Hampshire - for either party. It would be something pretty stunning if a candidate that sacked off one (or both) of these states ended up getting the nomination. The thing about Bloomberg and Steyer… especially Bloomberg... is for as well as he does with moderate democrats.... he's pretty widely despised by the right & the left. The Democrats aren't Republicans, they don't just fall in line once there's a nominee for their party. A candidate that turns off a large chunk of the democrat base is likely to make a big impact on democrat voter turnout. Think about it like this: two of the more popular democratic candidates are Sanders and Warren. They've been harping on about how the American political system is unfair, and they've used both billionaire candidates as examples of how someone with enough money can buy their way onto the debate stage and contest the nomination - and they've got a good point, tbh with the DNC changing it's rules after Bloomberg made big donations to them. It really emphasises the corruption at play in US politics and it gives the party that's been brazen in it's corruption but loves to project something to attack the billionaire candidate that wins the DNC nomination (if that nomination is won). And then the DNC will be hoping they didn't just piss off huge groups of their base so much that it outweighs how much these people dislike Trump - so they still turn up to vote against Trump. And that's the thing, I really don't know if Bloomberg is less hated than Trump or not... and this is him not even being the nominee & just a candidate for the nomination. If he wins the nomination, I imagine that's huge groups of Sanders & Warren backers that will be turned off entirely from the process. And 2 primaries in a row of seeming just as corrupt as republicans and I think they're in danger of seeming legitimate the next go around. I'm not so sure that not being able to flip McConnell from his role (because I don't think there's a hope in hell of Kentucky not electing a monumental turd into the senate, given their 2 senators currently - and I think the partisan split of the US right now means it's unlikely that any deep red/deep blue states flip tbh, means they may as well leave Trump in. While legislation comes from Congress, there's a lot of power the President does have without having to answer to Congress - every executive agency is something that the president can directly control. And court appointees are controlled by the President - I'd argue it's better to have no appointees to federal courts, and have judicial backlog of cases to hear, than filling the courts with right-wing extremists. It's bad enough Gorsuch and the guy who likes beer made it to the Supreme Court, but the federal courts have now had hundreds of appointees the American Bar Association has deemed unqualified and who were principally chosen for their extreme libertarian views or extreme religious views; which is overall bad for workers rights or freedom of/from religion.
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    I have always been a fan of Rosler, he's a very good manager and he gets his team to play attractive but also effective football. Berisha is an excellent signing as well, he should really boost your midfield. Mathias Jorgensen is also pretty decent and he will bring experience to the defence. Fortuna are in no way doomed for relegation just yet, they have a very decent side. In fact I think the only side who are very likely to go down at this moment in time are Paderborn. All the other sides trying to avoid the drop have several quality players who can do an important job in helping them avoid relegation.
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    Sorry, you said EPL so thought you meant since 1992 If this is the case (where football did exist before EPL) we could be waiting ages for someone new as I'm sure several clubs were in top flight at one time or other before 1992.
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    I totally agree with her. Get Leeds out and stick them in the Premier League seeing as she tried to use us in her arguement with at least three examples. Only way we will get there anyway Obviously it's a load of bollocks. I get what she is trying to say about the Championship building up to be quite a force amongst other leagues, but she's going about it all wrong. Yorkie, it's not for her.
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    Jesus Christ Phillip, did your life hit a new low? Love Island?
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    Well that would also solve your cravings problem I suppose
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    My wife would hang, draw, and then quarter me
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    Lukaku and Sanchez were on their way out from last season anyway, they were hardly 'poached'. Manchester United are just incompetent and failed to get proper replacements.
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    Yeah but at least you know your squad for the year as of the first game. Having a three week window after the season with an incomplete squad is awful. Obviously some of the blame goes on the chairmen etc but i think we were right and Europe was wrong on this - and how many big players did we see poached by European clubs in that period last year?
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    It’s when you’re addicted to Ket.
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    The very reason Cannabis ended up leaving to be fair. He was also in a shit place and questions such as yours were asked behind the scenes leading upto him leaving the forum as a whole. Marc was consistently trolling Brian, along with Teso and was repeatedly warned about that. I’d have to go back and look at the exact posts which lead to that ban, but Marc chose not to come back, Teso did. Then Teso chose to post gun pics and veiled death threats. that’s why he was perma banned. As a staff base, we’re not perfect, but nobody is. This place is kept running through donations by posters and staff as well. This place literally only exists due to a relationships formed on TFF and an idea that was kept running by Rab. Without us having relationships off the forum, nothing would happen. Are we more loyal to each other? Of course we are; there will be some bias as it’s human nature and we’re not VAR robots. However, I’m more than happy to field questions about culture change if that’s what you and others feel are needed. The place is supposed to be fun, a place to escape and discuss. Again, I’m not afraid to speak from the heart. I’m currently expecting kid number 3, I’ve got a my 73 year old mum in palliative care in a hospice, a full time job and modding on here. I’m not looking for sympathy, never have, never will. The lads and lasses on here keep me sane through the dark hours. If I genuinely thought they were racist cunts, I wouldn’t be here. Me and you have never had an issue and still don’t in my eyes. If you want to continue the debate, I suggest we set it up in the comments and feedback section and stop derailing Ighalo’s world class move to United
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    Ighalo's not Chinese though? It's racist to say everyone who's of Chinese descent has coronavirus. Because they definitely don't. But Ighalo's currently at a club in China. And China is all over the news recently because of coronavirus.
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    @JOSHBRFC your arselicking of Joshua and Hearn is embarrassing
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    When I worked in building I threw a hardhat to someone and it hit the scaffold and came back and hit me on the head.