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    Ok, here we go again, two years on... @DeadLinesman realising that 'three' is not a magic number, two was definitely enough and it was time to get the snip... @CaaC (John) had this uncanny knack of falling asleep standing up... @Batard doing Batard, the only way he knows how... @Stan knew that without breaking any traditions, he could still look fly for his wedding... @Bluewolf and the trouble with getting old... @Inti Brian, doing the first draft of his 2020 Members Opinion post, poised and ready to drop bombs on it.. @LFCMadLad "I'm tellin' ya lad, it's our fuckin' year mate..." to "Fuck VAR, the games gone to the dogs..." @Carnivore Chris really, really enjoyed his 6th trip to the 'Dam... @Happy Blue after avoiding a first night lynching as Mafia... @Mel81x decided it would be cool to teach the Sheep how to play 'Sheep'... @Storts knew it was time to get back on the horse. And it began with his new profile pic on Tinder... @Rab, pissing himself as the forum donations rolled in for 2021. The suckers had fallen for it yet again... @The Artful Dodger, already in a mood with Southerners, decided that just for a change, he'd have a moan... @nudge was not impressed. This was Chivas Regal 12 year old blended Scotch, NOT the 18 year old... @Dan had been trying to get his work 'friend' to notice him for ages. It was time to give her the eyes... @Spike simply wasn't having it. But try as he mite, he still couldn't touch the end of his nose... @Dr. Gonzo was done. Lockdown had become a nightmare. It was only 11:25am and the missus wanted her fourth shag of the day... @Toinho loved his returns back to Oz. And as long as you don't touch, what's the harm in looking...right? @Devil-Dick Willie smashed it this Halloween after finding some spare ash lying around...
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    @Lucas after owning this thread
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    In simpler times before the lockdown.
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    Friday morning half-awake look, rugged myself up with body warmer and hoody and went for a stroll in the back garden, not a bad morning weather wise but that will do me for the day and now I will go back and hibernate in our little lockdown flat, coffee for now and maybe a wine tonight.
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    Was lucky enough to meet him in the Onchan Head Hotel where I used to stay in the early 60's during the TT Races. He had a wicked sense of humour and it showed sometimes in his commentaries. Main thing I remember was that he always seemed to be smiling - never a dull moment in the restaurant in the evenings when he and his father were there. Mr Bellamy, the owner, was a good friend of Hattie Jaques and John Le Mesurier and they were also there and sometimes shared a table with him - the conversations which other diners could hear were hilarious - almost a floor show within themselves. Great Guy!
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    Yeah he was an icon in the 90s/early 00s and was an influence for watching Formula 1 and getting in to the sport around that age for me too Legendary.
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    Is your friend Australian ?
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    Will get on it today 👍🏻
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    @Stan Is it theoretically speaking possible to ban an admin? Asking for a friend
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    Can’t see that working. I personally think you’d need a “mini-season” between February-May to bring it back into line with the August - May season we have. You have seventeen weekends between the start of February and the end of May. Seventeen weekends and a few midweek games is enough for the Premier League sides to play each other once, for example. Twenty-three games at EFL level seems a lot over seventeen weekends though.
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    One of the best responses
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    Celtic and Rangers has placed their staff on furlough. Rangers now relying on the taxpayers to bail them out. The irony...
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    Same with everywhere mate. A scientist even claimed other day that he believes 400,000 people in Catalunya alone have probably been infected by it. It knocks some people for 6 but there are also many who don't know they even have it. But then how do you get rid of a virus like that? It'll always be with us as someone will always be infected. I also believe this virus has been around longer than they say as I'm adamant I had it at the end of Jan and all the symptoms make sense now. Simply lifting a plasterboard up a scaffold led me to lay down for 10 mins, out of breath, feeling as though I was having the asthma attacks I had as a kid. The cough I had was also far dryer than normal and the headache was horrible. I thought it was due to the working conditions as at that point there was no roof on the building I was working in, so when it rained, it filled up with water. 4 of us, who were working on that floor ended up full of this flu-like bug, 1 even had a week off. It's also got to be noted that I had just gotten rid of 2 colds within 2 months before it, so it would seem weird for it to be another cold so soon. Just before moving to that site also, a mate of mine who I worked with on the site around the corner had the same thing. He was ill as fuck at work for 5 days, then ended up having an additional week off. This lad is also a beast, he lives in the gym and whatever he had caught knocked him for six. It does make you wonder. The "experts" seem to know fuck all themselves, so I certainly wouldn't rule out that this has been with us longer than we are aware of.
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    I'm very happy for you that Peru is doing well.
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    An antiviral drug named EIDD-2801 has showed promising results on mice and will move into clinical trials soon. Action mechanism similar to that of remdesivir but unlike remdesivir, EIDD-2801 can also be taken as a pill instead of having to be administred intravenously, so offers better ease of treatment and potentially prophylaxis. Could be potentially used together with remdesivir for greater efficacy. https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-04/uonc-ana040320.php
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    Mel's come out with a tweet outlining the backtracking of the club on their decision. Good move by them.
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    Plenty of them, pretty much all of the most liked tweets replying to the BBC were stuff like 'hope he dies tory scum' or inferences to how they've handled this ergo now deserve to die. I do wonder how many of these accounts then also go on about #BeKind and mental health etc. when those crop up. I'm not a Tory and doubt ever will be but there's an awful underbelly on social media of this kind of them, that seldom seems to be replicated (as much anyway, or as viciously) when someone on the left suffers some misfortune. When you see some of the people saying it, teachers and nurses and stuff, you really fucking wonder. At the end of the day we are all human beings, we all have the same emotions and the same highs and lows in live. Stop acting like cunts and have some grace and actual humanity about you.
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    Nice white t-shirt
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    Yeah but our flag is our flag and should not be seen as submissive to any other flag or on the same level of any other flag. Fuck the EU flag. You'll never successfully combat this winning argument (however dumb it might be).
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    @Harry @Toinho @Devil-Dick Willie pUzzlEs aRE eSSEntiAl
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    The two late goals are massive. Defeat would have seen us only three ahead of City going into the game vs them at Anfield. City came off the pitch having won and we were still losing (or possibly drawing) at that stage. Salah's goal v Man Utd