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    Apologies will get this updated properly later today.
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    Problem is that a lot of public sectory pay has been effectively frozen for years, in fact in real terms civil servants have taken pay cuts. This is just classic turning on the public sector because the private sector is going through a tough area. The answer is clearly that income tax must rise for all but the lowest earners. I'd raise income tax to a standard 25% and then 50% for those over 50k. This would work. People just won't do it though, even many on the left baulk at actually raising tax. Even the supposedly 'marxist, red, commie' Corbyn didn't actually outright propose tax rises in his last manifesto. That's how unpalatable it is. I am far from a high earner but extra 30-50quid a month is affordable, we'd sort the debt out in no time.
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    Yes please pal. I'll give it a go! Cheers pal!
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    I'm not saying we have it 'as' bad for this game, but our injuries have barely had a mention all season, and we're still far from ideal. We went to Man City without two of our key players and beat them 5-2. We've got enough players missing from this game for it to be a talking point, but because it doesn't fit the medias agenda, they won't. I'm beyond truly caring anyway in fairness. We're not one of Sky's chosen 6. So be it. It just makes it that bit sweeter if we ever crash the party.
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    Come on mate, we can say all of the above x2. We are missing our best CB, our second best CB, our best RB, our best LB, our Captain in midfield, our best DM in Fabinho, our new signing Thiago, and our most influential attacker Salah. On top of that we have our back up/youngsters out in defence.. Neco Williams and Rhys Williams. Then there is Ox still out. Wijnaldum is a doubt too. Let's not pretend that Leicester are in any way in the same position. We are literally struggling to sort a subs bench. If you lot can't beat us at Anfield on Sunday then you never will.
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    And on Patel, who has already been sacked from government once for breaking the ministerial code, who has now broken the ministerial code again according to the independent review, but not of course according to Boris Johnson, the question has to become: What do you actually have to do as a part of this government to face some sort of consequence? Cummings breaks lockdown rules and undermines the public health strategy mid-pandemic? Acceptable. Jenrick takes a bribe from Tory donor Desmond to save him millions on his planning project? Acceptable. Williamson completely bungles the primary school reopening project back in June then completely bungles the exam results in the summer? Acceptable. Bullying your underlings in the Home Office? Acceptable but you get a written warning for this one. Refer to Johnson's missus as "Princess Nut Nuts"? Out on your arse.
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    My response to the public sector pay freeze on its own is that actually, it's fair enough, especially if the NHS is exempt. I'm obviously biased on this but I do think the education sector should be exempt as well. We had to learn how to teach kids through the internet overnight in March, got slated for it if we didn't get it right immediately, then were asked to decide which of our exam students should get certain qualifications without sitting an exam, had our professional judgement slated (unless you work at Eton in which case the grades you provided were definitely accurate) until the cabinet did their u-turn, and have had to completely reinvent the logistics of running a school and timetabling to keep them open after the summer and through this second lockdown. Luckily for me, I'm not under the direct jurisdiction of the UK government's public sector pay policy so financially it doesn't impact me, but that's not what I'm arsed about, it's the disrespect of the sacrifices made by the public sector over the past year. Yes, we're very lucky to have the job security where thousands of others have been made redundant, but apart from the front doorstep clap virtue signalling, any hopes that government and public attitudes towards public sector workers would be improved after seeing how badly the private sector falls to pieces without hospitals, schools, policing, etc., has been sadly misplaced. Time to buckle up for another decade of teachers being labelled Antifa activists by mainstream newspapers with comments like "those that can, do, those that can't, teach" by red-faced morons who wouldn't last an hour in a classroom themselves. Anyway, back to the pay-freeze, all of this furlough money has to come from somewhere, it's just the reality of the economics behind this thing. There will be complaining but due to the nature of most health, education and other public sector workers, I think most of us will understand that we need to accept this as a part of doing our bit to get the country out of debt after all of the spending this year. I get it, but it's the timing again. The amount they've announced in extra spending on the defence budget just yesterday as some sort of show of strength, whether that's literal military strength or "look how much I'm investing in our country" financial strength, now looks ridiculous if they're going to come out the next day and say "sorry public sector, we all have to make sacrifices in these difficult times, we just don't have enough in the treasury to give you the annual pay rise this year". You can't have it both ways without drawing criticism but yes, they'll probably get away with it because 50% or more of the print media will say nothing on the matter and the public are so well trained nowadays to see everything through the lens of "us vs them" that there won't be many outside the public sector who will bat an eyelid at the news.
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    You picked it up yet? I've heard the new Crash is banging.
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    Think I’ve got 3 exacts mate @Mel81x right now........
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    Tbf I think everyone's a cunt
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    It was baltic to be fair. Her nipples could have cut glass apparently
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    I think Pep's a cunt and it's disappointing he's going to be here for longer.
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    That @DeadLinesman is as jammy as fuck..
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    Which translates to. I’m sick of ******* hearing about poor Liverpool and how they’re having to play their under 10’s when in reality they can field a 2nd team capable of challenging most other teams and they still have their best player available in Mane anyway and also I’m not sure if I want Liverpool to win because as neutrals it’s a lose lose as if they lose they’ll just blame all their 60000 injuries and if they win they’re amazing. And breathe.
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    Table updated! @DeadLinesman & @Redcanuck up a spot each. @Rucksackfranzose jumps up to 9th while @Toinho moves up from bottom place.
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    Count me in, I have missed this, calling regular newbies in @Cazza & @Deco, give it a shot if you want, a good game and you both would enjoy it.
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    Hopefully! Even at his age he can do a job over here. He can sit further back and play for another 5 years at the top.
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    Firstly, I want to apologize for not getting back to this sooner but ... its back on tomorrow if everyone is still interested and I can have a set of questions out too. We had @Stan @CaaC (John) @nudge @Lucas @Bluewolf @Azeem @DeadLinesman @Storts and @Pyfish as the list of participants. So, if we're still good to go with this list I'll get it setup. If you want to invite more folks please feel free to do so and I'll get the questions out tomorrow to get round 1 started for the five round set.
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    He did always say he doesn't want to go anywhere and will stay as long as they allow him. They have some brilliant young players, and he hasn't won them the CL yet has he. Plenty of unfinished business!
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    @Tommy, @Viva la FCB, @Michael, @nudge, @Bluewolf, @Eco Your weekly reminder.
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    That’s the thing for me, I lost interest in it partly because of the way it was going as a product but the fun was stripped out of it. Once the seeking out of undervalued players and young players with potentially was made essentially redundant, I really lost interest in it. As sad as it sounds, trawling through stats for players from Angers, Sampdoria and Osasuna was a big bit of the fun for me. I know this year has been the craziest one in all of lives, it’s the shift of the product and it’s mechanics and how you use it that really put me off.
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