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    Lars Leese Moritz Volz - Robert Huth - Uwe Hünemeier - Christian Ziege Marco Stiepermann - Steffen Freund - Matthias Breitkreutz- Sergio Peter Sean Dundee - Nick Proschwitz
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    I've started working for a utilities firm this week as there are 25,000 sensors that need to be installed to manholes throughout the North West and I got lucky to get on it with my mate, who does the driving(while I do all the paper work on the tablet). But anyway, we were in Stockport today, a postman was delivering a parcel across the road. The next minute, some huge, angry German Shepherd came running out at him, he ran inside a garden and closed the fence, then the dog turned and looked at us. I've never seen my mate run so fast back to the van, I myself also ran like fuck as well of course. The worst thing to do is run though, as by doing so you're enticing it. It wanted the postman and not us, so by running we were bringing the attention on to us, but in that moment you fucking shit yourself . Luckily the owner went out after it and managed to get it back in.
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    Lehmann Babbel - Huth - Mertesacker - Ziege Gundogan - Hamann Sane - Ballack - Ozil Podolski Riedle/Klinsmann was just before my time of watching Premier League (or near the very start). When I think of that Liverpool era, it's always Fowler & Owen as opposed to Riedle. If I was even 4-5 years older, Klinsmann gets in. Can't include Gnabry - his time at Arsenal/WBA just not memorable or good enough to include him in. Surprised you didn't go for Sane, @Dr. Gonzo. Would have been a good choice instead of Gnabry. Other than Podolski, no other strikers stood out to include. My team is very midfield-heavy but didn't know who else to take out and replace with. Ozil gets in as I've ignored the last 2-3 years - he's pure quality to watch when he fancies it. I nearly put Schweinsteiger in but then realised he was only at Utd for a year . Seemed longer. Freund gets an honourable mention for his part in this PL moment...
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    That doesn't surprise me, considering that you buy and sell a hundred of players each day
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    Don't you worry, I've got you covered. But really, no Hamann... no thread tbh. Lehman Babbel - Huth - Mertesaker - Ziege Hamann Gundogan Ballack Gnabry Podolski Klinsmann I'd have put Boateng in over Mertesaker or Huth (either one of them really)... but I think he was pretty shit at City and Joleon Lescott was preferred to him. Granted, Gnabry didn't make the grade at Arsenal and I didn't put him in either... but I really didn't know who else to put out wide there. Podolski was also maybe a lazy choice but... I think the rest of the team is a pretty sound choice! Ozil didn't make the cut because he's a massive cunt.
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    That’ll be UEFA/FIFA. Who, yes, should fuck off.
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    Ben Foster has a YouTube channel and its pretty interesting.
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    @Michael makes Harry 'wheeler-dealer' Redknapp look lazy on deadline day
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    Not a bad price that, as to the other bit there are quite a few around here who smoke the funny stuff and would see that as binoculars.
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    Must have missed that and so did Joe Anderson by the looks of it. Doesn't surprise me
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    No one has mentioned Tomas Hitzelsperger hammering balls into the top corner from 35 yards. Disappointing.
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    What a bunch of toddlers!
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    Welcome to the forum @Jimmy!
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    You know the good thing about doing so poorly is I have no money and no lineup changes to make
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    Hi I'm new here and I am a club member at Schalke. I'm from England but started losing interest in English football about 15 years ago due to the high ticket prices and lack of atmosphere and started watching Bundesliga on TV and found myself routing for Schalke. Can't really explain the reason other than I'm from Newcastle and it is twinned with the city of Gelesenkirchen and also there are some similarities with the football clubs. Both have huge fan bases but don't win many trophies! Basically I enjoy being miserable! Anyway looking forward to the discussion on here 👍
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    This isn't entirely surprising, because London's been the centre of shady money laundering for a long time now... but how long can this carry on before the public demands we stop cleaning money for tinpot dictators like Aliyev? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/04/uk-at-centre-of-secret-3bn-azerbaijani-money-laundering-and-lobbying-scheme
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    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) Mission Impossible: Fallout I just love everything about these movies. The action, Tom Cruise's insane stunts, Tom Cruise running, Simon Pegg as Benji, the woman that kicks ass, the soundtrack. 10/10 Best movie action franchise (except part 2) on the planet. Don't @ me.
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    @Tommy, @nudge, @Viva la FCB, @nawoo, @Bluewolf, @Michael Your weekly reminder!
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    4 of the top 6 play each other. Draw in Augsburg and Hoffenheim, Koln to beat Frankfurt, Arminia to beat Bayern, Werder to beat Freiburg. Easy!! Top of the league beckons!
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    Ozil has the best PR in the world Also, fair play to him. Hope the Kroenke's are embarrassed.
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    Maybe at some point again. The simple joy of seeing a stadium for the first time.
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    Just you and me left then @nudge Everyone else has gone to bed...