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    You need to know that Nudge does her research... You can't just be putting stuff up willy nilly… I once put a post up in the Good news thread and Nudge promptly took an ostrich sized crap all over it because she did the research and I didn't... Just as well really or people like us would believe any old rubbish on the internet...
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    Lucky bastards.... When I was at school, normally just Mondays and Wednesdays we used to have to line up with metal trays like prisoners and every dinner lady each more grizzly looking than the last used to plop something on your plate and you would have to eat it even if you didn't like it... One blob of lumpy mashed potato, peas and some form of meat or meat pulp and then the last lady squeezing as much juice out of the tea towel on it to give it moisture.. Don't even get me started on the puddings... They used to throw the stuff in the bowl so hard that half the custard would end up on your face and clothes... When they used to do Liver & Gravy I swear it would have been easier trying to cut through the sole of a shoe... If you were lucky though you might be one of the ones picked to help do the washing up after then at least you got to put your hands in warm water for a while...
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    To be honest it's not that bad, depends on the airline and their service a lot. As someone who's quite tall, I do struggle with leg room, but other than that, it's tolerable as long as I get half decent food, alcohol, and access to a few movies. I do try to sleep as much as possible, but sometimes it just doesn't work... I love train travel. The Transsiberian Railroad journey is definitely still on the cards for the future...
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    Oh it was superb mate Hearing your own words quoted against you must make him sore
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    Gladbach vs Leverkusen surely game of the weekend after Friday's curtain-raiser...
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    Heard the planes this morning, looks great. Over Captain Sir Tom Moore's house following his knighthood announcement
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    Danny Rose says players are being treat like Lab rats and that he's being made to risk his health to play football for people's entertainment. I'm pretty sure Newcastle United haven't entertained anyone this season
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    Anything to tell the young'uns at work that you're hip with the times
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    Thank you mate... Just heard about the fallout from it but not the reason behind it, but now I know..
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    Short Story TikTok pissed off a famous Indian YouTuber. Followers lined up, rated app poorly. TikTok ratings drop. Mildly Long Story There's a famous YouTuber over here whose entire show runs around making fun of topics and being a dick while doing it (like literally a dick) and he made a video on TikTok. Well, YT and the folks at TikTok caught onto it and banned the video citing cyber-bullying. Then the guy turns from an angry punk into an overnight spreader of love and all things associated with it because his income from YT dried up faster than he could imagine. This of course spawned all his followers to go on a rampage rating TikTok as some shit platform which is rich considering the person they were following was producing similar content. This is not to say that YT has been unfavorable to folks doing content in India but what YT did was funny to ban the video and there's been a lot of problems with TikTok in general surrounding a case that recently came up involving some groups on WhatsApp/Instagram with teens claiming rape acts/threats towards women (ficitional threats of course). The timing of it all was just bad for the person who got banned but TikTok as a platform is more toxic than nuclear waste over here from the looks of things. Couple all that together with the second largest population on the planet and with enough rating drops TikTok goes down in their ratings. I wouldn't even bother reading up on it as its a shit-show where everyone is at fault. If you'd still like to get a general idea here you go. https://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/tiktok-ratings-1-star-indian-users-ban-faizal-siddiqui-carryminati-2231440
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    Does raise another question doesn't it, not just about Deeney but other players as well, Given this could be with us for some time and players like him having good reason not to be playing I wonder what the stance will be about players pay??? Will they carry on paying them regardless as if they were just on the injured/other list and at what point do you say well, you need to get back to work now, If this is with us for the next 6 months to a year will he not play that entire time and will they be ok with that?? If this as some are saying will be with us for a good many years then like everyone else he will have to either take his chances or hang up his boots, having said that you can't really hang your boots up on life and there will always be risk no matter what he does until they find a cure if that's even possible...
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    I used to find their sound annoying but I kept trying as generally I'm a sucker for the genre and when it clicked, they grew on me quickly. Amazing band.
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    I think both you and @Bluewolf raise valid points. I fully understand Deeney's thinking here. But again, he's thinking what shitloads of people around the country (and around the world in similar lockdowns) are thinking - everyone wants to keep their family safe. But with being tested twice a week and the relative isolation the players are meant to be staying in (although... we've seen plenty of evidence of footballers not respecting the lockdown)… he's in a better boat than... pretty much almost everybody else in the world. I do think the BAME stuff is a bit weird for him to bring up, I don't think what BAME communities are facing with respect to COVID-19 is really what a premier league footballer is going to be facing, regardless of their ethnicity. But again, he's got a son with an underlying health condition that makes him at risk. That's obviously something he'd be worried about, I suspect any parent would feel similarly. But at the same time, I don't really think he's in the same boat as most of us (BAME or otherwise) - I doubt he's gone out to buy essentials anytime lately (I wouldn't either if I was as rich as him and with a 5 month old kid with an illness at home during a pandemic), because he doesn't need to - he can pay a premium to have someone do it without thinking about it. But I mean, at the end of the day... I think I'm on Deeney's side here. I just think if he's not training, Watford should probably be able to say "well we're not paying you."
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    FULL RESULTS Welcome back to Gloryhunter! I hope you're all enjoying our little excursion to Germany. Some of you enjoying a taste of top flight football rather than the lows of League One and Two. The spreadsheet I use to compile everything together didn't enjoy me adding 25 new teams to it at once and it took bloody ages but all is well now. Everyone except Tommy has now played a match now so here is a round up of what has happened... - As a result of us all having new teams, we have now collectively been with 118 teams. - Lots of draws means a few chances to jump ship for some of you! - It was back to winning ways for @nudge who goes level on points with @Stan who lost his match and joins @Toinho at Hertha - Newcomer @Deco only managed to pick up a point in his first game of the competition but gets to choose whether he is with Dusseldorf or Paderborn going forward. - Myself and @LFCMadLad can't seem to keep away from each other as we are now back with the same team again! The Scores Dan v Storts 16/05 Aue 3 - 1 Sandhausen Both at Aue londonerlilie v Fairy in Boots 16/05 Bochum 3 - 0 Heidenheim Both at Bochum Batard 16/05 Dortmund 4 - 0 Schalke Loss Deco 16/05 Dusseldorf 0 - 0 Paderborn Draw Teso dos Bichos 16/05 Frankfurt 1 - 3 Borussia Mönchengladbach Win Stan v Toinho 16/05 Hoffenheim 0 - 3 Hertha BSC Both at Hertha LFCMadLad v Pyfish 16/05 Karlsruher 2 - 0 Darmstadt Both at Karlsruher CaaC (John) v Rucksackfranzose 16/05 RB Leipzig 1 - 1 Freiburg Draw Eco 16/05 Regensburg 2 - 2 Holstein Kiel Draw Cicero 17/05 Arminia 1 - 1 VfL Osnabruck Draw HawayTheLads 17/05 FC Koln 2 - 2 Mainz Draw Mel81x 17/05 Greuther Furth 2 - 2 Hamburger SV Draw Bluewolf v Smiley Culture 17/05 St Pauli 1 - 0 Nurnberg Both at St Pauli Dr. Gonzo 17/05 Union Berlin 0 - 2 Bayern Munich Win RandoEFC v Deadlinesman 17/05 Wehen 2 - 1 Stuttgart Both at Wehen Azeem v nudge 18/05 Werder Bremen 1 - 4 Bayer Leverkusen Both at Leverkusen Sticking @Dan stays with Aue @londonerlilie stays with Bochum Teso stays with Borussia Monchengladbach @Toinho stays with Hertha @LFCMadLad stays with Karlsruher @Bluewolf stays with St Pauli @Dr. Gonzo stays with Bayern Munich @RandoEFC stays with Wehen @nudge stays with Bayer Leverkusen @CaaC (John) stays with RB Leipzig @Mel81x stays with Hamburger SV Moving @Storts moves from Sandhausen to Aue @Fairy In Boots moves from Heidenheim to Bochum @Batard moves from Schalke to Dortmund @Stan moves from Hoffenheim to Hertha Pyfish moves from Darmstadt to Karlsruher @Smiley Culture moves from Nurnberg to St Pauli @DeadLinesman moves from Stuttgart to Wehen @Azeem moves from Werder Bremen to Bayer Leverkusen Draws The following players need to decide which of the two clubs they would like to continue on with: @Deco - Dusseldorf or Paderborn @Rucksackfranzose - RB Leipzig or Freiburg @Eco - Regensburg or Holstein Keil @Cicero - Arminia or VfL Osnabruck @HawayTheLads - FC Koln or Mainz If I don't get an answer, I'll stick you with the club you were with before. Table Here is what all of the above did to the table: Teams P W D L GF GA GD Pts 1 Stan 9 41 25 8 8 87 51 36 83 2 nudge 11 43 25 8 10 87 60 27 83 3 Teso dos Bichos 12 41 23 8 10 70 41 29 77 4 Cicero 11 40 23 8 9 63 38 25 77 5 Deadlinesman 9 40 22 10 8 65 38 27 74 6 CaaC (John) 8 35 22 6 7 71 33 38 72 7 Fairy in Boots 13 40 21 8 11 65 42 23 71 8 Bluewolf 15 41 21 7 13 59 42 17 70 9 Toinho 15 39 21 5 13 62 50 12 68 10 RandoEFC 10 35 17 10 8 58 34 24 61 11 Batard 15 40 17 9 14 60 59 1 60 12 Dr. Gonzo 15 36 16 7 13 51 33 18 55 13 Mel81x 12 36 14 13 9 54 48 6 55 14 Dan 12 36 14 12 10 51 33 18 54 15 Tommy 12 36 14 11 11 53 36 17 53 16 Storts 14 35 15 8 12 53 47 6 53 17 Eco 14 34 14 8 12 48 38 10 50 18 Londonerlilie 13 33 14 8 11 47 40 7 50 19 Pyfish 15 35 15 5 15 58 52 6 50 20 LFCMadLad 12 35 13 11 11 42 39 3 50 21 Azeem 10 32 13 10 9 46 38 8 49 22 Smiley Culture 13 35 12 11 12 46 33 13 47 23 Rucksackfranzose 13 32 12 8 12 51 44 7 44 24 HawayTheLads 11 24 11 5 9 34 31 3 38 25 Deco 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 Fixtures And here is who you are playing next! RandoEFC & Deadlinesman 22/05 Heidenheim v Wehen 2. Bundesliga Stan & Toinho 22/05 Hertha BSC v Union Berlin Bundesliga Dan & Storts 22/05 Nurnberg v Aue 2. Bundesliga Dr. Gonzo 23/05 Bayern Munich v Frankfurt Bundesliga Teso dos Bichos v Azeem & nudge 23/05 Borussia Monchengladbach v Bayer Leverkusen Bundesliga Bluewolf & Smiley Culture 23/05 Darmstadt v St Pauli 2. Bundesliga Tommy 23/05 VfL Osnabruck v Hannover 2. Bundesliga Mel81x 24/05 Hamburger SV v Arminia 2. Bundesliga LFCMadLad & Pyfish v londonerlilie & Fairy in Boots 24/05 Karlsruher v Bochum 2. Bundesliga CaaC (John) 24/05 Mainz v RB Leipzig Bundesliga Rucksackfranzose Not Picked Team Yet HawayTheLads Not Picked Team Yet Eco Not Picked Team Yet Deco Not Picked Team Yet Cicero Not Picked Team Yet
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    La Barceloneta, Barcelona (reportedly 18 May 2020). I am not sure about the date but they are giving some validity here, here, and here. If confirmed, the sheer density of cities, plus lack of open areas plus the idiocy of people make for a bizarre mix during a pandemic.
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    Stationary and newspapers are more important than Football, yes.
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    Unbelievable. How thick is she?!
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    I know it's dumb to go out on unnecessary trips and all but one thing that riles me up even more is fucking thick-headed cops gloating on social media about arresting people over breaking lockdown. Or these vaguely threatening videos saying things to the effect of "if you go outside we'll arrest you" a little too gleefully. Yeah, I get it, this lockdown has enabled you to go on an unprecedented power trip, now pull your head out of your essential ass and have some dignity about it.
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    It's getting a slating on Twitter by some people but I'm like you, it's such a weirdly feel good series but yet has these really emotional and touching scenes in it too. It's the perfect balance.
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    Urgh, I'm only 3 episodes in. I don't want to rush it. It somehow makes me feel good?! As I said, hard to describe, but this series gives me feelings that I don't have with anything else. It's just a joy to watch, even in it's sadness sometimes.
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    Lots of nice plus thoughts about the place - My greatest achievement - signing Wally Lewis in the 80's to play for us in the UK. Time with young James Mason when he was getting settled in 'Neighbours' before moving over here . Sitting with a young cricketer in Chennai as he was beginning to get the rest of the world looking at him and now seeing him captain the Green Hat brigade. Back to Melbourne with young Chris and old Bill as they filmed the Pirate Movie. First time in Melbourne in 1959 when I visited the Aussie DSB re work! The wife and I will try and get there next year before we get too old to travel that distance, but would love to add NZ to the trip and do the whole antipodes!