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  1. Romano saying we’d offer players on loan. Think Sporting would be a great place for Santos.
  2. MadLad's financial doping argument still makes me laugh considering it was clubs like PSG and their financial doping that essentially played the domino effect for Barcelona to fund the Coutinho move which allowed Liverpool to bring in VVD, Fabinho, etc.
  3. Can't see how he would prefer a move to us over PSG or Newcastle atm. Unless Poch is the deciding factor.
  4. He was and is a completely unnecessary signing who looks more interested in posting on social media than actually improving his football. Flash of talent here and there but no where near good enough. I expect loads of improvement under an actual manager.
  5. Zero composure when it matters. This Mudryk lad is worse than Werner.
  6. I think he is. No disrespect to United, but if that is his preference I can't help but feel its money motivated. Liverpool is tailored for him.
  7. Depends if TAA inverted becomes a permanent thing. You'll have MacAllister and Mount playing between the lines.
  8. Feels like Pep is the one rattled if anything. Knows anything he does at City has an asterisk against it. Wants it sorted so he can get the full credit he thinks he deserves.
  9. Has a history of making braindead social media posts.
  10. Think there's enough evidence already to suggest City aren't innocent. If the 2019 charges didn't prove enough, the Premier League certainly has the confidence to prove it this time.
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