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    Cheers lads, I really appreciate it. As you can probably imagine, the last 16 to 18 hours has been mental. It wasn't meant to happen that soon but fuck it. Not gonna lie, I've not drunk since June but I was out last night with mates and I have an absolute stinking hangover this morning. Was it worth it? Without a doubt. I'm not sure anyone will ever quite understand what it means because for a big club with such expectancy, it's actually been constant pressure on us to do it and we have always failed. 16 Years. 16 fucking long years since the Premier League, and in that time we've had... 0 Trophies 1 Stadium Sale 1 Administration 3 Embarassing defeats to Non League in FA Cup 4 Playoff Failures 5 Crazy Owners 16 Managers 25 Points Deducted 100m+ Debts Settled 143 League One Games 601 Championship Games Tuesday nights at Hereford, Port Vale and Tranmere Seeing all your best youngsters flogged and still have no bucket to piss in Constant abuse and laughter at our failures and humiliations. "Leeds...Leeds are falling apart, again" The butt of all jokes. Loads of anger, frustration and tears. It feels like we've seen it all. Spygate, letting teams score, protests, the fans blocking a car park so Massimo Cellino couldn't leave, court cases involving the club, documentaries, I could go on. I could fill a fucking page of bad memories that I never want to revisit but in a strange and twisted way, it has made us stronger. And this feeling, right now, makes it all worth it. This is why you stick with your club through thick and thin for these moments. Don't get me wrong, they have pushed me to the absolute edge and I wasn't sure I'd ever see it happen. But finally it has and it means the world. The support has been phenomenal and we pack out the grounds home and away. Those that have watched us away at Rochdale losing thoroughly deserve this moment. This isn't just your normal yo yo club getting promoted or some team getting lucky for their 5 minutes of fame up in the Premier League, this feels so much more different because it's Leeds and the size of the club and I have been overwhelmed by the texts, calls and words on social media and here from people who appreciate what a slog it has been. Bielsa will forever be a god at the club now, he has broken the curse and done it without splashing cash and simply improving the players we had. What an absolute icon the man is. Just not enough words to describe him. It's a shame we couldn't do it in front of the fans but I will happily take this moment and you can bet your bottom dollar when people are allowed back to watch, the atmosphere will be fucking special. Especially when Man Utd come to town... Cheers all x
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    That's right, I'm actually doing this. From the start of next season, my home, the Isle of Man will enter a club side into the English football pyramid. This is quite exciting for me as someone who has never had a "local team". Of course, as an Everton fan of many years, I'm not just going to fall out of club with "my" team and hop onto this new bandwagon, but I will become at the very least a casual follower of FC Isle of Man. The island has always had their "international" team made up of the best squad of local Sunday League players, who return to their club sides during the regular season. This is separate to that, and while the club's initial playing staff will be made up of pretty much the same players who will transfer properly to FC Isle of Man, in the long term they could sign players from anywhere in the world like any other club. The club will start next season in the 10th tier of the English football pyramid, joining the "phoenix" club Bury AFC in the First Division North section of the North West Counties Football League. This thread may become, at best, a poorly-maintained chronicle of their progress through the divisions that is only really interesting to me, or I might never post in it again, but I would like to keep it updated as a case study in what it's like for a brand new football club to enter the pyramid. I personally think they'll be pretty competitive during their first few seasons with the best players from a population of 80,000 to pick from. If nothing else, it's a good idea for a Football Manager save next time I get an updated version of the game.
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    And I have always wished that I 'had' an EPL club. It's become so popular here that we have bars to watch matches, and experience the highs and lows instead of just watching it alone on my laptop or TV. Certainly we have an influx of Netcastle United fans here since Almiron is there, but I'm just not there. I certainly loved my time at certain clubs like Pompey, Blyth, and Nottingham Forest, but I have never said that I truly support them in a devotion type of way. Do I support Pompey? Sure Do I support Forest? Sure Does it effect me when they lose the same way as it does some of you local people who support your local team? Absolutely not and I'm okay with that. I'll say this also, this forum and the one before it, have probably had more impact on who I like than anything else. I have made friends on here, and I wish their teams massive success. I was happy for @Stan when Leicester won the league, ecstatic for @nudge and @Devil-Dick Willie when Bremen avoided relegation, sad for @Tommy when his team didn't have such luck, and I admit I screamed and yelled for joy while alone in my house as Leeds locked up their promotion to the EPL because I think @Lucas is a top notch guy. If Cardiff win the playoffs, beating Forest in the final, I'll be disappointed, but part of me will be happy for @Bluebird Hewitt. And I will say, if Grimbsy finds success and gets promotion, I'll be happy for them and for @Pyfish And at the end of the day, I'm 100% okay with that, and not really bothered about what someone else may think.
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    People can support whoever they like, nobody is going to stop them. However, I don't think it's wrong to worry about the future of our game now that nearly every game is televised and every kid can watch top quality Premier League football. Football is one of the greatest cultural achievements of this country, there are lot of bad things about football culture but at its best it is the lifeblood of our towns and cities. It is a game which is far more inclusive than other sports which rely far more on pure physicality and it is a game made for the less well off (not true of most English sports). The more we have people not going to their local sides the more the game slowly erodes until we will have the 'Super League', if we don't already. People get very defensive when you call out people for not supporting their local side but it isn't a personal attack, it genuinely a concern with what this is going to lead to in the end. With this COVID situation ongoing I fear even more for our league structures, many clubs will go bust and you'll have a wealthy elite running the game for their own interests. Ultimately that interest may lead them abroad where more lucrative deals can be struck and the communities they were originally representing are forgotten about. I wouldn't be surprised if you have football clubs aligning themselves with other huge corporations in the end. Disney Liverpool v Amazon Arsenal. Now you can say that's far from removed from little Oscar in Berkshire supporting Manchester United/Liverpool etc but it's all part of it. If you only get the demand for a certain few clubs then eventually the other ones will die. I know we live in the world of 'i'm alright jack' and tough shit if you're a loser but I'm not sure people will like where we're heading.
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    I was going to ask if you had any tips for hair cuts to prepare for the interview but then I realised you don't have that issue.
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    I've supported Leeds all my life. Was I born in Leeds? No. Do I have family from Leeds? No. My old man is a Man City fan since the 60's so again, did he try and force Man City on me? No. I supported Leeds because it was the first team my old man took me to see play live when they played Southampton at The Dell. I got a match programme signed by Gordon Strachan, Gary Speed, Gary McAllistair and David Batty and I was sat near the Leeds fans who were vocal as you can imagine. Leeds was imprinted on me that day. From that moment, my interest in Football peaked, I got a Leeds kit that Christmas and I was sold. That was my team and the love of my life. Yes, I am gutted I can't go every week not being local. I agree that there is nothing like being able to go every other week to each home game and sharing that experience. But it was my decision to support this club and that's a sacrifice I had to make. I roughly get to 7/8 home games a season which isn't bad from where I am, and whatever I can get my hands on away, if lucky. And because I can't go every week, when I do get up for those 7 to 8 times, it still gives me a buzz eachtime because it's not as regular as what others are used to. When you go every week, sometimes you can take it for granted easily. According to The Artful Dodger, I am probably not a 'real fan' as I'm not from Yorkshire and not cut from the same cloth, but I can definitely say I've got a lot of Leeds mates up North who have never treated me differently for being from the South. Leeds are a worldwide club. We have support everywhere. You only have to do the Leeds salute on holiday to someone in Leeds shirt and you have an instant bond. I've never regretted choosing Leeds despite how generally shit it has been. Not a lot to shout about but there is something about this club which makes it stand out from so many others. It feels special. I could never imagine supporting anyone else and up to this weekend gone, I've never been able to celebrate hardly anything supporting this club but you know what, when you aren't used to success and when your day finally.comes like it did for me Friday, it makes all those years in the doldrums worth it. Every. Little. Bit.
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    Week 36 Results Tokyo 2-0 Urawa Hull 0-1 Luton Basaksehir 1-0 Kayserispor Arsenal 2-0 Man City LAFC 6-2 LA Galaxy Brisbane 0-1 Adelaide Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea Besiktas 2-0 Fenerbahce Leganes 2-2 Real Madrid Roma 2-2 Inter Division 1 Round-Up Remarkably, just the one change in the table and 1 of those that moved didn't predict. @CaaC (John) leap-frogs @RandoEFC in to 7th spot. @6666 closes down @Bluewolf's lead by a solitary 1 point. Top score came from @Mel81x who got 3 perfect scores along the way. After him it was @Pyfish with 13 points. Special shout to @Spike who's only points came from predicting the 10 fixtures, with not one outcome right... Division 2 Round-Up Less remarkably, no movement in this section, newbie @CityTheBest got the highest score. ***NOTE*** WEEK 38 (1-2nd August) WILL BE THE FINAL WEEK! The new season will begin later in that month!
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    I don't think you've calmed down as much as you think.
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    Yeah, @Tommy, @Rick, wtf? I take it they didn't read the posts... I'll cancel the transfers.
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    The Bundesliga checks the most boxes so it would be the best, which in my opinion is. Super star players, competitiveness, atmosphere, fans, talent across league. Yea yea, I know Bayern win it every time, which is the only real problem with it.
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    So, the season is complete. The Prediction League final scores and final table has been determined. A unique season what with the interruption of COVID delaying the season end by 3 months. The eventual winner might argue it was just delaying the inevitable, considering he had led since way back in December, in Week 17. A superb effort from our winner, @Lucas! He held off a spirited fight and chase from @LFCMike but it was too little, too late as the season drew to a close in July, of all months! We all know Leeds got promoted but on top of that, we also know this is a much more valued achievement! Well done @Lucas - you've retained your title! Here we have the Final Table, in all its glory... For this game-week, @Rajabhat Rovers shone above the rest with a high-score of 19 points, going up 3 places in the process. A shout to @JONO and @Catsmother for the only 2 to get Palace's 1-1 draw with Spurs correct. @RandoEFC and the leader were next best with 16 points. As is almost tradition, here are some records/stats for the season: Highest individual scores: @Lucas - 24 - Week 7 23 - Stan/ @Michael - Week 7 21 - @Storts - Week 12 Most Perfect Scores in a Round - the following all got 4 perfect scores, which was the highest at any point during the season @Batard (Week 2); @Michael (Week 4); Stan/ @Lucas (Week 7); @Storts (Week 12); @Pyfish (Week 18); @LFCMike (Weeks 2, 20 & 30); @Catsmother (Week 20). Previous Winners/Hall of Fame: 2015/16 - @Storts 2016/17 - @Rajabhat Rovers 2017/18 - @Lucas 2018/19 - @JOSHBRFC 2019/20 - @Lucas On that note, the next season I'm sure will be round in no time, and we will continue where we left off! I've enjoyed running this as ever and thank you all for taking part and making it really competitive this season! See you all soon!
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    That’s the most tinpot thing I’ve ever heard of
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    I'm sure some will poke fun at the fact the team lifted the trophy in an empty stadium but I thought it was great watching all of those lads having a brilliant time. Great that they had their families with them too. It's not how we'd have planned it but it was as good as it could have been. Gonna be great when they get to share it with us. I'm sure the motivation for them now is to do it again next season so they get that moment in the stadium with the fans. Up the fucking Reds
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    Went to a botanic garden and found a glass bowl with water and flower petals in it, so played around with the colors and reflections a little bit...
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    Some things I shot these last two years on my spare time. I'm no pro, it is what it is.
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    Here are both of my kitties posing for a photo
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    @Carnivore Chris That's where I went, where @nudge said, Zaanse Schans. Short train journey from centraal, about 20 to 25mins i think. And you will know you are in the right place because as you start walking there you can smell Chocolate from the nearby chocolate factory, its a bit surreal. Lovely little cobbled streets around, it's very scenic. It's also quite nice to escape the main hub of the city for somewhere a little more peaceful. It would definitely kill a couple hours anyway. Edit - Just stuck a couple pics in to give you an idea.
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    @Pyfish, @Spike, @Michael, @Tommy, @Rucksackfranzose - Well done to you all! First goal was scored in the 16th so you are all rewarded with a point each
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    I read an article today that had Lampard in the running for Manager of the Year with Klopp and Wilder. Absolutely fucking laughable.
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    Not old enough to have seen him play or when he managed Newcastle. However his stories were a great listen. Growing up he and his brother were a symbol in Northumberland and the North East that young lads in mining towns can become the greatest sport icons in the country. It's often forgot or unnoticed how big and important that was. Alan Shearer was regularly referred to as the sheet metal workers son. Footballers were male icons that taught a lesson of not letting your class hold you down in this world. It might seem somewhat daft because they were just footballers and probably not well paid but they were celebrities who left their little town and became a big noticeable part of England. R.I.P
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    I don’t think it’s a slight on Werner, it’s just we’ve got a very specific system and the two wide forwards we have absolute excel in that role (like you say). Taking that plus Klopp not being afraid to hold very good and expensive players out of the side until they’re used to our system, I think it’s more likely than not that Werner would slowly be bedded into the side. The idea that we might use Firmino as a midfielder seems like a very FIFA/PES move to get 4 very excellent attackers on the pitch (in an alternate reality where we got Werner). But quite frankly, we’ve never seen him play there (at least not with Liverpool). I think Werner is brilliant. Any time I’ve watched him play, I’ve thought “wow I’d love him on our side” and when I saw we were linked with him I really really wanted it to happen. But I also don’t blame him for making the move to be the star man at Chelsea (although, not gonna lie... I am jealous).