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    Scout, Coach, Club Owner, Vlogger, Finger banger, Resurrector, and now Podcaster. What can't you do Brian?
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    Again, it's Everton. We just finished 12th. If he can get 3 goals and 3 assists all season that's literally better than any of our current midfielders. I couldn't give less of a toss that he was "only a fringe player" at Bayern or Madrid. We just finished 12th. 12th. Got that? 12th. Bang average would be a stunning improvement for us.
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    That was actually a fellow countrymen doing a parody, motherfucker nailed the Spanish accent, you'd have never thought he was an Argentine.
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    We are waiting to bring it back until Duisburg returns to the Bundesliga.
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    YouTube censoring songs. Just listened to Eminem's Stan after like 20 years, and they censored half of the song away, that's bloody ridiculous.
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    Well that's just unfair, since there would be simply no competition, MSV wins by default...
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    I don't know. I'd personally say Serie A is quite awful. It's a league for old players to retire nowadays and has been for years. It's actually that league what La Liga is becoming like now. Bog standard leagues for old players. The Serie A is just a name that lives off the past and has done for years. But this is what La Liga is going to be now itself, it's going to be full of 38 year old David Silvas, Claudio Bravos and Cazorlas, going back home to finish off their careers. The Bundesliga is one that stands out for me, but it has no future itself. It won't be able to grow as Premier league clubs will just buy all their players, as is already happening now. The likes of Kavertz, Sancho, Haaland, etc may be quality young players but they aren't the Bundesliga's future(like they should be) unless Bayern pick any of them up unfortunately.
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    It's weird, we really are flavour of the month since we officially got promoted. Be it Sky, BBC, Radio 5, Talksport etc, lots of Leeds chat, completely ignored West Brom and Fulham, you wouldn't know they came up as well. Not used to all this after years of abuse and finger pointing 😂 Just a shame the fans (which are synonymous with us) aren't there. I'm hoping we do enough to survive so that next season we can go back to full crowds. Fingers crossed.
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    Cracking little player. Where is he going to play though? Fernandes will stay as a 10 surely so assuming Pogba stays and is fit, will Van De Beek be played as a defensive midfielder? Surely you'd be taking away his qualities pulling him too far back. He always seemed to me to be great getting forward hence his impressive goals and assists record.
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    Just heard this from FP3. Did Seb have to tell his engineer that there's still time for a lap?
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    Seeing Leeds back in the league gives me such a rush of nostalgia. And then I remember that’s our first match. I missed them and their bastard fans. Can’t wait to see them back, hope they very comfortably avoid the drop but I’ll settle with them scraping by if necessary. Still hope we get 6 points from them but I’m so glad they’re back.
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    You're not supposed to sympathize with any of both sides, I for one don't. Found it simply astonishing how Großkreutz can't help to appear in the headlines for undesirable reasons. Agree on Ponomarev using Covid as an excuse not to pay regular wages being questionable.
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    Just waiting on one literally 30 second piece of audio from someone and my first episode of my football podcast is done! It’s not amazing but it’ll grow and get better in time. First one is always the hardest!
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    Barcelona returns from vacation tomorrow to start their preparation for the new season and Messi has told the club he won't be present. Over the years, so many players have rebelled against their clubs to join Barcelona, so I guess Barça deserves to taste this as well.
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    I'd usually be seething with that first one
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    If this doesn't make Messi stay, what will?!
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    Messi might as well live in Liverpool. He was living rent free in Robertsons pocket the last time he was at Anfield.
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    I feel like a Besiktas fan saying this but... COME TO LIVERPOOL.
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    The Spanish Flu was a catastrophic illness and far more lethal than this disease. Coming right off the back of the first world war, it ravaged an already dehabilitated society but I'm not sure society stopped like it is doing here. People carried on, I see no reason that healthy people should be quarantining now, it makes no sense. In Europe infections are rising but serious illness is not, there is growing evidence that this disease will become like the Cold/Flu another disease which we have to live with. It's not nice but we are human beings, being alive is a risk. I think some people want us to have 100% certainty they won't get ill before doing anything, that's not going to happen. Now that's not to dismiss people's concerns, of course we should be protecting the vulnerable (I wouldn't require anyone with a health condition or who lives with someone with one, to return to work etc) but the rest of us should be prepared to take a bit of the strain here. We need to keep things going otherwise there are going to very serious repercussions and may lead to far more death than we are seeing now. If the depression is as big as the 1920s then I guarantee you we will see a return to far right/far left politics in Europe. We were already heading that way, a massive depression will just tip it over. I don't mean to sound crude, I absolutely respect people's worries but I fear the 'cure' is going to be just as bad as the disease. We fucked up at the beginning (I hold my hands up in being as much of a fool as anyone) but I don't see any forward thinking now. Why haven't we got a quicker testing? If we could test results in a hour or so it would revolutionise what we could do.
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    Well holy fuck!!! Just finished the last episode of season 3 What an ending...
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