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    Because the whole country is anti-Liverpool Tories, fucking bellends proper cunts who know nothing about football, i feel sorry for their birds
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    So, it's about time for an update boys and girls. The wife and I have officially decided on divorce. I proposed what I planned for the financials (I make significantly more than her so I'll have to pay alimony), and then she came back with another proposal which I accepted. We had a serious talk last night, and we both agreed that we didn't want to fuck over the other, but wanted to find a solution that made everyone feel okay, and that's what I think we did. Tonight we told our daughter that 'Daddy will be living elsewhere', but that we are still a family and that both Mom and Dad both love her just as much as ever. I'll tell you now, that was one of the hardest things to do in my life. She's only 2.5 years old so all she wanted to do was watch 'Elisa' (Frozen), but still, it's incredibly painful to tell your daughter that you are leaving. I'll give my soon-to-be ex-wife props, she has done well since we decided that divorce is the next step, she is definitely getting in the family time while it's there, and keeping her emotions in check when we are in front of the daughter. I'll be living here for probably another 2 weeks, as we prepare the house to sell, and then I'm going to move in with my Dad while the house sells. Once it sells, the wife and I will split the profits, and she'll move into either a town home or an apartment I imagine, whereas I'll likely stay with my Dad for 2-3 months as I get my head wrapped around the fact that I'm 34 and divorced. A lot of mixed emotions from me honestly. I hate that I'm leaving my previous daughter, but I know deep down that this is best for the future. My Dad said that I should spend some of the profits from the house to travel for a week, so I might be heading to Europe depending on how this virus goes, I would that I would get a cheap flight, but who knows. 8 years with someone is a long time, and part of me feels like it's a miracle we made it this far, while another part of me hates that I'm just another 'failed marriage'. I have been with this woman for almost a decade, we have escaped death, raised a daughter, and have had both great and terrible times...to say that this was bittersweet would justify what exactly I'm feeling during this moment. Regardless, this is just the end of a section of my self novel, and now it's time to focus on the ending of it while also preparing for the next chapter.
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    As a fellow regular wfh-er I can confirm.
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    It’d be hilarious in the same way that hearing the news that everyone you know and love has died of AIDS. If this happened, I’d probably completely snap and be forced to go on a killing spree.
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    @CaaC (John) is young at heart.
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    That was years ago buddy but thank's anyway, as I have always said to our son & daughter over the years and the wife after a bereavement in the family 'Life goes on' and we just have to carry on with our lives, Shaun's dad always visits his grave and I bet you when Liverpool win the League this season he will go up there and sing Liverpool songs for Shaun and have a few beers on his son.
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    We're a small football forum, not a fortune 500 company...
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    How come your son is a Liverpool fan when you're a Manu supporter? Bad parenting?
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    'Fast & Furious 9' premiere will happen because 'We need movies now more than ever' Vin Diesel
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    I like how the guy didn’t understand this pretty good penis joke and took it as a chance to prove he was a TRUE Italian. Oblivious. Also how can you be immature like that lot, then not catch a quality “I fucked your mum” joke
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    Isn't Lynx (Axe) for teenagers?
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    Lynx Africa takes me back to Year 7 of school
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    Because we're not idiots and neither is he. He's using a VPN/proxy so blocking IPs is pointless.
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    It's for sure a regular or ex-regular member, he's aware of the forum banter, and not only this one's but the old one. I've actually narrowed it down to about 5 or 6 members.
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    I've honestly never felt so welcomed by people before. In the hotel, in the cannabis social club, at Camp Nou, on the streets, I was treat like I was a king or something at times. It's probably with being an Englishman speaking Spanish and being open and friendly. I should have took @nudge's advice 10 years ago when it comes to going away on your own, you end up seeing everything and it offers very different experiences, as it has done on all 3 of my solo trips now. It was fantastic and I must have done like 50 mile walking overall, literally. It's not even an exaggeration. I walked 17 mile on Friday alone. Then on Sunday I probably did the same amount of miles but to another part of the city. It actually felt like I was there much longer than 4 and 1/2 days due to how much I did and saw and the pure amount of people I met, a high majority being latin-americans and people from the USA.
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    I agree with the general idea of western societies tending to lean more towards individualism and eastern cultures towards collectivism (to a certain degree) - but I'd say it has been changing pretty fast in recent years and I personally wouldn't generalise too much. As an example related to this: just yesterday 80 Thai workers returning from South Korea were supposed to be escorted to a naval base for screening and quarantine but escaped the airport in Bangkok instead and are now being searched for.
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    I mean, they've done the same thing for both people. I'd deem it racist if it was just done on Patel...
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    Back To The Future Part 4: Tokyo Drift
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    Met my nephew today!
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    Can’t wait for that to happen here. Finding a babysitter will be fucking brilliant.
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    To be frank, the only reason that match was stopped is that Hopp is a billionaire and can afford the necessary costs to suit the clubs for these banners, while the minorities that get usually discriminated against lack the financial background to do so, in my honest opinion.
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    Yeah I mean you may not enjoy it...but objectively it’s hilarious 😂