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  1. Just noting this down now so I don't forget and have to work it out again. Bonus Question goes to Whiskey with Magnussen finishing 6 places ahead of his championship position. Ocon would have been the best pick, starting the race 12th in the standings and finishing 4th!
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  2. Yeah but what's freakishly tall for an F1 driver is still pretty regular height.
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  3. It was actually a good race to be fair. Few events here and there to force any kind of tweaks in strategy. I'd say it's worth a watch. Don't think any luck was involved with Stroll. Just a good race all round and didn't do anything stupid. Wolff came in to chat to Russell on the final 10 laps. 'push for p4!' when Russell was 7th. Man called it and it came off (before the 5s penalty applied).
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  4. Good thing about both teams. They know when to reign the other team in and momentum swings back and forth. Kohli and Rahul just need to consolidate for a bit and get settled before pushing on again.
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  6. Perez has lost a position on the final lap in back to back races. Both times in the top three as well - surely can't have happened many times in F1...
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