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    So.... late on the 24th of February I joined the parenting club. Thought maybe we could have a thread offering advice/crying/rejoicing or letting off steam 🤷‍♂️
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    They say you can't kid a kidder. Yet it seems you can farm a farmer. As we all know the Bundesliga is no better than the Mexican 2nd division, or even worse, Serie A, and yet what goes up must come down. Amongst this pile of dogshit and talentless hacks, there must be 3 worst of the worst teams. The gigafarmers. Teams that wouldn't even beat Sherriff Moldova, Dynamo Bucharest or Napoli. Lets look at our contenders and pretenders this season. 13th. 23pts. Augsburg. Another season, another "we're not quite gonna get relegated, but we're still pretty shit" year from the true farmers of the league. Mainstays for almost a decade now, to their credit. But As per usual they're not awful enough to die, but not spritely enough to truly live. No way they go down IMO, but every team with "teen" next to their league position is a contender at this early stage. Every team with "teen" is also in danger from Kevin Spacey, or, if they've lived the suite life in the Carribean recently, a suicide courtesy of the Clintons. Chance of survival? About as good as farmer Bayern winning the CL this season, so pretty good. 14th. 21pts. Koln. Team of champions, lovely blokes every one of them. Hope they stay up! I'd happily give them the 3 pts to do so! Chance of survival? Thoughts and prayers shall save them 15th. 18pts. Hertha. Oh dear. Not being the only team in the village seems to have upset the Feng Shui of these mediocre giants. A piss poor effort given their resources and they find themselves very much in striking range of danger. Chance of survival? The same chance Juventus or Milan have of winning the CL this decade. Not great. 16th. 18pts. Nowhere WTF? 17th. 17pts. Mainz Ahhhhh Mainz. They think they're so good. Were initially doomed at the bottom. stuck with Schalke, but the reds have found a fight and fury that reminds me of Bremen last season. They'll not go quietly into the void that's for damn sure! Chance of survival? Same as a 12 year old at a party with Kevin Spacey, not impossible but they need to get out of there stat! 18th 9pts. Schalke. Surely. Surelyyyyyyyyyyyy. Farking surely. Chance of survival? Same as the chance Serie A is better than the Bundesliga. None at all. This week! Bayern will revenge porn Koln for the sins of Frankfurt. Stuttgart will DO THEIR DUTY against Schalke Wolfsburg are circling a wounded Hertha. Mainz take on dross old Augsburg in the kind of game they need results from to survive. Dortmund... Where did they go? Can't seem to find them on the mini map.
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    Apparently a large part of the Schalke squad want Gross gone. Apparently he confuses names of his players, even calls them names of opponents, or speaks to them in a wrong language. They're also unhappy with the fitness coaching, and think it's responsible for a lot of injuries.
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    A. I hope you enjoyed your last 8 hour sleep B. You are incredibly blessed. Personally, having a daughter is a miracle. But having twin daughters? Lucky bastard. C. Go on as many walks as you can. Stress is going to build and nothing better than a long walk with the family. This personally saved me from going insane.
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    If there is anything to feel good about this it will be the fact that Herr Gross will be one of the few Managers who can honestly say that "Since I took over - they got slowly and slowly worse week by week". Now that's an achievement to savour! Summed up by bringing on Bentleb and Schopf as the best subs he had - in his opinion! One other thing to ponder - Just think what would be happening at this moment in Gelsenkirchen if the Virus had not kept everyone at home - Jan 6 in Washington would have been fun compared to that!
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    Honestly expected you to criticize the players here. Who gains 9 points out of 23 matches, under 4 different managers by the way, shouldn't feel entitled to make demands of the club, who duly pay their wages, in my honest opinion.
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    Why did he referee cancel the goal? Is he forced to award the penalty? What about advantage?
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    Simon Doull said he is having a midlife crisis with that hair
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    Sorry to hear that mate, whilst I'm happy you'll be able to attend the funeral in the current climate its never something you want to hear. Come back here when you're ready.
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    Guess I join you lot then. As others have said, age is just a number at the end of the day. Just enjoy it and continue to get hammered.
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    I misread this for anal regulation. Genuinely. Fuck my life.
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    Wow. What an anecdote. I didn't realise you were in your 80's. Fantastic to see you checking in on the forum.
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    The lord would not approve of such foul language, say 3 hail Mary's and suck the priest off or you going to hell!
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    FRIDAY RESULTS @McAzeem draws AGAIN. Poor @RandoEFC who is getting dragged into it! McAzeem & RandoEFC 26/02 Levante 1 - 1 Athletic Bilbao La Liga Choose Levante or Athletic Bilbao @Drew & @londonerlilie 26/02 Werder Bremen 2 - 1 Frankfurt Bundesliga Moves to Werder Bremen Table P W D L GF GA GD Pts 1 Deco 35 25 3 7 75 27 48 78 2 Stan 37 15 13 9 57 42 15 58 3 CaaC (John) 36 15 11 10 62 39 23 56 4 Bluewolf 29 17 3 9 53 36 17 54 5 Pyfish 29 17 3 9 53 37 16 54 6 Eco 29 17 3 9 52 37 15 54 7 nudge 30 15 6 9 47 33 14 51 8 Batard 29 16 3 10 51 38 13 51 9 Dr. Gonzo 30 15 6 9 43 26 17 49 10 Drew 30 14 6 10 59 43 16 48 11 Londonerlilie 29 14 5 10 60 43 17 47 12 Deadlinesman 27 14 5 8 55 39 16 47 13 Mel81x 29 14 5 10 44 40 4 47 14 Tommy 33 13 8 12 38 36 2 47 15 RandoEFC 28 10 13 5 44 27 17 43 16 Lucas 30 12 4 14 51 43 8 40 17 McAzeem 31 7 18 6 33 32 1 39 18 Rucksackfranzose 29 11 4 14 39 49 -10 37 19 Toinho 27 10 6 11 36 39 -3 36 20 Robbie 19 4 4 11 21 37 -16 16 Fixtures McAzeem & RandoEFC 04/03 Levante or Athletic Bilbao Copa del Rey Drew & londonerlilie 02/03 Regensburg v Werder Bremen DfB Pokal
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    They're probably just happy he's not doing the singing at home...
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    Interesting.... do you think after watching him perform that the love was reciprocated...
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    Rugby - in those days the clubs were run by the Secretary/Manager and the teams were under the control of the Coach. All players were semi-pro and had normal jobs and not full time Rubgy players, but that year one Bill Ashurst was signed from Wigan and effectively became a full-time members of the club. He was an International with experience in Aussie and with his help the Club made it to Wembley in 1979. We lost probably due to the fact that at that time he was not 100%fit but insisted on playing but the opposition, Widnes, were a great side at that time and even with a fully fit side we would have been pushed to beat them - but it was a year to remember!
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    No - wrong game - spent 14 years with Wakefield!
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    And what awareness and thinking from Ryan Kent who then took out the keeper and squared it for Morelos to stick it in an empty net. This pair combined again with Morelos being the supplier and Kent the scorer which was my goal of the game. Thought both Morelos and Kent were superb last night. Great evening for young Nathan Patterson, not only to come on and have a fine game but to also score. A great team performance. Looking forward to the draw this afternoon.
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    Seeing my family and friends is the big one. I moved to Leeds from Grimsby at the end of 2019 and then a few months later, we're in lockdown and I can't travel to see them. Can't wait to see my Grandma mostly as she's 89 in April!
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    Exactly I've just seen it. This is ridiculous. How has this been disallowed? Mason clearly blows his whistle for the free-kick to be taken as he steps back.
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    I will be back soon, got a funeral to attend on Tuesday unfortunately then I will hopefully get my life back to normal.